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Hef's Gals -- Battery Operated Devices At Disneyland

4/22/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner spent his Thursday afternoon scootin' around Disneyland with two attractive ladies ... because ... well, because he can.

Hef took his fianacee' Crystal Harris (the one on the right) to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Just in case you forgot -- Hef is 60 years older than Crystal.



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Silly ass looks like her great grandfather!! No love match here just a money grab!!!

1177 days ago


This man is PATHETIC! Does he take his Viagra in liquid form in a complete transfusion... Can he not take one look at this photo and see how silly he looks? Like an old.....very old geezer in his battery powered "SCOOTER chair". I don't care how much freakin' money he has....he is creepy and pathetic.....ewe! She must have a very strong stomach not to throw up every time he touches her!!!!!!!

1177 days ago

get real    

Daddy, I mean Sugar Daddy. I want an Ice Cream cone and to go to Disneyland for my Birthday. Daddy, will You take me.

1177 days ago

get real    

At Hefs Age.. The Battery operated Scotter is the only thing is can Drive. Doubt if he has a Drivers permit.

1177 days ago


Hvae to agree...He is just a silly old coot, who thinks, like joe and katherine jackson....that money will give them life....and that aint so......! silly old b'stard...not enough viagra for that limp piece! his gold digging great grandaugter better get that old geezer to the alter soon or she may be out of some money if he dies tomorrow!

1177 days ago


Good lord Holly, are you not glad that this relationship is over? No disrespect to the elderly but wtf?? Boot scootin around in Hover-rounds. Just what every 25 year old girl wants to do with the, LOVE OF HER LIFE. 60 years younger and she LOVES him? Yeah right. HH has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel and Crystal knows it.
HH is so old and zany now in his old age he probably does not even know what the hell HE is doing anymore.
I hot HH lives another 10 plus years. Let's see how the fair Crystal lives with THAT.

1177 days ago


How sad...

1177 days ago


Fianacee'!? Wow. Spell check TMZ, spell check.

1177 days ago


There is so much wrong with this picture I don't know where to begin! Girlfriend is on A LARK at the age of 20 something?! And she has to because Hef can't walk anymore....perfect!

So, to get his money this flake is willing to forgo her sex life, her dignity, her self respect, her reputation, and her eye sight?

So, is she is gettin' some from the pool boy, not having to worry about Hef catching her becasue he is napping most of the day? Or that it would take 20 min. to get to the other side of compound to catch in her in the act?

And, his daughter is juuuussssssttttt fine with all of this? Next we'll find out this flake he is 'engaged' to is preggers.

Why is it always women who are so stuipd? Almost never do we see this type of situation the other way around, no man on the planet would even date a gal 60 years older than them, let alone marry them.

Nothing worse than old fool with money......but what is worse I suppose is a young woman taking advantage of the elderly.

1177 days ago



1177 days ago


why is she riding in one of those, she didn't want her man to feel like he was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to old to walk. Love is blind

They should have pick the same day as William and Kate, how romantic would that be.

1177 days ago

who dat    

This post reminds me of "Weekend at Bernie's". They moved a corpse around during the movie. These girls are trying to prove Hef is still alive, by taking his corpse out in public.

1177 days ago


So, will they have an "open" "marriage"? She cheats on him with Dr. Phil's son and he still does the one minute Viagra dance with girls that are in his magazine. So, what's the point of marrying her then?!?!?

1177 days ago


I always did like Hef but why he wants to get married again at 85 is beyond me. You know damn well Crystal don't love him "that way". She wants what all the others wanted.

Maybe her and Hef have an agreement that if she sticks with him until the end he will make her a super rich woman which may be the reason Hef didn't want a pre-nup.

1177 days ago


this is a sad pic. really the man is looking rather silly and sad... someone needs to step in an stop him from looking this silly.... he looks like old man death, not over the hill, but over and done with the hill.... really who thinks that this is good... this is a adult protective service call here.... he has old timers or something....

1177 days ago
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