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L.A. Pot Shops RAIDED on 4/20

4/20/2011 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's high time for weeding out possibly illegal activity -- because law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the California Medical Board just raided two L.A. marijuana dispensaries ... on NATIONAL POT DAY.

We're told the government agency was executing some kind of search warrant at Medical Kush Doctor and Medical Kush Beach Club in Venice -- but it's unclear what they're looking for exactly.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us ... the search warrants were issued in connection with a criminal narcotics investigation.


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three stories above this is yet another DUI story. Let's remember Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, George Bush, Paris Hilton, D.ICK Cheney, Nick Nolte, Nicole Richie, Busta Rhymes, Ted Kennedy, Tracy Morgan, Rip Torn, Diana Ross, Mike Tyson, Chris Klein, Tim Allen, Wynonna Judd (the list goes on and on) ALL arrested for DUI. ALCOHOL NOT WEED.

Get over Middle America, weed is coming to a POT SHOP NEAR YOU......SOONER THEN YOU THINK! Blaze UP b.itches!

1280 days ago


LIfe is not permanent ! people die all the time ,thats how it is , All the laws and regs in the world will not stop that . Get over it .

1280 days ago

right straight    

What happened to free speech? None of my comments pass the screening process.Try this one"good job you robo-narcs",saving the world one joint at a time.

1280 days ago


John you are a moron, people with no drugs in their system have killed others while driving, so basically cell phones should be banned because people text and talk and drive and are distracted all the time. Death will happen, making something illegal doesn't stop someone from doing it. Its just a waste of money this war on drugs that hasn't worked at all.

1280 days ago


Good job at wasting time and money! Ridiculous.

1280 days ago


Marijuana is treated like its some kind of heavy drug when in reality it is so far from it. People who drink and get drunk tend to get violent, weed smokers are calm and relax. There are so many good things about marijuana, yet F-ING morons make it seems like its such a bad thing, then society views it as bad without knowing the facts. HYPOCRITES drink alcohol and get drunk every night yet they talk a bunch of trash about weed??? Id rather hang out with a weed smoker thats high as F*** than someone who is drunk as F***. I hate the way our world thinks, I hate the way people are so dumb. Why do people even breed anymore??????? DEA should focus on serious drugs, not marijuana!!!!!! If you are going to ban marijuana, ban alcohol as well. STUPID STUPID WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!!!!!

1280 days ago


Best comment board ever!! LEAGALIZE!
Looks like the smokers are much more informed about what they put in their bodies, than the non smokers. Perhaps they need to grow into big people clothes and pick up a book on the subject that wasn't from their 5th grade "drugs are bad" class.

1280 days ago


You stupid stupid people. If you want to know the REAL reason the places were raided - go pull the warrant from the court house. I think you'll be surprised. Until then, stop sepcultating and PLEASE stop trying to banter back and forth like educated lawyers - PATHETIC!!!

1280 days ago


What buttholes!!!!!!!!
Why don't they actually TRY to do their actuall job and bust all the drug dealers dealing meth, acid, X, heroine, vicodin, OxyContin.. shall I continue.. Those are hardcore drugs, not pot you pricks!

1280 days ago


Haha that's the same dispensary Project Pat and Juicy J went to in their music video "Cali High" they got weed from there and they are obviously not "med legal" with cards so it sounds like Medical Kush Doctor didn't play by the rules.

1280 days ago


Frankly ..lets make driving while CELL PHONING a felony 1..That will keep the police busy ..The revanue from the cell phone stores could poss .Pay the GOVMT.dept we owe.Theres more cell phones than pot smokers .Think about it AMERICA

1279 days ago
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