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Brooke Mueller

Back in Rehab

4/18/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has gone back to rehab following a crazy week of binging ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke refused a drug test Friday, which she was required to take as part of her custody settlement with Charlie Sheen.

Sheen's lawyers are going to court on Tuesday to raise the issue, and we're told Brooke's move is a preemptive strike.

Sources say Brooke disappeared for a time this week during her binging. TMZ obtained surveillance video of Brooke attempting to get money for jewelry at an Inglewood pawn shop.


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Samuel Smithers    

Lovingit is obsessed.

1231 days ago


It is sad. They're both losers. He was in a bitter custody battle with Denise and there were HEFTY allegations made (which were made under oath w/the threat of perjury) by Denise. He has a history of violence towards women and severe drug abuse.

But Brooke decided to marry him anyway and bring children into this world.. fathered by a man who isn't even capable of caring for a dog, much less children.

I do not feel sorry for her.

I do not feel sorry for him.

They're both wastoids and losers. You can be a zillionaire and still be a total LOSER.. no need to look any further than Mr woman-abusing, drug addicted, pompous, arrogant, misogynist pig- - Charlie Sheen.. and loser Brooke - who is a gold digger and a drug addicted wh/re.

1231 days ago


Lagoon about an hour ago

Hey RR, I noticed your name update. Oh boy! I've only been on here briefly the past week and not-too-seriously either. I've been extremely busy and decided to back away from the personal attacks. Of course, I'm still interested, but after that one particular post, I decided to maintain a neutral stance. War is hell. It's probably healthier for you to give it a rest. If I ever do decide to join a crusade, it will be for a much worthier cause. I respect others' opinions, yet do not have the energy to argue at this time, if I differ in mine. Thanks for the update.


You're welcome. And, I wasn't expecting you to engage in any arguments. Argument is all done now as far as my part in it. Just thought you might want to see what it looked like. Just "FYI" since you had asked.

Anyway, sounds wise - its called 'choose your battles carefully'. I agree, this "crusade" is not especially worthy. I feel like I gave it the old college try. But, I know as well as anyone - better than most - the futility of reasoning with a true believer of any "cause".

1231 days ago


She better sober up fast or she will loose custody of the kids

1231 days ago


Don't care if she's in rehab; she signed the agreement, she broke it, Charlie should get the kids.

1231 days ago


Longivit...Charlie would love to spend time with Sam and Lola but Denise won't let him, so maybe you should ask her why she is depriving their of their father.

1231 days ago


Danielle 55 minutes ago

I have no further compassion for Brooke. She served that TRO against Chrlies, took the kids by police and then hid them for days, followed by her taking them out constantly for a three or four days to show what a good mother she was, and here she is less than two months later back in rehab from the last time she had a slip.

Her mother lies for her and enables her. I think she needs to lose the kids.

Charlie is no saint, but I think even he would take better care of the kids at this point, and his family doesn't seem to be full of enablers. They are also not out looking for fame, they already have it.



1231 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

Where the hell is Child Protective Services through all this?
The state should take these kids away and maybe just maybe
these two idiot parents will get there heads out of their asses.

My God I went through more screening when I adopted my cat from the Humane Society and people like that are allowed to keep their children?, what a world we live in.

1231 days ago


Apparently Charlie is going to LA today. Hopefully he will go to court and kick Brooke's assss.

1231 days ago


Brooke Mueller is a degenerate. Makes Charlie look like an angel. And that is saying a lot.

1231 days ago

abram hernandez    

Thank you Brooke for the sake of the kids... Been there. done that... It's hard!!! You can do it!

1231 days ago


"but Denise won't let him, so maybe you should ask her why she is depriving their of their father."

I don't have to ask Denise, I already know why she won't risk Charlie caring for children because I am a parent myself and I'd be damned if I would risk the safety and welfare of my child to a caretaker of Charlie Sheen's current capability and that is based on what Charlie himself has verbalized in the past couple of months.

And Samuel Smithers, I am not obsessed, I am pissed off.
Everyone going on and on about "Poor Charlie and Brooke, which one should have custody of the children."
What about the children? Don't they deserve sober caring parents who will protect them?

Neither one of them should have custody of the children until they are capable of taking care of their own miserable A$$es.

1231 days ago

abram hernandez    

Love you brooke! I have faith in you girl. Don't confuse your inteligence whith your wit.

1231 days ago


Get better, Brooke.
You owe that to your children,

but you owe it to yourself, too.
Best wishes

1231 days ago


Has anyone noticed that rehab lately lasts shorter than traffic school? You can't seriously modify addictive behavior in a month! The short programs used to be like 6 months! Get this gutterslut, coke-snorting skankadillo into a long-term rehab!

1231 days ago
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