Prince von Ahole -- Ve're Trying to Have Das BABY!!!!!

4/14/2011 9:30 AM PDT
Because one von Ahole isn't enough ... TMZ has learned zee Prince hit a fertility clinic in Los Angeles yesterday ... in an effort to PROCREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

67-year-old von Ahole tells TMZ ... he blasted out a sperm deposit at a Beverly Hills clinic yesterday because he and his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor want to have a BABY using his DNA and the egg and womb of a surrogate mother.

Ahole tells us, "It was always my wife's dream for us to have a child ... and even though we won't be using any of her eggs, she would be thrilled to know I'm going through with this."

Prince adds, "I am so excited!! I hope Zsa Zsa is going to hang around for awhile.  I want her to see and hold the baby's hand. She will be a mother again at 95!! It was her wish to have a boy."

Just what L.A. needs -- another Ahole.