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Jackson Kids -- Bit by the Acting Bug

4/16/2011 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince and Paris Jackson flashed a pair of smiles at the paparazzi as they left an acting class in Hollywood yesterday.

Lights, camera, Jackson!


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Seriously TMZ..if you cannot better moderate your comments, so these mean,hurtful ****less excuses for human beings, are banned from posting insensitive and hurtful comments on your website, then your site should be banned and completely removed from the internet.

These are innocent kids attempting to live their life as peacefully as possible since the tragedy of losing their one and only parent. I now understand why Michael covered his kid's faces all the time. He was petrified they would be endlessly ridiculed by the press and zealous haters like all theses posters.

You people should honestly be ashamed of yourselves. If these kids grow up messed up, it will be because of people like you
who have posted nasty comments about them whenever given the opportunity. You (AND sites like TMZ) will all have a hand in helping push them to the path of destruction.

1254 days ago


I hope that they have a guardian appointed to oversee their money.Otherwise Kathryn Jackson (aka Joe) will blow every penny before they turn 21.

1254 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

They look so normal and happy. As for the comments about Paris' eyes, that's what any normal pre-teen with eyeliner looks like. She's just experimenting with makeup. Nothing odd about that at her age.

1254 days ago


Selfish horrible man. Knowing how he was constantly scrutinized and vilified, he still chose to pay women to bear children for him. These beautiful innocent children, vanity projects of a troubled man and greedy cow for a mother, are never going to have a normal life. When is the US going to pass laws to protect minors from photographers? They are protected by federal law in Canada unless they are in a very public place, why don't celebrities fight to have laws in place to protect their children? and yes, I am perfectly aware of the irony of being one of the people commenting that helps generate revenue for sites like this.

1254 days ago

bell check it out!!!! :D

1254 days ago


those kids have about as much Michael Jackson in them as i have
alien blood from nupernaple..

1254 days ago

PRO US    

Look, it's not their fault, the way they look. Paris' big blue eyes are bulging out of her head. Prince's small brown eyes are receding into the back of his head. It's obvious that Paris and Prince are not even biologically related to each other. They had different sperm and egg donors. It's not their fault. They're not the worst looking people in the world. They don't look anything like MJ because MJ was their father but not their biological father. Wish them the best with their billion dollar fortune that all their adult family members, lawyers and executors of the MJ estate are fighting over.

1254 days ago


Paris looks like the famous National Geography picture of an afghanistan girl they had on their cover one time in the 80's. I remembered the eyes from that girl, and Paris looks soooo much like her. If you don't remember the picture or are too young to know about it, just google it.

1254 days ago

Morgana The Fairy    

é nauseante leggere i commenti riportati inerenti a questo articolo. Oltre all'ignoranza abissale che alcuni dimostrano, vi è anche una grande mancanza di rispetto verso il dott. Michael J. Jackson e i suoi figli, che per altro sono bellissimi e non solo per gli occhi.

1254 days ago


They're gonna need it to earn a living after their uncles, cousins, grandparents, and a gold-digger ex of two uncles steal all their money from them.

1254 days ago

PRO US    

@AN Gloss: They are not Michael Jackson's biological children so they didn't inherit any of his musical talent. You don't know who their biological parents were. So you saying you "hope one day they will also contribute talent to music industy" is pretty funny. There's not way to know at this moment in time if they have any musical talent at all. And if they have any, it certainly didn't come from Michael Jackson.

1254 days ago

PRO US    

Morgana The Fairy 5 minutes ago

é nauseante leggere i commenti riportati inerenti a questo articolo. Oltre all'ignoranza abissale che alcuni dimostrano, vi è anche una grande mancanza di rispetto verso il dott. Michael J. Jackson e i suoi figli, che per altro sono bellissimi e non solo per gli occhi.

Morgana The Fairy, your English is the worst I've ever seen in the Comments section of TMZ.

(...Just kidding.)

1254 days ago


Come on folks their is nothing cute about them. The boy is a duplicate for Arnie Klein, sad to say. In a few years he will a grown up version of that s***bag and the girl with the freaky eyes looks just like her lesbian mom Debbie. With all Michael's money he could have bought the best eggs and sperm in the world guess he was going for the trailer park look

1254 days ago


Regardless of DNA, the births of all three of those kids were planned because Michael Jackson wanted children. He raised them from birth and they are and always will be his kids. The way some of you people talk is disgusting, not to mention offensive to millions of adopted people all over the world that have wonderful lives because of parents that don't share their DNA.

1254 days ago


Those eyes man...

1254 days ago
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