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L.A. Pot Shops RAIDED on 4/20

4/20/2011 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's high time for weeding out possibly illegal activity -- because law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the California Medical Board just raided two L.A. marijuana dispensaries ... on NATIONAL POT DAY.

We're told the government agency was executing some kind of search warrant at Medical Kush Doctor and Medical Kush Beach Club in Venice -- but it's unclear what they're looking for exactly.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us ... the search warrants were issued in connection with a criminal narcotics investigation.


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Well John... Weed didn't kill those people. The person smoking it did... Just like the people who drink and drive. Did alcohol kill those people? Are you aware of how many people who have died of alcohol poisoning a year? How about a cannabis overdose? Exactly...

1093 days ago


Oh John, you silly silly man. That's not what she meant. No one has ever died from getting high in the sense that no one has ever OD'd. Sure, there have been accidents caused by stupid people not enjoying their marijuana responsibly, but people die when someone doesn't enjoy their Ferrari responsibly. Should we make sports cars illegal, too?

I have to ask, though. How is it a person like yourself can concentrate enough to not just visit TMZ, but also type a response with that 2 x 4 stuck up, well you know the rest...

1093 days ago

Christine McCarthy    

@John > do your research there are no deaths on record attributed to marijuana. While someone may be under the influence of marijuana while driving it doesn't affect their driving. The driver was probably driving recklessly but blaming marijuana is easier for uneducated people. I suggest you take the time to watch the do***entary: The Union - The Business Behind Getting High before debating a subject (marijuana) which you clearly know little about except the myths and propaganda that the U.S. government has fed us for years.

1093 days ago


Seriously, weed and online poker are the major concerns in this country? I'm really beginning to hate the federal goverment.

1093 days ago


John, I think you need to get high.

1093 days ago

Christine McCarthy    

previous comment should have read:

...time to the research and educate yourself about marijuana before speaking on it. I suggest watching the do***entary: The Union...

1093 days ago



1093 days ago


John, I cant say I agree with you. There are MORE alcohol related deaths on US roads then this ONE weed related one (if there are more weed related deaths you dont hear about it). If the US were to legalize weed and TAX it, that would help generate some much needed revenue.

Additionally, by legalizing weed and growing under controlled circ.umstances, it would help cut down on illegal immigrants who get paid (poorly) to "mule it" over the boarder from Mexico. If we can STOP weed from coming into this country it will reduce the number of illegals we have here.

Wouldnt you rather the DEA focusing on getting rid of drugs like cocaine, meth, heroine and E?

1093 days ago


One day people will laugh about this - and not because they're stoned. There's too much money in pot to ignore it.

1093 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Leave the Leaves ALONE! People will rise up and vote ANYONE out who tries to criminialize the herb again! The FEDS gave it the OK, the voters have given the OK, WTF is the problem now?
Those foresaken PAIN Clinics are the places they need to BUST! Talk about Lack of Quality Control! Cash only One-Stop Drug Shop - disguised as pain managment clinics!
More deaths are coming out of RX drug use now than EVER! Stand guard outside the bars and pain clinics if you REALLY wanna fight crime! Leave the stoners and their funyuns ALONE!

1093 days ago


John, one more comment to toss at you to help OPEN that CLOSED MIND OF YOURS: IF the US were to legal weed, our MONEY wouldn't leave this country for it (weed), thus cutting down on the number of drug cartels that "own" the border w/ Mexico.

John you dont strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer. Seems like everyone else who's posted TO YOU is a bit more intelligent and open minded.

Do yourself a favor....go get stoned, you may like it. I know I DO!

1093 days ago


Hah just because you can't OD from it doesn't make it great for you. Jesus...

And people wonder why most REAL medical users don't want others to know.

Its simple why these shops got raided and it has to do with green paper. These places are making HUGE amounts of money and they are suppose to be non profit. When they are buying is for 2500 a lb they must be making a huge amount. Hell I have been asked many times by shops like this to help them and I laugh.

1093 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

The ONLY reason pot was ever made ILLEGAL in the first place was due to LUMBER companies that couldn't compete with Hemp farmers for quality, affordable product! OUR "Declaration of Independence" is written on HEMP paper.. It's an easy, economical, multiple use crop. Other companies that make money off paper, rope, textiles ect DONT want to compete with a crop that runs them out of business..! Well they are phasing out tobacco farmers, maybe it's HIGH time to PHASE in HEMP Growers!
OH, on a SIDE NOTE - "Reefer Madness" is one the BIGGEST propaganda schemes drudged up in all of recored history!

1093 days ago


Chris more is grown in my back yard in Nor Cal and the Appalachians than is imported from all the other countries combined.

You must be drunk when your reading the news because unless your talking about some hillbilly mob then you are dead wrong. The Mex and Colombian mobs are in the Coke and supply hardly any of the crap thats smoked today. Hell the "cartels" do more illegal grows in houses (Cali valley)and the hills (outside LA / lower Sierra's) than they try to smuggle across the border.

Back in the 80's and 90's the market was full of mex crap but who smokes that nasty crap now.

1093 days ago



I hold a medical marijuana card and I've NEVER been asked by a "pot shop" to help them. THEY DONT SOLICIT business. AND who cares if the shop is making money. Drug manufacturers make HUGE dont see them getting "raided" now do you? NOPE, they take the HUGE profits and run! They dont a crap about people who are sick and cant afford to buy the meds they need.

A scam is a scam is a scam....all in the name of PROFIT. And dont forget banks, insurance companies and the like ALL MAKE PROFITS....silly man, THATS why they're in business.

1093 days ago
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