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LeBron James' Mom -- Mo' Money, Moe Problems

4/8/2011 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mom allegedly slapped the crap out of a valet -- and we've obtained video of the incident! Sort of ... okay, not really. Ever seen the Stooges?

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John 8:32    

Let's not forget... this is Lebron's mother... as hard as it is for some people... let's have some respect... my mother died from drinking. "This story is getting old TMZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ

1296 days ago


Lebron's momma acts ghetto? Say it ain't so!

Nyuk, nyuk, woo, woo, stooges unite!

1296 days ago


I can see (unfortunately) why LeBron's dad left. After the beer googgles came off he saw how hideous that sea donkey is and fled.

1296 days ago


ohhhhhh holy ****ttttttt. that sums it up so well. I love it!!!

1296 days ago

Delivery Man    

this is what happens when you think your entitled. " Do you know who i am" is what she said to that valet. a perfect example of a ghetto women coming into some money. if i was that valet i would sue her but i dont want money, i want a public apology from her. that would bring her to reality.

1296 days ago


why is lebrons dad wearing earings? come on now this "woman" must have a **** bigger than lebrons ego

1296 days ago


Do you know who i am" yeah I see your ghetto ars kind EVERYDAY. The one that walks slower across the street when you see a white person driving. The one that crosses the street when the CAR has the right away
Posted at 7:42 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by Dann
OMG, Dann, You are so right! I thought that was just my imagination and never assiciated it with me bing white!

1296 days ago


Too much space wasted on this story.

1296 days ago


We know who you are Gloria!!!!! A f***ing drunk beotch who thinks she can act like any way she wants just because she got knocked up as a teenager(something to be soooooo proud of) and gave birth to someone who can play basketball. Reality check Gloria: Who do you think would be parking cars if he couldn't play basketball? You are such a great example of how to behave in public. NOT!

1295 days ago


to #8 & #9 well at least those blacks actually acknowledge the car and look at the driver. in my experience whites just walk into the street without looking, i guess they must be made out of titanium or something.

1295 days ago


ALWAYS A BUNCH OF POSTING LOSERS WHO HAVE TO MAKE IT ABOUT RACE....Drunk M list wanna be celebrity who believes they have the right to behave this way...doesn't matter what color her skin is. Substitue Gloria James for Snooki...same dumb****

1293 days ago

glory cartier    

please have respect for another peraon mother...think how you would fell if this was your mother. we still have respect and love for gloris james... cleve hts

1282 days ago

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