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Brooke Mueller:

I Will NOT

Take a Drug Test!

4/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just refused to submit to a drug test ... TMZ has learned.

As we have been reporting, multiple sources tell us Brooke has fallen off the wagon and has been out of control over the last few days.  We posted a surveillance video from an Inglewood pawn shop yesterday showing a very jumpy Brooke trying to pawn a watch and a stereo.

Under her custody settlement agreement with Charlie Sheen, Brooke is required to submit to drug testing.  A test was scheduled for 6 PM PDT today.  We're told the people conducting the test came to her home but Brooke's lawyer -- Ron Rale -- who was present, told them she would not take the test.

Under the settlement, a refusal is considered a dirty test.

It's unclear what Charlie and his lawyer will do now.


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"Derek 3 minutes ago
Modesto is a ****hole"

Did I strike a nerve Derek?

1285 days ago


Take the kids away from her and charlie, give them and their child support to Denise and let her raise them.

1285 days ago


^^^Pushed to the brink by what...collecting $55K a month?!?!? haha She was a crackhead before she met Charlie. A rich one, might I add. Her parents are loaded so she's long had access to money AND crack.

For what it's worth, I never got a bad vibe from the footage of Charlie w/ his boys. They seemed to be happy and well taken care of. Regardless of the fact that some of that love and affection came from the "goddesses", it is still love that the kids need. Charlie knows he can't fail a test and I don't believe he will (well, not now anyway). I don't even watch 2 1/2 Men b/c I think it sucks but that's just how I see it. Brooke is probably posted up in a crack house somewhere right now.

1285 days ago



Truer words couldn't describe this situation.

This type of behavior isn't uncommon for addicts. It happens everyday. You get a craving and poof! you're gone without anything but a janked up stereo and a watch from your ex. You find yourself just praying to God the crazy dude at the pawn shop will appraise your crap for $10 more than you thought so you can buy an extra balloon or two. Brooke is no different than any other addict. And, for those of you saying she needs to get clean for her kids....I'm sorry, but even that doesn't change the mind of an addict set out to destroy their sobriety. The only person you can get clean for is YOURSELF. And, right now, it seems Brooke hasn't hit rock bottom.

I do feel for the girl, but she's never going to do it for her kids or her career or her Mom and Dad. She's gotta do it for herself.

1285 days ago


Neither Charlie nor Brooke have proven that they are stable parents. The children should not be around either of them without a court ordered monitor. Not a friend or family that could possibly lie for them. The most important thing is to keep the children safe!
I realise that drug addicts don't give a rat's a$$ about themselves but it's a sad day when they do not give a crap about their children and how all of their actions affect them.
Keep the children away from them and maybe at some point they will wake up and realise there's more to life than getting high. They need to learn to care more about their children's well being than doing stupid drugs to try to escape their reality. Deal with your issues Charlie and Brooke!!

1285 days ago

Deb Colorado    

JS...Sorry yes it does constitute having the children taken away as she smokes crack every breathing minute as you say. I am a CASA volunteer and have advocated for kids in the court system for 14 years now. One of my cases years back was a mom who did meth. When I took the case I wanted to know what happened that a one time good mother lost her kids and I investigated. Learned she was doing meth even though she denied it. Got her into a treatment program but she went back to doing meth. So she went to jail. I visited her while she was there and encouraged her to get her life together for her kids. She was about to lose them permanently and I asked her if that was what she really wanted...she had to choose between her children or the drugs. She chose her kids and worked hard on getting the help she needed.

I saw her one day years later downtown while I was eating lunch outside a restaurant. She saw me to and came over and gave me a huge hug. she was working a good job and the kids were doing well. she was now a grandmother. She made my day.

1285 days ago


if she was really collecting 55k per month and has wealthy parents then why is she @ the local crack/pawn shop??? Carlos you are not as clever as you think.

1285 days ago


She probably wasn't even home at the time. My guess is she is still in Inglewood somewhere picking through the carpet for rogue rocks...
Charlie might be screwed up as well, but at least he passed his damn drug test.

1285 days ago


Charlie gets the kids and she loses her 55k per month.

1285 days ago


Sadly the rehab and sober living homes didn't work.
She has reportedly had a problem way before meeting Charlie.

Either way she should lose the kids at least until she stays clean. That DOES NOT mean they should go to Charlie and the porn stars either. They need some stability, he's travelling and oh yeah...having threesomes with porn stars. Emilio, Martin for the love of gosh step in pluheeze. Of course do it quietly!

1285 days ago


I am sorry this makes me sick I am a mother of two wonderfull kids and thay are my life and sole. But come on Brooke needs to get her life together and start putting her boys frist and she will never do it so yes give this boys a chance and give them to Denise . She has her acted together. An Not let anyone around this little boys that don't put them frist. But then again your talking about a star and a Star want to be .

1285 days ago


how sad thise sweet little boys have self-centered drug addicts for parents. the craziest thing is that after seeing charlie's 20/20 interview, it makes the goddesses seem way more capable of raising the kids than charlie or brooke. the boys need to stay with a stable family member, like maybe brooke's mom (although brooke's mom covering for her makes me see her as a bit of an enabler). sadly, the losers in all this are the boys.

1285 days ago


This is very sad. Brook is so addicted to crack I dont know what more can be done for her. Is this considered rock bottom yet? I know you 'dont hit rock bottom if you keep on digging' but knowing she will lose those kids, while the whole world watches, would be enough to scare most people straight. & she has all the tools she neeeds to say sober (sober coaches, rehab. Its so sad. She seems hopeless.

1285 days ago


I thought Charlie was finally clean when he met, and married her. Honestly, I've had the feeling she's responsible for him falling off the wagon. Regardless, they neither one had any business bringing those two little boys into this world. That was pure selfishness on both their parts. It's so sad to think those little guys will never know a clean life. They'll always be surrounded with alcohol, and drugs.

1285 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Thank you Suza271...I understand. My baby brother was and is addicted to crack cocaine. We lived that addiction with him. It affects the whole family. The addict doesn't care about anything but that next fix. Nothing else matters and they will steal from their own family for their next fix. I am a nurse and had gone home at the time to take care of my mother who was dying from pancreatic cancer. It was hard enough grieving the impending loss of my mom and then having to deal with my brother and his addiction was devastating.

I contacted his probation officer and asked for help in getting him into treatment. He hated me for it and even threatened to kill me. That was almost 20 years ago and he thanks me everytime he see's me for saving his life. He saved his own life.

1285 days ago
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