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Susan Lucci BLINDSIDED By Cancellation

4/16/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Lucci had NO IDEA her show was in danger of being cancelled ... in fact, just THREE days before the announcement, the "All My Children" star ADAMANTLY denied the soap was on the chopping block.

TMZ ran into Lucci at The Grove in L.A. on Monday (see above) and when we asked if the show she's starred on for 41 years was on the hot seat, Susan replied, "No truth to that rumor ... not at all."

We spoke to Lucci's daughter, Liza Huber, who told us the soap star only learned about the show's fate on Thursday -- at the same time producers informed the rest of the cast -- and Susan was "upset" by the news.

But fear not Lucci fans -- Liza tells us her mother has NO plans to retire ... and she's already receiving offers to do other TV shows and various projects.


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After ABC dragged all these people to LA....some even leaving the show, deciding not to move and then ABC does this! All My Children and One Life to Live are MY reality!!! They're my family! My life doesn't seem so bad when I see Pine Valley and Llanview!!
No DWTS, no Desperate Housewives or othe shows! No news, no Disney or ESPN!!!! SAVE OUR SOAPS!!!!!

1231 days ago


I usually appreciate a thin generally means she is aware of what food she puts in her mouth. But this hurts me to look at!!

1231 days ago


pretty sure she wasn't "blindsided" since it's been in the news for the last few weeks.

please, i am sure her little severance check will make it all go away.

everything comes to an end. it is obvious despite so many on unemployment - the choice of viewing is not soap operas anymore.

1231 days ago


She makes 3 milliona year doing that show. She also has her only purse line and perfume line. And all kinds of things on QVC. She has outside stuff. She will be fine. She has made alot of money as well as property and evrything else. Susans probably one of the only daytime actresses all set. Erika Slezak reportedly makes a Huge salary too.

1231 days ago


I can definitely remember watching All My Children everyday with my mom when I was in kindergarten and first grade. Even all these years later, Susan Lucci was going strong as the defining star of the show. It is so sad to see the end of the soap opera era, especially for a talented actress like Lucci. I really hope that she continues to act though. Perhaps, she can star in a primetime drama. I'm sure she would be great in anything that she tries, but I'd hate to see her career end with this cancellation.

1231 days ago


She will be fine...........a Star is a Star!!!!!!!!

1231 days ago


To those of you that think she looks too thin in her video, I would like to point out that she IS wearing some sort of tan camisole or something, that matches her skin tone, under her blue dress. I enlarged the video to watch it a few times and I could see that, at one point, when she turned to the side and raised her arm, wrinkles formed on the material under the dress and I could see the neckline of it, too. So, those aren't bones protruding, it's the material wrinkling.

1231 days ago

Boogie P    

Some of you commentors are so simple f'n minded. Go back to your "Jerry...Jerry.." sh*tfest...

AMC lost viewers because the writing had fallen off and the storylines were drawn out and tepid, this much is true. However, they were aware of that. The execs at ABC ran the show argound purposely with horrible writers so that it could be cancelled. To uproot a show from it's home city after 40 years, making many cast and crew set up clear across the coast (not to mention the actors who were terminated beforehand) only to terminate them a year later with a few months to go, with no heads up and a dismissive attitude is indeed disrespectful.

They deserved better.

One Life to Live actually has GREAT writers, and same as AMC a long history with ABC, a devoted audience and actually WINS their time slot time and time again against a talk show that took the place of ANOTHER CANCELLED SOAP, The Talk. That's right, they DON'T have low ratings! The show is actually great for daytime tv. It could have even survived a later time slot if need be. However they too are being shown the door with the same dismissive corporate attitude and some superficial PR spiel.

They deserve better.

Everyone cast on these shows are not millionares. Many of them are struggling actors learning and excelling in their craft, and this is one of their first big breaks. Like many of us in America who work a 9-5, sometimes overtime, giving your all, hoping for advancement or simply to pay our bills on time. For many, some are characters fans have loved that were able to return to further storylines etc.

What people seem to forget is that all soap fans are not this image of fat slovenly housewives who sit around the house all day in curlers watching their stories. There are families who watch, biz women who DVR, men, little old ladies, teens just picking up on the storylines. They are exposed to a long running tales featuring real life events and life stories adapted for daytime tv. They are exposed to ACTORS ACTING. Reading a SCRIPT! Showing emotion! I'll take that anyday over some talk show BS called "The Revolution" or "The Chew" (did the Food Network pass? Cooking Network too? Huh...imagine that..) which will garner no where near the ratings or longevity, but is simply a few bucks cheaper for the short term.

Neither of those shows will be airing in 10 years, much less 40.

Obviously Brion Frons, the ABC Daytime "exec" that made this horrible decision to give airtime to his pet projects (and apparently is no fan of soap operas), will be dismissed within 5 years after this blows up in his face. In the meantime, to the cast and crew of both AMC and One Life to Live, thank you for the great stories, the fantastic actors that were discovered by your shows that were given a chance to develop their craft, and the memories. I'm sorry that you've been basically tossed aside for trophy projects, and I wish you all great success.

As for Brian Frons, i'm sure he'll find himself referenced in the same breath as such luminaries as Ben Silverman.

1231 days ago


with all of the "soap operas" going on in politics, aronud the country, we don't need this crap anymore. always been a Y&R fan anyway

1230 days ago

Larry R. Humberd    


1230 days ago


You mean people should keep your mean and shallow opinions to yourself. She looks awesome. You are the ugly ones, mean commenters!

1229 days ago


I have watched All My Children sense the beginning with the exception of two three year tours with my husband in the Military. I have a suggestion, why not make it a weekly one hour eposode maybe Saturday night, I feel it would be very successful. Sometimes we get sick and tired of all of those reality shows, which are not my reality in my world ,not saying I live in the All My Chilren reality either.Just a little bit of fanastyand a small amount of good taste.

1229 days ago


some of the comments nipped at the reality of AMC and OLTL cancellations. personally i was shocked, as well as very upset. first of all i hope they had enough respect to give such dedication for so many years more than 3 days notice. it is not about how much money they make or any of the other simple minded comments. i have been watching AMC since it began airing, and still watch every episode atleast one time. i love the View and may be interested in the new shows planned to air. I think that should and (could have) found a differant time slot. I will not watch them because of how it has been handled and because they are cancelling my favorite show. Great job and more to everyone who has been and is still on MY SHWOW. i love them all PHOEBIE T., Brooke, Tad, Erica. It would take me a very long time to name everyone whom my love and support, and recognition goes out to. all i have to say to anyone responcible for taking off the air YOU HAVE MADE A VERY BAD CALL. Thank You Agnes Nixion.Good luck and God Bless Each one of you and your families.

1229 days ago


Hi Harvey & Charles,

Do you really believe that Susan Lucci had no ideas that the soap was going to be canceled? She has been on the show for decades and she had no inside information??

1229 days ago

Check this guy out he's deserves the spotlight!!!

1229 days ago
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