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Charlie Sheen Enrages 9/11 Conspiracy Group

4/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists are threatening to protest in front of Charlie Sheen's live shows ... all because they feel the actor has betrayed them.


In case you forgot, Sheen was VERY outspoken about his belief that 9/11 was a conspiracy -- and famously remarked how the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings looked like a "controlled demolition."

Now, Mark Dice, a prominent member of The 9/11 Truth Movement, tells us his fellow conspiracy theorists are pissed -- because they feel Charlie has abandoned their cause.

Mark tells us Charlie should be "asking hard questions about what happened on 9/11 and the resulting wars ... not bragging about smoking crack and sleeping with hookers."

Mark says he's reached out to Charlie -- to no avail -- but he tells us if Charlie doesn't address the issue soon, he and several theorists will protest in front of Sheen's upcoming shows.


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Great---even more freaks on this never ending Sheen freak show!

1293 days ago


1293 days ago


1. Why were the "terrorists" NOT on the flight manifests of ANY of the planes on 9/11, if they were "ticketed", as the official story claims?

2. 80% of the population of NYC believes 9/11 was an inside job. That's over 6 million people just in NYC. Please stop marginalizing 9/11 truth. Just look at the evidence with your own eyes. Turn off your television. And look at the evidence.

3. Someone said earlier that all steel melts at 2500 degrees. That may be true, but jet fuel doesn't burn at 2500 degrees. And "office fires" burn at an even lower temperature.

4. There are pictures of people, standing in the openings of the WTC, waving for help, right before the buildings exploded.
If the fire inside the WTC was so hot it melted steel, HOW was it possible for all the human beings to stand in the area of damage and wave for help? Would they not have been burned alive long before steel began melting?

5. For those who say "the planes knocked down the buildings"...How do two planes knock down three buildings? Or don't you know about Building 7? I would recommend you start doing some research.

The only conspiracy about 9/11 is the one the government is trying hard to keep covered up.

1292 days ago


And we care about this why???

1292 days ago


Great - idiots calling Charlie Sheen an idiot. This is a question of milimeters. UGH! Who cares about this loser?? So yesterday's news. His shock value and 15 minutes are over. It may be true that no one can look away from a train wreck, but few stay there for weeks and continue to watch. Move on TMZ!

1292 days ago


Bliu911 So your hurt that your Leader The Great Charlie Sheen has offended your stupid 9/11 conspiracy theory. So you and your friends are going to picket his pathetic show with a pathetic show. Maybe you'll be watched by a dark sedan during all of this. My question to you. Is why waste all your time and efforts (and paranoia) living in a country that obviously you distrust. It's simple, move. I do research it's part of what of what I do. You haven't any viable evidence to the contrary. It's what all countries do. They allow only so much information to the publc. By the way there is no Nazi Germany but the sounds of it you, incedible

1292 days ago


What Frido said!!! If the best you can do is Charlie to sport your theories.. then you've got big problems :)

1292 days ago


tgrfan42069 6 hours ago

these 9/11 truth ****s are has proven their little theories wrong but they never accept it.they just get some disgruntled so scientist of their own who got fired from where ever he play along their claims.
The truth is somewhere in between as always. I will never believe that the government would blow their own people, but I am quite sure they abused or misused the data they had had, as they did in the past, which had lead to this tragedy.

1292 days ago


I used to love to go back and forth with the 9/11 conspiracy nuts. I would win every time. It's gotten so old and so exhausting because they refuse to believe in the real truth.

The stupid statements about steel melting at 2500, when it doesn't have to melt to be weakened. Anyone who has seen a fire under a bridge or overpass has seen giant steel beams bend. The idea that there were bombs in the building to take it down are hilarious. I worked in tower 2 for years and there is no place to put such bombs and if they could put them, the exoskeletal structure would need about 20 per side (at least) and that would mean about 8000 detonations, in perfect timing, nobody could have installed that and then maintained it for years. It couldnt have been done over time either, those were active buildings 24 hours a day, you would have to rip out walls on each floor. Hundreds of people would have to be involved. The tower 7 nonsense, the cops and fire were warning it would collapse for hours and it did, not from bombs, nobody saw or heard any explosions. There is even some company that claims they have samples of "super thermite" from the explosion, but of course nobody else does.

I could go on for every single conspiracy theory on 9/11 but its stupid. So many things were proven to be hoaxes or lies, photos or videos doctored to make arguments seem valid, its endless.

Idiots think they are finding the truth, but they are just embarrassing themselves.

1292 days ago

Shanan Li    

Michael Moore and all the 9/22 conspiracy groupies are either crazy or stupid. We have a Muslin's gone wacked problem going on right now.

1292 days ago


First of all 911 was NOT a conspiracy! Anyone who thinks it was is plain dumb. Secondly, these dumb people are "mad" at crazy Charlie Sheen because they want him to put aside his mental breakdown to ask "the hard questions about what happened on 911"?!?! Who do they want him to ask? Who do they think is REALLY listening to him at this point? Anyone who is looking to Charlie Sheen for ANY answers at this point is also I don't know what they even expect by picketing his "shows"...I say go for it! They might be the only ones at his shows!

1292 days ago


First of all, I'm not a big fan of Charlie's, truther or not. I said Mark Dice has better things to worry about than whether Charlie is supporting 9/11 truth.

Secondly...9/11 WAS a conspiracy. It is a matter of deciding for yourself who the conspirators were. If you believe a dying man in a cave in Afghanistan can pull off the biggest operation against America ever to take place on U.S. soil without a hitch, and you believe it is perfectly reasonable that our government stood down and failed to stop at least ONE of the planes, and you believe that it is perfectly reasonable that 7 of the 10 commissioners are calling for a new investigation because even THEY believe the investigation was hampered and corrupted...then there really is no hope for you.

TERRORISTS did not legislate away your constitutional rights with the USAPATRIOT ACT, which defines EVERY crime (even misdemeanors) as an act of domestic terrorism. HUNDREDS of US citizens have been arrested and charged with "terrorism" since 9/11. The USAPATRIOT ACT gives your government the authority to hold you INDEFINITELY, with NO right to Habeus Corpus, if you are charged with domestic terrorism.

Osama bin Laden has been dead since December, 2001. It is in ALL free countries' major media except ours. Osama bin Laden was never even CHARGED with committing 9/11. Don't you wonder why? We did. So we asked the director of the FBI, and he said "there is NO evidence to suggest Osama bin Laden was involved in 9/11". WHO did YOUR government say was responsible?

1292 days ago


Hey, people. Maybe you should spend a little more time looking into these "theories" instead of worrying about Charlie Sheen's personal life. Personal matters shouldn't discredit people's opinions anyway. It makes me sick that people have to read TMZ to get their news anyway. I challenge you all to look into the issues. I'll even help you:

Just do yourself a favor and spend some time on it. Don't just read the headlines.

1292 days ago


@Bliu911 - Nothing will change your mind but the real facts show you are wrong. 9/11 was a nothing more than a complex hijacking operation, and hijackings still happen today.

Nobody expected it to turn into a suicide mission, that's what threw everyone off.

But go on and keep the rants going, you will still be wrong another 10 years from now and there will be nothing new to prove you are right, but you will still believe in the nutty theories.

1292 days ago


i'd have to agree with him with the 9 11 theory. he might be on a tangent right now but buildings dont implode like that without some type of help. WATCH THE TAPE!

1292 days ago
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