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Lindsay Lohan -- Bailed Outta Lynwood ... Again

4/23/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked through her own personal revolving door -- the exit way at Lynwood Correctional Facility -- after a bondsman put up the cash to spring her.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's website ... LiLo was in custody for almost five hours and her bail was set at $75,000.

Lindsay rode out in a black SUV, with a Sheriff's vehicle leading the way.



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Hot Farts    

Nicole 18 hours ago @brenda
No she is a non violent misdemeanor offender and will do a maximum of 20% of the sentence after time off for good behavior.
My daughter's best friend just got out of Lynwood. She was there on a first violation for a first DUI. She got 6 mos. and did 65 days. They did offer her work release after being there 30 days but she turned it down.

She is the one that keeps telling me that she sees prostitutes and drug offenders get out quickly. Theft and probation violations stay longer. There is no hard and fast rule based on the fact that she polled people while there on there time. She said most 6 mos sentences did 40-60... days if they had a pending case and were violated.

I believe that One very important factor will be when her appeal is filed. She will want to have it heard at the same time as her trial. If it is before trial and she loses she will be in jail during trial. If she waits til after her trial and loses at trial and appeal on violation she may not get concurrent time.

This is why so many people do different time when violations are involved. If a person is in jail on a violation and do not bail out, they have to stay in jail til sentenced. The probation report takes at least two weeks to come in and then a hearing is set. They wont even be sentenced for 3 or 4 weeks.

If Lindsay loses at trial, she will have to stay until her appeal is over to be released from jail. The sherriff's will not release anyone with pending cases.

1216 days ago

Hot Farts    

I am not defending Lindsay nor do I think she is innocent. I think she brought herself to where she is today and that she has a hard time looking at herself and the truth. I think she has learned from her family to lie to herself. She goes through the motions and appearances of changing and says she has and then gets the same results having changed nothing

Alcohol and drugs are a symptom of the real problem...lack of substance. I always say if you can't live without expensive material things and are a shop-a-holic you miss out on the depth that can be experienced by being free of desire and greed.

This woman is very young. Believe it or not, this path has likely been set out for her because she is meant to be a greater soul. She has not been given guidance other than what you hear here from her mother. Her mother and family talk about nothing but fame, notariety, money, shoes, jewelry etc. never education, charity and doing without and standing on one's own two feet.

From the time my daughter was able to speak and understand I have established that it is a given that she will attend college. She is leaving for a UC campus in fall. We have lived in Venice, Santa Monica and Bev Hills. We never considered it a priority to over-indulge on things and trying to seek fame. Music and film, the arts are a big part of our lives and her father is an actor but none of us care about fame or Jimmy Choo shoes

1216 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Eight bucks an hour.....I didn't get my eight bucks......WTF

1216 days ago


I want my 8 bucks TMZ!

1216 days ago


When Lindsay moved back to NY from LA, she said:

LA was fun, but I came back with only this

"LA is Cool when you Work in the Morgue" TSHIRT.

1215 days ago


Lindsey needs a good swift kick right into a jail cell for a few month, maybe then she will "GET THE HINT".

1215 days ago


I think working the morgue is gonna leave a stench mark on her career - better than jail in my opinion!

And think of all the conversation starters this will bring!

1215 days ago

WTF Is going on.    

Ok I love the cruddy legal system in america. If This happened here, you would not see this little tart getting off so easy as she has, what 5 times now? Good job America. Keep the mentally distressed and retarded out on your streets. No wonder you Americans can not even make your own products anymore. You cant even keep criminals off the streets.

1215 days ago


Wonder what the penalty for jewelry theft is in Saudi Arabia?

She would have her wrists healed by now, after her hands were cut off soon after she was arrested.

1215 days ago


Bailing her out does her no favors; until she truly feels the consequences of her choices, she will never get sober. And the stories for those who don't get sober never end with the words, "lived happily ever after."

1215 days ago





1215 days ago

G. Davies    

How the law lets this twisted tramp slip free again prompts the question ''WHY BOTHER''

1215 days ago


What a Joke!! Our justice system is a Joke!!!

1215 days ago


Hold on ,shortly after she was charged with this latest crime your site indicated that the police reports kept changing . That the accuser kept changing her story . Where 's your reporting on that ?

1215 days ago

Chris Grubb    

Lindsay is like my ex- lisa whitacre... they think everything is their way or the highway... it's about time they learned otherwise.

1215 days ago
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