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Jalen Rose 911 -- DON'T Call The Cops!!!

4/20/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Jalen Rose begged bystanders to NOT call police after he flipped his car into a ditch during an alleged drunk driving incident last month -- this according to the man who called 911.

Jalen Rose 911 Call

TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 call ... made by an off-duty police officer who witnessed Jalen's car "flipped in a ditch" off of a Michigan roadway on March 11.

According to the officer, Jalen and a female passenger were stuck in the car -- and were attempting to "kick out the back glass" -- but still told the bystanders, "You don't have to call police."

The off-duty cop told the 911 operator, "They're trying to get out of the car right now and they keep telling people we don't need the police."

As we first reported, Jalen -- who is currently employed as an ESPN broadcaster -- was eventually arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Jalen has since apologized for the incident -- but insists, "I was confident it was safe for me to drive."


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Mark Proctor    

The fun we have.

1279 days ago


interesting so the 911 software can see where you are calling from even from a cell phone in real time??

Troy P.D
keeping US safe on the highways of death
Lets be happy his kids in the mimi van were not injured or killed by the perps that flipped their ride..

1279 days ago


So, you can't flip your car and not ask for the cops? I didn't know that. I thought if my car flips and I got out, then all I needed to do was call a tow truck. Oh, well. As to the 'suspicion" of driving under the influnce? What-freaking-ever!! I have suspicions about a lot of things, but that they don't make them so.

1279 days ago


well the only reason you wouldnt want the cops called
1.you have an arrest warrant on you
2.your drunk
3.you have drugs in the car
4.your stupid

1279 days ago


Jalen's on top of the world. Nice car fast women what else could a brother want!!

1279 days ago


Midnight Toker doesn't seem to know the difference between your and you're, but wants to call someone stupid.

1279 days ago


"I was confident it was safe for me to drive."

Well guess what, it wasn't safe. Most likely you
had too much to drink and not the best driver
as your ASS is in the friggen ditch, einstein. LOL

1279 days ago


well the only reason you wouldnt want the cops called
1.you have an arrest warrant on you
2.your drunk
3.you have drugs in the car
4.your stupid

hey Midnight Toker- or if you have a white chick in the car and you are married to a sister who will stomp your ass.


1279 days ago


No story here, boys. Just another NBA drunk.

1279 days ago


what *******s why they gotta call cops

the dude said they were fine so they were fine


1279 days ago


I've flipped my car before on an interstate and the first instinct is that it might be possible to drive because you think the damage is only to the exterior of the car since nothing hit you. People who helped us out called the police. They got really close to us to ask questions about the accident. When they determined we weren't under the influence and the accident was caused by a semi's blown tire we tried to avoid (which the ambulance driver confirmed they were behind when the semi blew the tire), they offered us a ride home. We told him we thought the car was still driveable. The officer walked us to the car, which had been right-sided by the towing company, and showed us all the fluid that had leaked out. So, we took him up on the offer to drive us home. He said the best accident is the one you can walk away from.

At no point did we insist that no one call 911. So, regardless of his car's condition and with all the security a famous person normally has, I would think Jalen knows it's standard procedure to call the police when a person has an accident. As midnight toker says, he must have had another motive.

1279 days ago


Anyone who drives drunk should never be able to drive again ever. And if some is hurt or killed, they should do long hard time.My 17 year old brother was killed by a drunk driver. Hes was in his last year of High School and was sgined up for the Air Force. Never hurt anyone, all "A" student.

1176 days ago

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