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LeBron's Mom Suit -- Valet's Lost 'Enjoyment of Life'

4/14/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mother Gloria James caused the valet she allegedly slapped last week to lose his "capacity for enjoyment of life" -- and now he wants $15,000 minimum ... according to his lawsuit.


TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit Rockfeller Sorel filed Tuesday in Miami-Dade County.  In the suit, he accuses Gloria of assault and battery ... during the incident at the Fountainbleu Hotel.

Sorel then breaks down a laundry list of "damages" he claims to have suffered -- such as pain, emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish, and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life.

On top of all that Sorel says he needs cash for medical care and lost earnings.

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$15,000??? - This guy needs a good lesson in "GREED" - and a lawyer that when he gets a case like this - his dreams of a brand new Bently are finally coming true!! Hell I would have started at least with $1M and if it got whittled down to something in the 6 figures I would have a champagne party for days!! SHE ABSOLUTELY HAD NO RIGHT TO PUT HER HANDS ON HIM AT ALL AND SHOULD PAY-PAY-PAY!!!

1288 days ago


LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! This story keeps getting funnier and funnier!!

First Labron's mama called him a "effn N"and now he has lost enjoyment of life because of it. LMAOOOOOOO! This just gets better and better.

1288 days ago


@Bob, Why don't you move to Cuba and see how a country works based on your wishes...

1288 days ago


Oh man up! Mental Anguish? Please

1288 days ago

Booby trendy    

Dann you are right ...kobe yeeeled some then fined 100K
Rokfeller and his fake name are so dumb
$15K is nothing - nothing for all this ridiucle and drama. the atoerneys will take 7500 of it.

1288 days ago


Really?? She's a no-class broad, obviously, but he's just looking for his 15. Both loosers.

1288 days ago

Oval Beach    

Ok...I'm not big on the "rich by association" basketball player's mother and her "better than you are and you BEST shape up mf or I"m gonna have your job" attitude...BUT...this idiot is getting my everlasting nerve...diminished ability to enjoy life??? pain, emotional distress??? humiliation??? mental anguish??? I'm in BIGTIME pain having to read this s**t and it is not only causing ME emotional distress but I'm feeling humiliated having admitted to all of you that I read this crap...I do believe this has caused me to experience some sort of mental anguish so I'm going to sue Harvey for some bigtime money...mo money...mo money...mo money!!!

1288 days ago


I hope he wins...diva's like her need to be shown they are nobody special and cannot treat people like s*** just because they are related to somebody rich.

1288 days ago


He'll never get this. Not in a million years. Even if her counsel advises her to settled, the offer will be a very small. Any litigator would be able to see through this farce. I'm sure it's not the first time he's been slapped by a woman, she's Black so calling him the word she allegedly used isn't used in the same context however it seem highly unlikely she did say this -- he's using this for inflammatory purposes -- and had she not been the mother of a marquis player, he'd have just given her the keys and gone back to his little stool. I'd give him $20 and tell him to take a hike.

1288 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Give the person lunch, transportation fees, a couple of extra bucks and make the broad pay for his Doctor that he most surely will need. After all that and paying his lawyer, he should come out with 500 big ones for her putting her hands on him.

Help for the emotional stress should be a must. Bet he will recover realllllllll soon.

1288 days ago


The first thing foreigners figure out, when they come to this country - whether they are legal or not is - CHA CHING!!! Know how to sue someone a.s.a.p. This way you can go back to your country and live like a king, or be treated like a king here in the US. $$$$$$$$$ - money, money, money, money makes the world go around - especially here in the US of A. Over the years I have had several car accidents with "he was not a Swede" - drunk drivers (2) - red light runner (1) - ripped the bumper off my car making a right turn from the left lane next to me (1) ran into my car from behind (1)- They all left the country,most likely because they had no insurance and I had to pay my deductible. Obviously, these individuals could not make it my fault and take the tact this valet is taking - I am sure they would have it is had been my fault!

1288 days ago


His enjoyment of life could be restored by only $15k?? What a really low-down,crappy life he must have had up until now.

1288 days ago


Lebron, need to just go ahead and give this dude 15,000 make him sign papers to never talk about this again and move on.

1288 days ago


While I can't stand her or her attitude that she's somebody when she's worse than the lowest crack-whore this is ridiculous. Dude, she slapped you. ONCE. You didn't need medical care and if you have lost earnings it's because you're a little ***** who cried in the corner instead of being a man and going back to work. Or did you just decide to wait for the payday? Oh, and did I mention SHE SLAPPED YOU ONCE. Man-up you giant baby.

1288 days ago


The fact that she said(You don't know who I am N----) let's us know that she thinks that because she is Lebron's mom, she can do and say what ever she damn well please. This is not the case. She is not above the law and neither is her son. She really do need to go into rehab and stop embarrassing her son and the entire world. I know Lebron will get through this. He is a strong and intellengent indiviual. I think he is awesome and he has a lot to deal with as far as his mom in concerned. I will come and be her spiritual advisor and lead her in the right direction. I know the pain of family members. I am a suvivor and I have overcome a lot.

1288 days ago
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