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Kobe Bryant's Rant Under NBA Review

4/13/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's homophobic outburst and sideline tantrum is being reviewed by NBA honchos ... TMZ has learned.

Kobe Bryant Playoffs

Our NBA sources say league execs are taking a closer look at last night's game footage -- where Kobe is seen mouthing what looks very much like, "F**king fa**ot."

It's unclear what kind of punishment the league could bring down on Kobe ... but suspension or a fine is a dangerous possibility with the playoffs about to start.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination) has also  contacted the Lakers organization regarding the incident. 

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Why do people say someone is "homophobic" as if they are afraid of them, like spiders or say water. Can someone just not like something like spiders or a particular type of people? Maybe their not afraid of something they just don't like like it. I don't like broccoli but I'm not afraid of it.

1258 days ago

Hed Furst    

Ever Heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH...!?!?!? Its part of what makes America, America...!!!

1258 days ago


Happy now TMZ !!!!

bet it took you less then a minute to call these groups up and tell them about the tape and stir the stink pot up in the first place.......

Another shyty mess stirred up by TMZ !!! you must be SOOOOOO'

1258 days ago


I watched the vid' & I can NOT be sure that was what he said....
TMZ brought this to everyone's attention indicating that is what was said........ Don't beleive it but guess TMZ goes to any lengths to try & destroy a reputation by insuating celebs' say derogatory things who greater than they are... HUGE Laker fan & HUGE Kobe fan!!!!!!!

i.e. Now claiming that Cathrine Zeta Jones admitted for BiPolar... SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!

1258 days ago


Maybe he'll get what's been coming to him for throwing so many games while on a personal temper tantrum. Put on your big boy shorts and shut up and play the game.

1258 days ago


This is a bunch of BS. Who gives a s**t about the word f***t?!!!!

1258 days ago


hell i dont like ***gots either, they are sick people and need a lobotomy to get their heads on right..go Kobe for telling it like it is

1258 days ago

Maria in Torrance    

Kobe is entitled to his opinion!
If people don't like it, they can stop watching him play!

People should not be forced to like everyone!

1258 days ago


Homophobia=irrational fear of, aversion towards or discrimination/hatred against homosexuality/homosexuals.

Since there is ZERO REASON to be anti-gay logically that stands up, homophobia is the term for a pervasive anti-gay belief system. It's a disorder. Homophobes, gay people are not the ones with the problem. You are all diseased.

1258 days ago


In today's world, why the f*ck would you care. So you're gay and someone calls you a ***got. It should go in one ear and straight out the other. You don't know them, they have no significance in your live. Ignore them and move on. It's as easy at that. For example, I used to be a 280 lb obese monster. Had to listen to fat jokes everyday. I completely ignored them and moved on with my life. I didn't care what they thought. I now weigh 140lbs and am stillf rinds with the insulters. Who the **** cares what they think?

1258 days ago

brown dynamite    

I don't blame Bryant on this one. I blame the NBA. This is what happens when you have everyone miked up for no damn reason. Nobody would have heard it except those by. That idiot David Stern has these cameras zooming in every time players react in an angry manner. Sports in general are an emotional activity, if you know a player is ticked, back off. The announcer also shouldn't have said anything, especially as a former player.

I'm not saying what Bryant said wasn't wrong, far from it but WE ALL have said things we don't mean in anger. Anyone talking here being hypocritical of Kobe need to look in the mirror and actually listen to the BS they spew out of their own mouths.

1258 days ago


Who's afraid of the big, bad GLADD? :D Just like that Glee guy and oh, better do what Make A Wish says...

Now the bullied becomes the bully? I've had it. F* all y'all. LOL

1258 days ago



1258 days ago

Christy Martin    

I agree with Jake. This is seriously becoming the "United States of the Offended."

Where's the line between those who are "overly offended" and those who are exercising "freedom of speech?" He can't say something because it pisses people off?

People need to get over it and move on. Just think, if this were the ONLY thing making the headlines we'd be in damn good shape.

1258 days ago


Ok.. this is not Kobe's personal attack at the gay community... I would bet money that most of the people on this board have used those words before... It would be an anti-gay comment if he was a tea party member yelling that at a group of pro gay marriage protestors... He was using the word in a very different context... and the damn ref isn't gay... if he was and Kobe knew that then it would be a different story... ok... now lets all move on... it's playoff time!

1258 days ago
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