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Brooke Mueller:

I Will NOT

Take a Drug Test!

4/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just refused to submit to a drug test ... TMZ has learned.

As we have been reporting, multiple sources tell us Brooke has fallen off the wagon and has been out of control over the last few days.  We posted a surveillance video from an Inglewood pawn shop yesterday showing a very jumpy Brooke trying to pawn a watch and a stereo.

Under her custody settlement agreement with Charlie Sheen, Brooke is required to submit to drug testing.  A test was scheduled for 6 PM PDT today.  We're told the people conducting the test came to her home but Brooke's lawyer -- Ron Rale -- who was present, told them she would not take the test.

Under the settlement, a refusal is considered a dirty test.

It's unclear what Charlie and his lawyer will do now.


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Sheen's corner must be actively posting on TMZ this evening.

1224 days ago

How now brown cow    

Wow what a piece of sh€t

1224 days ago

Deb Colorado    

As far I'm concerned the kids are outta there at least until she can get it together. The most important aspect of all of this are those precious babies.

1224 days ago


Brook, God Bless you in your time of pain and deep suffering.
You're not a bad person. You are not alone. Be strong for your kids.
May you find your peace at your bottom and on your way back up.

I will keep you on my heart. I have been in that same place some 30 years ago. If you will it then it's no dream. Peace out.:)

1224 days ago


Come on she is a grow up stop putting it on someone elso its not her mom or her dad or Charlie ITs HEr that needs to step up and Say I need help and do the hard work to stay clean no one elso can make her do it she has to want to do it for her self. And she don't want it so stop putting it on others and put it where it belongs all on her Grow up Brooke

1224 days ago


What do you think he and his lawyer are gonna do now; duh, winning!

1224 days ago


so the kids' two options in life are one addict or another. truly sad, neither one of them need to raise these kids.

1224 days ago


"Ron Rale, Brooke's lawyer, confirmed with TMZ ... 2 doctors did come to Brooke's door and he advised them Brooke would not be taking the test.".....guys I don't think Brooke is there or if she is she's high as a kite but I don't think she's there. Why would her lawyer speak for her? I'm going to wait for an update.

1224 days ago


Majestik 5 minutes ago

I'd like to know the legal reason why the lawyer refused the test.


Interesting possibilities - but given that the article isn't clear that Brooke was even there to speak for herself....

He would have the power (of attorney) to speak on her behalf, IF Brooke is still missing. Her mother may have called the attorney to be there to speak on Brooke's behalf to the techs.

More than likely, there is a back story here that we haven't heard about yet.

1224 days ago


Men ruin women's lives on a daily basis so I have a hard time believing that she wasn't pushed to the brink from all this recent madness. I do not judge so if she has a drug problem she is certainly not the only one.

1224 days ago



1224 days ago


JS 7 minutes ago

Sheen's corner must be actively posting on TMZ this evening.

Yeah, someone smelled blood.

1224 days ago


Charlie, you sanctimonious speck of nothingness.
You were Brooke's dope man until you tossed away your dream job a couple of months ago and were forced into sobriety (and that is still questionable - your being sober}.

1224 days ago


mean while charie doesnt get random ones..they let him know when to show up at the clinic so he can be clean.

1224 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Are there still enough wild packs of wolves left in the U.S. to maybe raise these two unfortunate kids? I think this would be the safer choice, as wolves would make for much better parents than either of these idiots would. As a bonus round, wolves will not forget to feed their offspring.

1224 days ago
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