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Britney's Mom -- Wanna Buy Some Zit Cream?!

4/21/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you've got an acne problem ... Britney Spears' mother may have the CURE ... because TMZ has learned Lynne Spears has taken a job as a skincare salesman -- and she makes HOUSECALLS!


Lynne is now an "Independent Consultant" with a company called Rodan + Fields Dermatologists ...  which means she's basically an Avon lady with different products.

In her new job, Lynne will call up everyone she knows and set up appointments in an effort to hock everything from anti-age eyeclothes ... to vitamin D supplements ... and even a $160 anti-sun damage kit.

Lynne will get a commission from every sale she makes ... and if she kicks ass -- she's eligible for bonuses!

A rep for R.F.D. tells us Lynne joined the team earlier this month -- and insists the company is "delighted" to have her.

Lynne told company honchos she joined up because, "My best friend, who is also a consultant brought me on board.  I love the team I am working with and am excited about building my new business”.


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This probably isn't about needing money. She wants to get out there and work. Not everyone is going to be totally comfortable and fulfilled letting their child funnel money to them. Sounds like a great gig if you are really into beauty products. Wish I could give something like that a try, but I don't have an entrepreneur bone in my body and would surely fail miserably.

1284 days ago


And what's wrong with that?? Seems like an honest way to earn a living to me. Jerks.

1284 days ago


At least this tacky trailer trash cow is working. She should get Dina Lowlife Lohan to work with her...trouble is, Dina is a non-working parasite and would never take an honest job.

1284 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Maybe she's just trying to fit in with her group of friends. I threw a Mary Kay party once. I would rather have my toenails forcibly removed than do it again-- but I was trying to fit in with a group that clearly wasn't my crowd. More power to her.

1284 days ago


Isn't Britney a spokesperson (or was) for Proactiv? Wonder if this will be conflict of interest?

1284 days ago


I have complete respect for Britney's parents...they're there to love and support her, help when needed, and basically are content to stay out of the limelight - SO unlike the Loser Lohans.

1284 days ago


This is NOT Proactiv!! This is Rodan and Fields (same people, different product). These are terrific products and there is potential to make a lot of money.

1284 days ago


Britney's Mom -- Wanna Buy Some Zit Cream?!

Not if your selling it.

1284 days ago

Dee Madison    

TMZ.. snoozeville stories, who cares.. remember Estee Lauder, that's how she got her start and look at her biz now...

1284 days ago


give her credit that she's doing something and earning her own money

not like the Dina Lohan!!

1284 days ago

kristi willis    

Thanks for the free advertising! Everyone knows what happens when you're 1st in a direct sale company which is only 2 yrs old. I'm first in Okla. These docs had 85% of the billion $ acne market, so w/4 products in a 5 billion anti-age & all I do is give out my company website. For "Botox results w/out the shots" No this is not M.Kay by a long shot! We'll laugh all the way to the bank. Making 6 fig. residual in 2 yrs. Say whatever you want! Thanks R+F!

1284 days ago

Glory Bee    

Good for her. The parents of other celeb offspring take note.

1284 days ago

James Reo    

Well! It seems working for living and is a great idea and should be acceptable in the positive way! Not a dam thing wrong with what she is doing, kiddies thousands and thousands of women have their own beauty products business and they work out of their homes and do home parties and house calls.

1284 days ago


This is a pyramid scheme, for sure. If you have to recruit, and give parties, it's no better than Mary Kay or Amway.

You don't make money from these schemes without recruiting others. Any Mary Kay or Amway person is lying to you or themselves if they say they do.

1284 days ago


Good luck with your new job Mrs. Spears. Nothing bad at all about hard work. I hope you do very well with your new venture.


Look at all the sneaks in this country like ILLEGAL MEXICANS stealing there way into our country - pumping out anchor babies and taking our jobs and welfare and benefits - Those are the rats you need to make fun of!

1284 days ago
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