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Sarah Palin -- Stalker Threatened to Rape My Daughter

4/14/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin has obtained a new restraining order against the stalker who's been terrorizing her family  -- after the man allegedly made several disturbing threats ... including raping Sarah's daughter.


A judge in Anchorage made the new TRO official last week -- after Sarah claimed 19-year-old Shawn Christy had become more "brazen" in his threats to harm Sarah and her family ... and even rape her daughter.

It's unclear which daughter Sarah was referring to in the legal docs -- but she later mentions that the stalker targeted Willow in his threats and it "bothered [her] tremendously."

It doesn't end there either -- according to the docs, Shawn phoned Sarah's house calling her a "slut or whore" ... and Sarah's dad claims the family was so spooked they "made sure we armed ourselves."

Sarah's due back in court on April 27th -- to make the temporary restraining order permanent.


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Sarah Palin also reminds me of the story "Frankenstein"

1238 days ago

working mom 2    

She doesn't look to upset in that picture! But I guess once the camera hits her everything else doesn't seem so important.

And to Cartman - why are you commenting on the POTUS, this article is not about him. I would much rather he be in the WH instead of McCain and this pos.

1238 days ago


Oh yeah, Palin.. I'm sure you're telling us the "truth". PLEASE?!
You wouldn't know the truth even if it bit you in your Ignorant booty!

1238 days ago


Is this Sarah's new strategy? She is now calling Levi Johnston a stalker and that Bristol got preg because she was raped? Palin is a loon! Probably some nice kid that said hi to her at a rally and now she has a restraining order on him because in her demented mind "Hi" means "rape".

1238 days ago



Trig stories are coming out big time now and the QUEEN of VICTIMS is calling out to her flying monkeys to distract from that story. So she leaks that this kid, who has not left the east coast and she claims has threatened her.

They also claimed IN COURT that they lived in a rural area and Bristol swore she was scared because she lived in the woods. Well they have neighbors to the left and right of them and are hardly that.

Lets face it this is a distraction from the new Trig stories.

SHOW US the BIRTH Certificate you media whore.

1238 days ago


Palin's using her kid's to get attention again because Trump is taking away her spotlight.

My God, that woman loves to play the victim.

1238 days ago

Shawn's Mom    

Hey forgot to mention that Sarah Palin and friends also got restraining orders on his parents as well! I guess we have been pressuring them a little too much about coming out with the truth concerning what happened in 2009.

1238 days ago


"The Trig story is being questioned again, "


It is amazing how you all do this, being just a lowly VP candidate it was proven that Trig is hers, Birth Certificate and all.

Yet you have BamBam in the White House and all you get is a Certificate of Birth. Which is NOT the same as a Birth Certificate. I am puzzled how a VP child is more important the the Presidents?

Then again you all are Looney. BTW if you want to see what a real Certificate of Birth and Birth Certificate look like go here. They can't lie right.

1238 days ago


Shawn Christy responds to charges that he threatened to rape Palin's daughter.

"Yeah read it. I spoke with Palin's attorney Tiemessen last Friday, he said there was a letter mailed 60 miles from where I live that was magazine words taped together, something about Willow, I didn't send it and I told him that... now my parents have restraining orders against them also, thanks for the heads up."


1238 days ago

Roxie in Texas    

Ben, what proof that Sarah Palin gave birth to baby Trig? She hasn't provided a birth certificate. There is no way...her story was that her water broke in Texas, she went on to give a speech, flew to Seattle, did a layover and then flew to Anchorage, then on to Wasilla. No way!

I believe she is changing the subject, once again, claiming to be a victim.

1238 days ago


Ben--No birth certificate was ever provided for Trig. That is why she wants to keep the pressure on Obama to produce his first. Sarah's medical doctor released her medical records--but there was nothing in them about Trig's birth. Also the hospital where she said he was born had no record of her being a patient. Evidence seems to point to the fact that Sarah was not the birth mother but that he was adopted at birth; and that the birth date is incorrect.

1238 days ago


Apparently in all the schools that Sarah Heath went to, she never knew that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. We let the courts make the decisions, based on the evidence. It now turns out that these accusations were all in Sarah's mind. The alleged stalker has a solid alibi and was not in the city where the letter was mailed. There is no writing on the letter that matches his. Sarah Palin is just bullying this person with a mental problem because she still holds a grudge for his stalking in the past. She knows that he has no money to find her unlimited funds for legal fees; and the media coverage is quite unfavorable to her: printing results of polls showing her sliding popularity; utter disgust with Bristol being paid so much to discuss how rough her life has been because she had a baby out of wedlock; and the questions surrounding who in the Palin family is really Trig's birth mother. Sarah Palin is pulling out her whiner's card and playing the victim. Sarah has become hysterical in her fear for her daughter's safety--but apparently her concerns are not enough for either Todd or Sarah to feel that they should stay home to ensure their children's safety. Seems like Mama Grizzly is more interested in making money and being treated like a celebrity--than her family or for telling the truth. She apparently felt it was more important to sell her story to the tabloids than to wonder what damage she would be causing by falsely accusing someone of threatening rape. She just couldn't pass up a chance to put a target on someone who cannot fight back. Shame on the Queen of the Bullies.

1237 days ago


All Palin's are trash.

1237 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    


1237 days ago


forget her daughter.. that chick is a slut.. but id for sure smash Sarah

1236 days ago
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