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'Idol' Fan: They DID Say I Was 'Too Big' for Front Row!

4/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fan Ashley Kauffman is sticking by her weight discrimination story -- saying she was told flat-out by an "Idol" employee that she was "too big and too heavy" to sit in the front row during last week's show.

Kauffman appeared on "Good Morning America" this AM, where she explained how the whole ordeal allegedly went down ... and also took the time to correct a few parts of her story that are circling around that AREN'T true.

Kaufman admitted she WASN'T forced to sit all the way in the back of the studio -- more like six rows back from the stage -- and that she DIDN'T have to sit alone without her friends.

As we first reported, "Idol" honchos are calling BS on Kauffman, saying, "We always strive to assure that every audience member has the best experience possible, and these allegations are simply untrue."


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This is Hollywood Bitch no an pigl farm in Alabama. Nobody wants to see your fat ass on TV.

1286 days ago


Maybe you should lay off the donuts for a few months and not worry about when people call you what you are - fat!

1286 days ago


OMG, this is too funny! What people like her don't realize is, u can't expect others to tolerate you because you are overweight. Would she do this if the flight attendant told her she had to pay for two seats? Would she do this if she sat in a chair next to someone & her fat was cushioning both people on either side of her? Would she be offended if people at the buffet restaurant were staring at her after she walked away with 2 full plates? It was a simple request that would benefit others. You are too big & blocking too many views - move to the back, it's really pretty simple. If I weighed 200 pounds, do you really think I would go in a petite store & expect them to have clothes that fit me? Would I call the media & launch a discrimination fiasco? This little tubbalard is simply looking for 15min & a few bucks! Will she do anything about her weight with that money? Yeppers, she'll kick her weight up another 75 pounds & complain that Jenny Craig didn't invite her to be their next spokesfatty! Has this country really become a country of lazy people suing others for quick fame & a few dollars?

1286 days ago


Well the truth hurts hu? FATTY!!!!!

1286 days ago


She is FAT. I am sorry that she has so much time on her hands to complain about people not wanting to see her fat ass while watching TV. If I wanted to see that crap, I would just go to the local Ghetto Hometown Buffet. She should stop worrying about her AI encounter, and think about putting down the salami stuffed with cream cheese, tempura-battered, and deep-fried in bacon grease, all washed down by that super-sized diet coke! Get over it Fatty Mc Fatterton!

1286 days ago


Bottomline: YOU'RE FAT! Hopefully this is some motivation to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Too bad you weren't told you were fat a few years ago. Shape up or ship out.

More chins than a Chinese phone book.

1286 days ago


Ashley is a friend of mine from high school and all of you people saying she's huge and fat, need to jump off an overpass on the freeway! Ashley is a great friend and an even more amazing person! NO ONE deserves to be treated the way she was treated!

1286 days ago


I have witnessed and been victim to this sort of stuff for television in the past. It wasn't a weight thing but it was a "you're not blonde and hot so get out of the way" kind of thing. Nonetheless, this needs to stop!!!

1286 days ago


Megan, I am pretty sure that you are just as FAT, if not fatter than your FAT friend Ashley! You guys should get your fat-asses off of the internet and join a GYM! You two are enabling eachother to stay FAT and get FATTER! The show is called American Idol, not American FATASS! Just wait till you two have children! Then you will blame the extra weight on having the baby....even when the child is 14! Supersize it fatties!

1286 days ago


Heres an idea loose some weight and it wont ever be a problem again.

Curious does she whine when they make her pay for 2 seats while flying?

1286 days ago


Really, this has nothing to do with her being a great person or great friend #37. Being a great person dosen't give a person a pass to complain. I would gladly sit away from the view of cameras for the sake of television.

1286 days ago


I'm appalled! No wonder we have so many teens killing themselves..........we are nation full of bullies. I was prepared to read some posts bashing Hollywood for being it's usual plastic self. Instead I'm reading all these disgusting comments misjudging some innocent girl. Where's the understanding, sensitivity?? Nobody is perfect, not even you. ! You all should be ashamed!!

1286 days ago


Lose weight Fatty.

1286 days ago


She tried to weave a story that is a 'hot topic' today. Discrim against weight. Now she keeps changing story, because it can be proved she lied. Where she sat, that she sat with friends, all contradict her original B.S. story. Your 15 minutes are up gurl!

1286 days ago


If every chubby American stopped watching American Idol, it would be cancelled YESTERDAY. Way to bite the hand that feeds you, AI.

1286 days ago
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