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Charlie Sheen Wants To Take Twins On Tour

4/19/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen wants to take his twins on the road for the remaining two weeks of his comedy tour, and on Tuesday his lawyer will ask a judge for permission to do just that.


TMZ has learned ... Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, will ask L.A. County Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg to allow his client to take full custody of Bob and Max.  Gross wants the judge to let Charlie do what other performers are allowed to do -- take their kids with them on the road during the last two weeks of the tour.

Gross' argument -- Brooke is unfit to care for the children because she's backslid on her sobriety and has been using drugs again, and the kids can have a more stable and safe environment with Charlie.


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ME - less than a minute ago Ok, so she blasted him for his drug behavior, and she turns around and does/has the same problem.... Way for the pot to call the kettle black

Just my opinion but I think this is about a lot more than just drug use and this should not be decided on who is clean at the moment and trust me I am not a Brooke fan. She does not deserve these children right now.

1283 days ago


@The Rock

First I have to say....ITS ALL ABOUT THE U BABY!!!! I love my canes!!!! Second I have to say, that sometimes it isn't about what is legal or not legal...Sometimes it's just about doing the right thing when your kids are involved and being willing to rise above a situation for your kids sake.

1283 days ago



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what are you talking about and where did that come from haha it would be cool if u where the real rock he's actually cool and can lay the smack down on all the candy asses

1283 days ago


the rock
ps the canes are the **** good icon

1283 days ago


"more stable and safe environment with Charlie." God help us all...

1283 days ago



you a canes fan???

1283 days ago

good as gold    

So Brooke gets custody of the kids then she gives the kids to her mom so she can resume being a druggie and living off Charlies child support payments. In fact just last week she was at pawn shop looking for cash because she was already broke. Well that fraud has been exposed [again]. I'm not sure the kids being with Charlie is the best answer either. Maybe the court needs to take the kids away from both parents at this point. A tough decision but the bottom line is these kids need a stable environment which maybe Brookes mom gives them. Brookes mom should file for custody unless grandparents have no rights in CA.


1283 days ago


The only twins Charlie needs is a pair of freakin BALLS!!!!! He's such a loser. No one even likes him. Was just lookin' over his list of movies, if you will, and of the 64 listed, I've seen only 3 of them! You NEVER hear anyone say, "Oh, I've gotta go see Charlie Sheen's new movie that's out!" No one cares about you Charlie. Go beat your meat with your 2 fingers,why don't ya!

1283 days ago


So sad for those children. He thinks he can provide a safe and stable environment? With his goddesses and all the warlock psycho babble?

1283 days ago


Why, so he can starve them to neglect and death like he did so to his twins two dogs he had custody of when he was home with them, 24/7 as he was unemployed and homebounding rehab with a gaggle of worthless entourage that nelected those two dogs as well.

1283 days ago

J Johnson    

This will give Sheen the perfect opportunity to pull the plug on the rest of his tour, which he looks bored to death by anyway, and paint himself as a concerned parent. He secretly must be thanking Brooke for providing him with such a great "out clause".

1283 days ago

who dat    

Guardian ad litem time

1283 days ago

J Johnson    

This is shaping up as the perfect opportunity for Sheen to pull the plug on his tour. He truly doesn't look like he's much enjoying himself and he can sell the cancellation as his attempt to be a good parent. He must secretly be thanking Brooke for being such a wastepit.

1283 days ago


What a stupid thing for Sheen to want for his children. He's onstage dragging those wh*res around with him, talking about his drug days and how many prostitutes he's had...I'd never allow my kids to go with him. Brooke's mom is there for those one said a word when Sheen was flying high WAY before and after he was caught in that hotel.

1283 days ago


Grandpa Sheen let his kids supposedly run wild on the set of Apocalypse Now (according to Uncle Emilio). Now his Grandpa Sheen's son wants to drag his kids on a tour bus while random nannies take care of them while the father is signing women's boobs and partying at name whatever city he is in because in their world "It is better than leaving them with a woman picking up eight balls in the crappiest area of Los Angeles"

Gee. I wonder where Charlie Sheen learned his parenting skills?

Now tell me why anyone would give custody to *any of these people* Sheen's ego is just too plain big to even do the right thing and scrap this tour for his kids. Instead he rather drag them along to inevitably have them as *part of the show* (He need hands to pass out T-Shirts now that the porn star left).

This show is not Rent. An actor playin a crack addict with AIDS in Rent taking their kids on the road is obvisiously different than a actual chain smoking recovering addict taking his kids on the road in a show filled with an audience of drunks wanting him to smoke crack.

In the terms of lesser of two evils? I pick neither of the two evils. Put these kids in child custody. That is the only way Charlie Sheen will finally do the right thing: Get off the road and attend to his children at home. Maybe it is a way for *all of these people* to finally do the right thing.

1283 days ago
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