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Fashion Icon Bijan Pakzad Dies

4/16/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous designer Bijan Pakzad died today in Los Angeles, this according to reports.

He suffered a stroke Thursday night and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medial Center.

Jimmy Delshad, former two-time mayor of Beverly Hills, confirmed the news via Twitter: "It is with sadness in my heart that I share the terrible news of Bijan passing away. May he rest in peace."

Bijan was a legend in the fashion and perfume biz and designed clothes for movie stars and world leaders. His Rodeo Drive boutique is known as the most expensive store in the world.


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Deline Yavari    

sad to hear about the death of such a great soul, although i never knew him, i must say he needs salute, he made his community very proud of him,and was proud to say iam an Iranian. May your soul rest in peace,god bless.

1230 days ago


Rest in peace Bijan.

This is a reply to djdavis's comment:
Wow, you are so jealous of Iranian's,culture, style, glamor, and sophistication. Why don't you hang yourself? That's the only cure for a looser such as you.

1229 days ago


ray2kid: Since when have Iranians exhibited "culture, style, glamour and sophistication"? BTW - it's spelled 'glamour' NOT 'glamor'. You must be Persian! 'Bakshesh' is all that Iranians know and Bijan was no exception...

1229 days ago


Leonard: Was your job cleaning his toilet? Is this the reason for your comments? This country was made with people like Bijan--You and djdavis are nobody...

1229 days ago


Yes I am Persian. O.K. you looser, go ahead and join djdavis. This country was made with people like Bijan. Was your job cleaning his toilet?

1229 days ago


Daniela jaan... my condolences to you and your family. I heard the shoking and sad, sad news. You are in my thoughts. We lost a great and a kind man. RIP

1229 days ago


ray2kid: You have it backwards - Bijan would be cleaning MY toilets! You have the right to post vitriol comments regarding my posts, however every non-Iranian in B.H. agrees with me. His brand was nothing but an overrated fake - it will be nice when Beverly Hills removes his store from Rodeo Dr.! (BTW - I am not a "looser" as you suggest. Once again, you Iranians cannot understand the English language; it's "loser".)

1229 days ago


Bijan Pakzad passed away because god asked him to go and redesign the heaven... god bless him... :(((

1229 days ago

John J. Nazarian, P.I.    

As big a legend in Beverly Hills retail that ever existed, his presence and that smile will be missed by all of us.
I had a couple of laughs with him over the years........his passing seemed to come way too soon.

John J. Nazarian, P.I.
Beverly Hills, Ca.

1229 days ago


I suspect all the white people leaving racist comments here are just jealous of Iranian and other people of color being so successful.
How come I don't see the same comments being made about white celebs living in California? Next time before making stupid assumptions about the Iranian culture being all about status and greed, take a look at your own superficial white American culture! With lady Gaga and Paris Hilton, and others being so popular for selling their sextapes, how can you claim your white american culture is superior?

1229 days ago


Leonard: You are a LOOSER with an extra O for emphasis. Is it the $350 that you spent at his store? Is that what this is about? Hey Iranian's in LA, please have Leonard come and clean your toilet and pay him $350 so he cam move along with his miserable life. I would do it if I didn't live in DC.

1228 days ago


Hey, ray2kid, do you really think that I take your post[s] in connection with Bijan's passing seriously? GMAB - Bijan was nothing more than another overrated Persian. The City of Beverly Hills needs to do something about the number of Iranians who have taken over our beautiful city. BTW - I love Persian food, go figure..."miserable life", I think not.

1228 days ago


RIP a Fashion Icon, Gone, Sad

1228 days ago


hey guys,what are u doin/? its very shameful to talk with each other like this. its not about persians,or americans.its just about human being.and respecting each other just as a human, leonard,what have persians done to you/? why are u angry with them?persians are not overrated,not animal,not such bull****s.have brilliant culture and they do understand english good.clever,kind people,we have bad or good people all the world.bijan or anyone like him has just his own place.and not important what they do important just bcz of their character and attitude..he was not god ,just a famous fashion designer like most of the designers.time to be friend with each other and respect hah? :)

1228 days ago


Dew: Well said. This is supposed to be about Bijan, but Leonard has tried to make it about himself and his anti Iranian agenda. He is obviously very jealous of Iranians--He can't stand how successful and smart most Iranians are--Too bad...

1228 days ago
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