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Pia After 'Idol' -- 'Everyone Was Sobbing'

4/8/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano and the rest of the "American idol" finalists were a crying mess after the 22-year-old's shocking elimination last night -- sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pia Toscano American Idol
"Everyone was sobbing" after the show, says one of our "Idol" spies.  We're told Pia was probably the most popular contestant among the contestants, and, "They were totally bummed out she was leaving."

The contestants -- sans Pia -- showed up for the "Kiss Off Dinner" at a restaurant in L.A.  Pia made her entrance after everyone was seated  ... followed by tears, more tears, and then one of the producers put it in perspective to make it all better, saying, "The point of 'Idol' is to launch careers.  Pia, you're launched."

We're told Pia didn't check out of the "Idol" hotel last night, but she'll be out of there today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pia ran out of tears, because earlier today she was seen out in L.A. with a big, fat smile on her face.



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El Mitch    

For me, Pia is good, but not that good and i think she was over rated. If the voice were the only basis, Thia Megia had a far better voice than her. I think what caused Pia to be booted out was the fact that all the judges, especially Randy kept on repeating that "she was going to win and be the american idol". Judges should not be subjective but should keep their comments objective. If I were a voter, which I am, I would just think that oh well, if Pia is going to win, I might as well vote for the others to have a good fight! Randy always shows his bias when commenting. And Jennifer should not have commented that she is angry, and why Pia had to be voted off. As a judge, she should refrain from being too prejudiced. The judges uniform comments was the reason, for me, why Pia was booted out!

1296 days ago


America does not need another ballad singer. Pia was marginal at best nd anyone who can't see that either doesn't want to or they are some mouth breathing males thinking with their **** not their brain. Even if Pia gets a record deal don't expect her music to sell. BIG STIFF.

1296 days ago

Diane Holms    

Is American idol gritted . Maybe a record company offered Simon a deal for a record contract. For Pia and this whole thing was fake to get her off the show to get her career Started.

1296 days ago


Pia is not one I have been pulling for. That doesn't mean she couldn't sing. I just wasn't that crazy about her. I did see her making it to the top five or even top three. At times I even thought she would win it, LOL that made me a little mad, for I want one of the ones I am pulling for win. It's funny this is the first year I called it wrong on whom might win. Well it's all up in the air now. So if you really one the one you like to make it a lot longer or even to win, You etter VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

1296 days ago

Diane Holms    

Business money attention Simmon does not like show's to be boring, so he is getting people stirred up and it is working!!!!!!

1296 days ago



1296 days ago


BIG Mistake- Idol. Best singer is gone. Please investigate your voting system. Many of my friends will no longer watch the show. The feeling is that in some way the voting is not accurate or at least slanted by certain groups. Remember this was to be a SINGING contest.

1296 days ago


I don't know what it is that the judges don't understand when the public votes someone off. I for one didn't like Pia and obviously neither did the voters or Pia would still be there. I just didn't think she was very interesting as a performer. Sorry judges but I for one won't miss her at all, I won't even notice she's gone. She did the exact same thing every week............boring.

1296 days ago


The eviction of Pia Toscano was a sad day in American Idol it is no longer the peoples vote but controlled by the sponsors and producers who have the last say. Its a SCAM!!!

Posted at 6:01 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by tony faith


I can't believe that you people actually believe what you write. Some of 'yall need to increase your lithium dosage.

1296 days ago


Pia will be fine. Winning AI does not guarantee you a successful career. Just look at the past winners, you can count them on one hand who have gone on to be very successful. Jennifer Hudson has done better than had she won. No tears for Pia.

1295 days ago


It's funny how the "press" is trying to find an explanation for this. One of them was actually trying to blame it on girls being jealous and not voting for other girls, what a load of BS. Seems like they want to see everything except the obvious, which is that people just don't like her. She has no personality and does not come off as very likable at all. Her voice is also just mediocre. There are dozens of other female singers who sound exactly like her. When you combine that with what she lacks personality wise, you get the reason no one voted for her.

1295 days ago


The whole "beauty pageant" approach just does not play well on Idol. Never has.

1295 days ago


I can't believe that people think the judges aren't somewhat to blame here. 1) They should never have used the save on Casey (mistake #1). 2) Okay Pia has a nice voice, is a pretty girl but you can't win American Idol on this alone. (mistake #2). 3) For the past 4 weeks we heard the judges tell her "We know you can sing, now you need to step it up", instead of appealing to the audience she kept trying to make the judges happy. Pia it's the audience that vote not the judges (mistake #3). 4) The audience got tired of hearing the same constructive criticism and really not seeing any results, so the audience finally started listening and stopped voting.(mistake #4). 5) The judges behavior last night surely showed their personal favorites once again, their actions were in bad form for the second time this season. Would they have gotten this upset if it was Stefano or Jacob that was sent home, I don't think so (mistake #5). So honestly I think they owe the remaining contestants some type of apology for showing that their actions truly clouded their ability to be fair in this seasons competition.

1295 days ago


Pia definitely WAS just like a pagent singer. Not that she can't sing, just not memorably. I wouldn't buy her stuff. Casey is the most talented in that he can sing, but also play numerous musical intruments. He can't help it if he has a serious medical illness. And looks haven't been the movtivating factor either, look at FANTASTIA and Ruben. Fantasia looked like holy hell the other night when she came on and sang. I can't believe if that's what they saw on practice they agreed to let her perform. That ws HORRIBLE. In fact I haven't heard her sing a thing good since she did "Sommertime". That was her one and only good performance and it gave me goose bumbs, but time to sing something good again.

1295 days ago


Everyone was sobbing? Who are you fooling? Everyone in my neighbourhood were jumping up and down because they succeeded in eliminating the most overrated finalist in the history of any reality singing competition.

I hope the judges and the so-called experts on her side have learned their lesson -- you do not feed America with false information.

1295 days ago
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