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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder

4/13/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Catherine Zeta-Jones has reportedly entered a mental health treatment center for a bipolar disorder ... despite her rep squarely denying the story to TMZ.


One of Catherine's reps now tells, "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II disorder."

We're told Catherine had been in Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for treatment, but she has checked out.



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KATHERINE, please SUE the medical facility so that they get to the bottom of who leaked in the information. DO it on behalf of all of us who value our medical privacy. You can donate the money to charity if you don't want it yourself. Someone please send her this note. Thank you and remember we have rights (or used to) in the USA.

1259 days ago


she's a bitch! she doesn't have bi-polar. she simply enjoys being a **** to all...and, marrying old men to steal their money.

1259 days ago


Wow I feel for CZJ she's went through a horrible ordeal withher husband's cancer and people are putting her down because she may now be ill herself? Complaining because she has money? If you don't like your life CHANGE IT!! Stop being so damn jealous, she's worked hard for her money!

1259 days ago


How nice of TMZ to post this, and make certain that no one missed it. Nothing but class . . .

Prolonged time periods of intense stress, absolutely can aggravate previously well managed or dormant mental health symptoms. Regardless of what the finite details may be, hopefully she will make steady progress . . .

1259 days ago


Wow all time low TMZ mental illness is real in America and around the world even Harvey is bipolar shame on you for making someone (if she is bipolar) feel less than normal...depression is amongst most of your commentors who post hate every day, people that most likely dont have jobs,or are unhappy at their jobs while getting paid and still read and post here, oh and I get females posting here but really? guys? I mean real men? it makes me laugh when I see Jack or Pete or whatever....times have changed...oh wait wallstreet sucks right now..right...Jack.

1259 days ago


I saw some comment about her being a golddigger and that's what made her bipolar, well if they know her she has enough money of her own, and also won an academy award. But besides that it's ignorant people who don't know a thing about mental disorders
that seem to have the bigger problem and I pray that a member of their family is never affected by it. It is heartbreaking.

1259 days ago

Sad sad    

Everyone's mentally ill. Anyways. God. How can you hate on her? All TMZ commenters are mentally ill too. Or a bunch of kids not weened yet off their mamas tit. STFU

1259 days ago


She was starting to have hallucinations about being in bed with her grandfather.

1259 days ago


Stress can trigger this. Her husband has been ill AND she has been dealing with his nutty ex and son. The ex is suing him (again) even though they've been divorced for like 2934730 years for more money. She got like 60 million and wants more because she lost her money with Madoff. Douglas' son is a druggy who is doing hard prison time right now for heroin. That, along with a career and two young children is a lot to handle.

1259 days ago


Stress kills. The first thing the dr. does is put you on something, don't care about side effects. Then you take something to ease that, then you remember reasons why you took the pills in the first place, and you lose your mind to depression, anger, confusion, hostility, dysfunction ... happens to us all ... get better Catherine - you're the Best

1259 days ago


You people are really mean. Bipolar disorder symptoms are worse when someone is under alot of stress. An yes, bi-polar symptoms can "come and go". If she does indeed have this, then good for her for getting help and i wish her well.

1259 days ago


She's seeing a shrink because she can't believe he's lasted sooo long! She imagined that she would be luxing on his fortune, without having to sleep with her grandpa, by now! Her ex-boyfriends have said that she was always a very ambitious, materialistic, kind of girl.

1259 days ago


I was over this trick when she was caught smoking while pregnant. I'd have a lot more empathy for her if we found this out on our own. No one even knew she was in "rehab" yet she made sure to let us know. Besides, when your husband has been battling stage 4 cancer, I don't really want to hear about your bipolar disorder. Talk about comparing apples to oranges. Besides, since when do you go to rehab for mental illness??? Hollywood is so ridiculous sometimes.

1259 days ago


For all you belligerent, heartless, pieces of trash that has to write something about a woman, any woman, not just a celebrity that is suffering from a mental illness, just proves you are the ones who need the treatment. Mental illness, is not something you ask for, it is a real condition, that you have no control over, unlike a cold, it doesn't just go away. Mental Illness is a chemical imbalance in ones brain, DO YOU NO UNDERSTAND THAT!!! If you came down with a disease, would you want people to make sinful comments about you, or if it happened to a family member of yours...with the way you write, you probably could care less. If she is a so called "gold digger", why has she been married so long to Michael Douglas, stood by him during his illness, raised their children with love and compasion. Your comments are just pathetic and you deserve to move to another country where everyone thinks in a controlle mental state, not in a free country such as this, you are as evil as they come, and remember, what goes around, comes around...and when it hits you, just remember what ignort comments you made. Please remember, she is a beautiful actress and has made her own money, did you forget that little fact...use the small amount of brain cells you have left, and think of others before you rattle off words out of your ass instead of your mind. I work in a facility that treats our young men and women returning from the war, some have issues, what hateful thing are you going to say about some of our bravest men and women we have in this country, because they may suffer with PTSD, if you even know what that is. You all make me sick, and to even call yourself a human being is sad. I wish her nothing but the best of luck, stay strong, you have done what most women could not have done, and it's all because of love, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of, be proud, and have faith, you will feel rested and back up before you know it. There are more people out there praying for your, your husband and your family...ignore, as I am sure you do, the stupidity of others...jealous is an ugly thing, and that is their problem.

God Bless you, and thank you for showing this country that even well known people have real human issues they deal with on a daily basis.

1259 days ago


My son has bi-polar disorder. Stress makes it worse. It also makes it more difficult to stay on meds.
Some of the most creative, intelligent, and driven people on this planet have/had bi-polar disorder.
I wish her well.

1259 days ago
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