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Lindsay Lohan -- Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor!

4/22/2011 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just caught a MASSIVE break -- her felony grand theft charge was just downgraded to a misdemeanor.


TMZ told you this would happen .... Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the offense, along with Lindsay's record, did not support a felony charge.  The judge noted Lindsay's DUI conviction was 4 years ago.

The judge denied Shawn Holley's motion to dismiss the case outright.


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Well...what can ya say???

It's the status quo with the Lohan...She's becoming like John Gotti...Like how he was at one point deemed "The Teflon Don"...

1288 days ago


The Judge was FAIR
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner refused to dismiss the case against Lohan, but said she often sees more serious cases that get reduced to misdemeanors. The court denied the D.A.'s request to stay the order.

In making her ruling, the judge said, "I'm going to give her an opportunity."

The misdemeanor has a potential penalty of a year in jail. Lohan pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor.

1288 days ago

john smith    

Danette dropped from the case also, is this true? Someone else commented on it.

1288 days ago


Per TMZ Live Updates:

2:10 PM PT: Shawn insists, "This is not a stealth, crafty crime" -- claiming Lindsay was right in front of Sofia when she exited the store.
If stealing something right in front of one's victim is not the epitome of crafty, criminal out-in-the-open stealth... then I don't know what is.

Looking furtive and hiding the item and running away fast (as depicted in cartoons) is not - in my mind - crafty or stealthy.

Given the judge's agreement on Lohan's intent to steal (I agree too), it offers a view into this person's character that is really not good. Ick.

1288 days ago

London Bloke    

Eh...uh...This really doesn't seem fair.

Other poor folks that go and commit theft are held fully accountable.

That judge should be ASHAMED of herself!

1288 days ago


I guess in a very strange way, she is getting what she deserves. She is probably now one of the most hated women in America... her career is over, her looks are gone, her credibility is ****tered and no one will go see a movie if she is in it. Not to mention her hair is so damaged it will never grow back. Pretty soon no one will even remember her or her f'd up family. Which is probably good...that way when she screws up won't make headlines. I've said this before, but this is Dana Plato part 2. At least she won't be leaving any kids behind.

1288 days ago

London Bloke    

Starting to seem like this lady can get away with murder!

1288 days ago


Shawn is a good Lawyer, no doubts about it.

and "TMZ told you this would happen .." it's true but Harvey said that Lindsay should've accepted the deals back then and she didn't: looks like LiLo did the right thing, and this time the "I told you so" belongs to me because I did say it too


1288 days ago


California must be the joke of the judicial system, if this bitch, Lohan, had been tried in any other state her arse would already be in jail, if not already under the 3 strike rule. what a farse. The people of California should be outraged!

1288 days ago

who dat    

Linds will definitely not be out celebrating tonight/ She'l be in masturbating all night. TMZ ran 1 story after the other about her today. Lindsay beat the system, the court, and (best of all) bent Danette over in the process.

No wonder Linsay acts like she does, because there are never any consequences.

1288 days ago


This pisses me off. Not because I'm a big Lohan hater...It's because of the Double Standard.

It's a bunch of B.S.

It lets Lindsay know that she can do just about whatever the Hell she wants, and that nobody will hold her responsible for her actions...

The judges need start taking notice that whenever she's given these lucky breaks--SOON after--she breaks the law AGAIN.

The judges are to blame for this cuz Linds won't ever learn her lesson!!

1288 days ago


@delmar @nicole ,
Do you think it was appropriate for lindsays lawyer to advertise the gemservice website of (her) expert??

Is that not what you accused Kamofie and co. and Dawn holland etc.?

1288 days ago

Who Farted    

This should take the old Q RATING down a dew more, omg any chance she had redeeming herself is gone. People will really dislike her more so now.

1288 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

All the shop owners should get together and boycott Lindsay Lohan - ban her from all of your stores. Stand up your rights! If the courts refuse to protect you then you need to take the law into your own hands.

1288 days ago

Michael Ayton    

I'm glad she had her charge reduced. Give her a chance and we all make mistakes. She is picked on by people who are trying to make a name for themselves.

And anyone who does not like it, is just jealous. You should be so lucky! Be happy for her.

1288 days ago
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