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Lindsay Lohan -- Bailed Outta Lynwood ... Again

4/23/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked through her own personal revolving door -- the exit way at Lynwood Correctional Facility -- after a bondsman put up the cash to spring her.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's website ... LiLo was in custody for almost five hours and her bail was set at $75,000.

Lindsay rode out in a black SUV, with a Sheriff's vehicle leading the way.



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Jesus ... thank you for doing whatever it takes to save this troubled young girl.

1278 days ago


do you think she gets it yet?

1278 days ago


She really needs a good jail vacation...she will get away with it all once again....

1278 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

I'm pretty sure Jesus has nothing to do with it! This Poor Little Rich girl... Needs a wake up call. Robert Downey Jr. got one and it straightened up his act but good!! They need to send little miss felon to Jail and she needs to ACTUALLY be in jail just like RD.JR So sorry if I cant feel sorry for her... There is no pity when someone KEEPS doing STUPID things!! She knows better and STILL does wrong!! Sorry no Bleeding heart here!

1278 days ago


Because of it being a violation of probation conviction, I believe she would have to serve the 120 days with no earned time (2x1) allowed. No out in X amount of days. 120 days - flat time.

Maybe (just maybe), she will finally get it. It might cost her "Gotti", but she brought this to herself.

1278 days ago


I completely agree, Michael Jackson's Voice. She needs to actually be put in a regular cell with the other inmates and learn. This is getting ridiculous, it's going to go on forever and never get resolved.

1278 days ago


She looks stessed out if this photo. Perhaps the reality of jail time might wake her up....never mind that thought. She has been there and done that but keeps on doing things to put herself right back in harms way.

1278 days ago


Lindsay needs to get as far away from Los Angeles as she can. I think she'd do nicely in a smaller city or even a little town far away from Hollywood and far away from L.A. County. Maybe somewhere in Denver or Omaha. Columbus was nice the last time I was there.

1278 days ago

John 8:32    

Lindsay Lohan's... has a new theme song :

"Now you see me...!"

"Now you don't..!"

"You think you will..!"

"But I know you won't..!"


1278 days ago


No she is a non violent misdemeanor offender and will do a maximum of 20% of the sentence after time off for good behavior.

1278 days ago


Why so long?

1278 days ago


This is not some poor girl. She is a very wealthy woman who thinks she is too good to obey by society's laws.

1278 days ago


Blame the judicial system if you don't like the fact that she's out walking around after only 5 hours in jail. She wouldn't be out if the system wasn't so screwed up!

1278 days ago


This sugs! she should pay. Another OJ. BS

1278 days ago

Good riddance!    

When criminals, like Lowhan, commit crimes their only shot is redeeming themselves and mocking the law like she does will only drive more and more people against her. She will also never learn anything either, as she has zero respect for the law or its' consequences, so she will continue to basically screw herself in the eyes of the public and she is too stupid to realize it. She may only get the occasional bit of stunt casting from straight to dvd films and it will drive her more and more insane because respect and real redemption will always evade her. Her only fans will be the ones that cheer on criminals because they are just like her and can't function in society either. This is what happens to antisocial people like the Lohans.

1278 days ago
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