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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Get Schooled in Africa

4/14/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After all those vapid years on "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari finally did something real and productive by helping rebuild schools in Kenya with her Chicago Bears QB boyfriend Jay Cutler recently.

Love can really change you.

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as soon as the cameras stop rolling you can bet those 2 beat it to the nearest hotel or spa

1258 days ago


Yeah, how is visiting Africa going to "help rebuild schools"? Maybe they are donating money which wasn't mentioned...but too often the media gives these famous people too much credit just for making an appearance!

1258 days ago


"as soon as the cameras stop rolling you can bet those 2 beat it to the nearest hotel or spa"

I sure hope this is legit. I applaud Kristen for this

1258 days ago

how lame    


1258 days ago


N.O.Lady 41 minutes ago
Now that you mention it Mike yes I have had bad experiences with blacks. I've been told by two large black men "we will rape and kill you" while walking down the street. Another time a friend and I were being followed and a taxi driver stopped real quick and said "get in, those two black men are about to mug you". I was followed home by a black guy once, I had to take off and lose him. Scared me to death. My car and friends cars have been broken into by all black men. I was attacked by a black boy when in middle school. That's just the things I can name off the top of my head. I could probably go on for hours. Yes, some of these things could be the reason I'm not the nicest to blacks. I don't blame all though. I know it's the ghetto trash. Oh and no I don't like Obama and not because he is black but because he doesn't know what the **** he is doing.
that all makes sense to me...good post

1258 days ago


I love Kristen.

1258 days ago


OMG !!! how rich is this???? TMZ is calling someone "VAPID"??????????????????? I can't stand it......(snort.snort)......laughing too hard.......(snort , snort)....can't breathe.....must leave computer.....The virtual ,vampire nest of vapidness is calling someone who is doing a feel good move in Africa......v.a.p.i.d......(snort, snort). Pot calling the kettle black.

1258 days ago


You can't polish a TURD!

1258 days ago


Why don't these celebrities help rebuild schools in America? I am so tired of hearing about Hollywood people helping foreign countries, but doing nothing for our own.

The only celebrity trying to help American kids is Brit Jamie Oliver!!! Thank you Jamie!

1258 days ago


@ N.O Lady - Excellent post....I have also had similar experiences and I also didn't vote for Obama, not because he's black but because he doesn't know what the #$%^ he's doing.

1258 days ago


Im sure its not entirely surprising but the information in this article is wrong. The were not "rebuilding schools". the were working with a non profit called one kid one world and they supplied them with water and volunteerd at schools to help educate and motivate childeren. Letting them know what was out there and to never stop dreaming. Im pretty sure its not a publicity stunt atleast on jay's account because he always does stuff like this and the media rips him for not talking about it becuase he is private.

1258 days ago


for Mike w... you wrote that you don't know why things always have to go to racism. good question. very good question. why is it that if a black person messes up at work, if they are spoken to by a manager, they claim racism... if a black man gets pulled over by a white cop, they claim racism... why is it that if a black actor doesn't win an oscar, Samual L Jackson is saying it is racism... why is it accepted for Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and especially Paul Mooney to refer to white women as white b*tches, it has to be considered funny, but when Imus makes a comment, black people claim racism... why is it that if a white guy repeats just one word, of words in a lot of rap songs, racism is claimed, and they have to apologise to Sharpton and Jesse Jackson... why is it when Sharpton's car got pulled over and the cop asked his driver for his license, Sharpton said it was racism and a sargeant had to be called to the scene and he was allowed to go... why is it Sharpton can protest and stop traffic in NYC with NO permit, and if he is arrested, it is considered racism... why can Sharpton falsely accuse white guys in the Tawana Brawley case, and never have to even simply apologise for his remarks. So I turn the question back to you... why does racism always have to be claimed. I just don't get it. I am a very rational person. I get along with everyone I come in contact with. I think I just want to understand why there is a double standard. And I don't mean this email in a yelling manner... not at all... again, I just want to understand these double standards.

1258 days ago


Africa = the worlds butthole

1258 days ago


Who gives a ****? Get back to this non-stop. Take the race discussion elsewhere.

1258 days ago


I see a lot of people asking,"why don't celebs help rebuild schools here"? This shows just how lost and ignorant most of you are. The United States Government spends billions and billions and billions of dollars on education in this country every year.The states add onto that by spending billions and billions on education. The state of California spends 50 cents out of every dollar in revenue on education! The US Government also spends tens of billions on the poor in this country and they're still poor and uneducated. This means most of them just want a handout and don't want to better themselves. Why should a celeb waste there money here when they see the money that the government has thrown at these people, hasn't worked?

1258 days ago
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