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Arnie Klein -- My Buddy Was Not Michael's Lover

4/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the dermatologist who loomed large in Michael Jackson's life -- has now changed his story and says his good friend and office manager -- Jason Pfeiffer -- did NOT have an affair with Michael Jackson.


Klein had told TMZ ... Jackson was gay but that Jason's alleged relationship with the singer was the only gay relationship MJ ever had.  Klein told us Jason was "the love of [Michael's] life."

But now on his Facebook page, Klein says "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous.  That story was made up ... "

Klein also scoffs at allegations he contributed to MJ's death, saying, "I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself ..."


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Dear Arnold,

You're certainly trying to cover your tracks. Trying to stage an intervention on two different occasions? You were his main pusher, from the 80's until he died! Per the do***ent YOU gave to TMZ, you gave Michael injections of demerol on 51 occasions, during the course of two or three months, alone! If you truly made any kind of intervention, it must have taken place when the man may have been trying to kick his drug habit -- if he ever really did try to get off the drugs -- because you were panicked about losing one of your clients.

I guess you are panicking because your medical records have been seized and you may be facing your own separate trial, for being a drug pusher.

1246 days ago


Guest 26 minutes ago
ric 4 hours ago
nan I hear what you are saying but the bottom line is that whether it was a civil or criminal trial Michael Jackson had a chance to clear his name of these charges in a court of law and chose not to. Period. That is what gives me doubts of his innocence in this case.


Ric, I actually read the criminal do***ents, and there is no doubt in my mind Michael was guilty. NAMBLA-recommended photography books of nude and semi-nude little boys? Semen from three different males, along with his, on sheets, underwear, and his mattress & mattress pad? Pay offs to three different families? That he was acquitted has more to do with a good attorney and being famous than it does with innocence.

I do not understand extreme groupie fan worship, tinged with religious fervor. I regard it as a sign of mental illness. But due to the legal do***ents being so easily accessible from the Santa Barbara County website, I think it's time for these people to let go of an obscene fantasy or to at least get professional help.


Thank you for pointing out the evidence that the fanatics have been so rabidly disregarded. The rabid fans are famous for their cherry picking of defenses and witch huntings.

I truly believe that MJ have sold his soul to the devil and all these rabid fans have done the same. Under the order of the devil, they are here to push another agenda for a dooms day.

Goog grief what else could it be? They are obsessed of their cult and the evil men. He was so obviously gay, and walked around naked to seduce sexually curiously boys with his mostly straight porns. No man would have such a great stash of porns if he is not mentally ill. They may have a stash, but most men got rid of them when they start dating. They don't want the girl friend to find out. But no, MJ kept them, he had to start his collection with straight porns when he was a teenager when he was afraid of being found out his gayness, then he discovered his real taste on young boys. he figured his needs out and had the books mentioned above. Any of the detective would have told you that Neverland's master bedroom was creepy. Did any one come out and testified against the DA? Why did the trash only came out from MJ's lawyer side?

1246 days ago

Gina B.    

Jay Jackson, you are disgusting! No one believes Michael would touch you with a 10 foot pole!

1246 days ago


the little people aren't as gifted as queen mj. that's why we need propofol at home too. pardon my rudeness, psychologists of the drug-free mj and his heroic relatives.

lol sure...mj realized that nude disgusting pictures of diseased people could convince the 13 year old corey feldman that he was 'educated about tumors'. with the loving, gentle genius doing anything he wanted at the sofa with a lonely troubled feldman.
a boy added the 'newest family member and humanitarian expert mj'. trust mj's beliefs. lmao

one problem in logic: corey feldman was already a sexually abused boy before he saw mj's nude photo book.

1246 days ago

kathy 40    

@Annie 1 day ago and Gibbsysgirl 4 minutes ago.

"Annie, are you okay? Are you okay Annie??"
Obviously not, something is wrong with your eyes or your minds, that is, if you have one.
There is no way this ugly "fast mouth" could be those kids' biological dad. Maybe MJ wasn't either, but it certainly wasn't
Dr. Creep.

1246 days ago


ric, there are no links to what guest says because it's not true. i'll eat my words if she can actually come up with something, but i've never seen such shi t in any of the do***ents i've read (lots and lots)

people love to put their own spin on everything, but i know you have a lot of common sense - if they had that kind of evidence, you know it would have been detrimental

1246 days ago


Happy Easter Cherwood.I am no fan of Klein but i believe he says different things to different networks,sites etc.
For example he talked about Michael to Diane Sawyer(if i remember her name correctly) on ABC and had only positive things to say.He NEVER SAID ANYTHING DIRTY,ONLY CLEAN!

He denied that Michael wanted to change the color of his skin but that happened due to vitiligo,he also diagnosed the lupus and admitted that he had to sedate Michael because skin restructure is a very painful procedure.

Among other things he said that Michael was a great father,very proud of his race,his children were well educated and well mannered,that he was at Michael's house at Christmas in 2008 and when he heard that Michael was dead he was so shocked he couldn't move from his chair for 8 hours.

So either he gave a false story to tmz or somebody twisted his words.What is your opinion?

1246 days ago



1246 days ago

Danger Baby    

So either he gave a false story to tmz or somebody twisted his words.What is your opinion?


Cherwood's opinion on MJ is that He was straight and a real father, that's enough said, don't you think, Sofi?

1246 days ago


Danger Baby 43 minutes ago So either he gave a false story to tmz or somebody twisted his words.What is your opinion?


Cherwood's opinion on MJ is that He was straight and a real father, that's enough said, don't you think, Sofi?

In case you haven't noticed i was referring to klein.

1246 days ago


ric about an hour ago

Actually wait Black, semen of 4 different males (including Michael Jackson) WAS found on his bed and sheets. This is damning evidence.


Hi ric,
as far as I can see your do***ent just states that DNA from four different males was found. DNA, not specifically semen! DNA, as we all know, is contained in each little part of your body – in skin particles, in saliva, in hair. So – could have been anything.

1246 days ago


ric about an hour ago
Actually wait Black, semen of 4 different males (including Michael Jackson) WAS found on his bed and sheets. This is damning evidence.

Yup, also check this out too:

Also read this:

1246 days ago


I really thought this - other - doctor was hopelessly out of his mind, all along that endless, scary interview he gave TMZ. So once again Michael told the truth when,shaking his head from disapproval he said : I am not gay. TMZ, you shouldn't mistake crap and information !

1246 days ago


So what if Michael Jackson was gay? It doesn't take anything away from his contributions to the world of entertainment.

1246 days ago


ric about an hour ago
Actually wait Black, semen of 4 different males (including Michael Jackson) WAS found on his bed and sheets. This is damning evidence.
Hotel room mattresses contain semen/dna of various people. Yet it does not mean they were all their together at the same time. Also michael would allow people to be in his home when he was not there. The police who searched michael's home could have planted drugs or any number of incriminating things in his home. Yet they specifically cut out portions of his mattress in an attempt to discredit him. I wouldn't put it past those dirty cops to have planted their own dna or semen on the mattress/sheets etc.
People do not hide their sexuality anymore. Laws have been passed by Congress to legitimize over 500 sexual deviances. Why so much attention and focus on Michael Jackson's sexuality as something that's loathsome, shameful and scandalous.
Even in death the culprits will not back off Michael Jackson.
It's as if the powers that be want to obliterate Michael's name from the earth because he would not promote their NWO agenda.
My king Michael was straight. Not gay like the vast majority of them who hate Michael with a deep seeded passion.
Michael's message was to promote the King of Kings and Lord of Lords not this fake wannabe ruler on the horizon.

1246 days ago
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