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Von Ahole -- I'm Dropping $100k to Make a Baby

4/14/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little Ahole's don't come cheap -- in fact, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband tells TMZ he's spending "close to $100,000" to go through the surrogate process.

Prince von Ahole was FIRED UP on his way out of a Beverly Hills fertility clinic yesterday -- telling us, "I'm going to get a baby!"

67-year-old von Ahole added, "My wife is excited, I'm excited and we're going to go ahead with it."

As for the high price of the baby making process -- von Ahole insists, "It's worth it."


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Christina G.    

Kind of late in the game to be worrying about an heir now. He better hope that Zsa-Zsa doesn't croak before the embryo is planted. He can speed things up by adopting one of Octomom's kids.

1256 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Prince Von A-hole, may I suggest
Ok$kanky Grigorieava for a surrogate?

Both are famewhores and gold diggers,
what a perfect match in hell!

She would LOVE to have another meal ticket baby,
you could name the baby Cashola Von A-hole!

1256 days ago


I thought they were having trouble paying her medical bills??
Maybe he was just selling his old wrinkled sperm to make a bill payment.
No child deserves his genes, or worse, him as a parent.

1256 days ago


Wasn't he the one who stated his wife was not so lucid a month or so ago, being on morphine? What is wrong with this dude! I swear, this dude is trying ever which way to get all that he can get, except he is pretty slow upstairs. Where's he getting the $100,000-? Thoguht he said he/they were broke...........
Is Miss Zsa Zsa home now or she still in the hospital? Poor lady! I bet she's got a prenup that NOBODY could break, nto even with this stupid attempt.

1256 days ago


Seriously, this shouldn't even be legal. If Zsa Zsa and Prince actually succeed in having a child, they're guaranteeing that this child will soon be an orphan as there's absolutely no way that either of them are going to live long enough to raise him/her. How could anyone deliberately put an innocent child through that? Besides, what are the possible health risks to the baby by using sperm so old? What kind of disabilities is he/she more likely to have?

Granted, the so-called "prince" is insane, and Zsa Zsa probably had no say in this (if she was even told about it, which I doubt), but shame on anyone else who help Prince carry out this crazy plan! Anyone who would help a couple THIS old and sick (Zsa Zsa physically and Prince mentally) to conceive a child obviously has no morals! Doesn't ANYONE care about the well-being of this child they're trying to bring into the world? There's a reason why nature doesn't allow us to NATURALLY conceive children at that age!

1256 days ago


Anholt's swimmers will probably drown at his age. Even if he manages to have a kid, he'll pass on before the child reaches 20. Zsa Zsa's daughter will end up raising it. Karma.

1255 days ago


Let me get this straight.... he is spending $100,000.00 of HER money for a kid that isn't even HER's because she has no eggs left. AND he is selling the house with the condition that THEY continue to live there until SHE dies because they have no money. Remember him complaining that they had to sell the house because it cost $30,000.00+ to take care of her and the upkeep? Well, Von Ahole, a baby is going to cost a lot more than that, along with a nanny because I can't see YOU changing a diaper or buying formula all the while you are taking care of your wife. Hopefully, someone STOPS all of this madness. It is nothing but a ploy to get ahold of all of your wifes money when she passes AND continue to stay in the house because an actual HEIR will be living there and no one would evict a baby? right? PLEASE, SOMEONE LOCK VON AHOLE, CHARLIE AND LINDSAY UP AND TAKE AWAY THE KEY. Ship them all off to a remote island with no food and no hope of survival. BTW, if they have no money for her care and have to sell the house, where did they get $100,000.00 all of the sudden? All I can say is that if someone lets this happen, then God Bless the kid, because they are coming into a cruel, cruel world.

1255 days ago


Don'cha know it costs about that amount of money-$30k-for just him to live on every month? Get serious! He can't live without his leased Bentleys and his leased Hummers and whatever else he leases, don't forget about the $100-+ lunches at The Ivy everyday, not cheap. He's not worried about anything except him.
If I was stupid enough to buy that house, you better believe they'd be out in 30 days and I'd pay to have Zsa Zsa comfortably moved and secured-and away from this dude.
Guess he knows the gravy train is going to end one of these days and aint nobody else gonna to want his no money in the pocket shena****ns. He's funny but only for about 5 minutes then he is droll.

1255 days ago


I suppose you take the good with the bad in a free society but even a freedom loving American like myself has to say that this would be a good time for a firm handed dictator...because such a person would certain put a stop to this &%!#! Poor ZaZa probably doesn't even know what he's doing and he's probably only doing it so that his wife's estate will continue to support him after she's next week.

1255 days ago


zsa zsa's still alive?

1255 days ago


He is so crazy. The last video I saw of his wife when she was in the hospital and he brought her a cake. She couldn't see, nor eat it. She tried with her hands and could not comprehend anything that was said to her. This should be illegal. Any reputable fertility doc would never do this.

1255 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Everyone has bad days. Even the Drama Queen.
Don't let anyone drive you off.
You are a great Mel supporter.
Come back.
Big Hug.

1255 days ago


What is going on with these much older men!! Is it all about the publicity or are they totally loosing reality? First Hugh Hefner changing his stance on marriage to marry a young girl 60 years younger than himself, now this idiot wanting a baby for his 90 year old wife. Are they so insecure with the aging process that in desperation they will do anything, even ruining a young life to make themselves feel young again. Face it guys you have had the good young life, now let go of it and just appreciate the time you have left. They are making fools out of themselves!!

1255 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Great business deal, Frederic! Drop 100k now and you'll get awarded at least 100k a year for the next 18 years from your wife's estate for child support, and you'll be able to keep Francesca Hilton's hands off the money. Then again, from you I expect nothing less than genius! You're a money making machine. Damn, those Germans are smart.

1253 days ago


I thought that he was selling the house and Zsa Zsa's fur coats because he couldn't afford them anymore. And on top of that, Zsa Zsa's medical bills are over $20,000 a month. Now he wants to spend $100,000 just to get both him and Zsa Zsa a baby. How crazy can he get?

I'll bet that Eva, Magda, and Jolie are probably spinning in their graves over this!

1250 days ago
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