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Charlie Sheen -- Taking a Bite Out of Connecticut

4/10/2011 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen returned to his hotel in Connecticut last night after doing a show that wasn't altogether terrible.

Charlie has a lot to chew on these days.


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I hope he starts doing speedballs...
It'll be a good day when this guy overdoses...

1261 days ago


nasty crackhead!!!!

1261 days ago


i feel sorry for him the drugs got the best of him he need to be but in rehap for at least three months we are not god to judge no one only god can judge we all can pray for his fast recoverey may god help him

1261 days ago

ex lax    

my exwife has teeth like that just like all her crack head boyfriends an girls

1261 days ago


TMZ photo tooth shopping WOWsir lame

1261 days ago


Awesome. He is in my state...

1261 days ago


We all know that "stars" often "create an image" in order to make themselves more popular. If that's what Charlie has done from the beginning--pretending to be a major crack head, woman abuser, dog killer just for media attention & ratings--then all this trash talk shouldn't bother him because he knows it's all just a gimmick. It also means that all his ex-wives & ho's are "in on it" and if they would take part in this charade just for $$$ & to get their name in the news then they're as bad or worse than Charlie. I suppose that's what they'll be telling their kids one day--that all this stuff is fake & just another Hollywood gimmick. Whether it's the truth or not, celebrities always have that "out" and can spin it however they want.

1261 days ago


The DOG KILLER is missing teeth LOL I LOVE IT!!!!!! and again, DOG KILLER!!!

1261 days ago


Why don't you show some support and give him a chance?

Posted at 1:51 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by Charlie Miller

I will give him a chance when he gets off the pity party and seeks help properly..the man has 5 children and doesnt respect them or the wives that gave birth to them, or even his parents...or the people he put out of work, all he cares about is himself. If he gets help and tries hard to clean up, and makes it up to these people, he might have a chance again.

1261 days ago


Sickly gaunt. Taped up arm around vein. Missing tooth. Gee. Wonder if he has ever done crack? Nah. Maybe he ate some bad shrimp before that picture to make him look that way. Maybe he is working out his forearm. He's forty five years old. Forty year olds lose their teeth about this time in their lives....don't they? #imclueless PS: Sheen is Old Meme TMZ. You might as well see what Chuck Norris is up to lately.

1261 days ago


In the above photo, it looks like his tooth is blacked out, not missing. But I still say that if any are missing, they can be found in the pubic hairs of all his ho's...caught up in a rats nest of tangles. Picture it! ROTFL!!!!!

1261 days ago


Why the hell doesn't he get a baby grand onstage and then play and sing all those jingles he "wrote" from Two and a Half Men, like "Who Cut The Cheese?"

Posted at 1:44 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by R


Have you ever actually seen Charlie Harper play a piano - his fingers on the keys actually making music? Or, have we just seen shots of Charlie seated at a piano moving his upper body like someone playing a piano? Has anyone ever seen Charlie Sheen playing a piano?

1261 days ago



It's not missing. It's golden.

And your theory about the whole thing being a joke is actually funny, but I seriously doubt that's the case. LOL
He sure is saying and doing a lot of stuff just to play with people, mostly the media, but he is doing it because the media have been giving him a hard time for years now, refusing to accept his versions of the stories told by those crazy women.

1261 days ago




Posted at 12:30 PM on Apr 10, 2011 by AyeSkye

Favorite post so far...his idiotic hat should have that on it.

There is NOT ENOUGH MAKE-UP IN HOLLYWOOD to make this corpse look good enough for T.V. good thing he's NOT ON T.V. anymore huh?.

I pity the poor makeup artist who had to make him presentable every week.

1261 days ago


Never Charlies fault those women complain about him! Hell, he just waves a machete around promising to give them a free haircut for grins and giggles!

Chuckles, it aint funny dude, get the help or get the 5150!

1261 days ago
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