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Teen Dad:

Baby Mama Got Preggo

for MTV Show

4/23/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"16 & Pregnant" star Josh Smith says his baby mama PLOTTED to get pregnant just so she could be on the MTV reality show ... this according to court documents.

Smith filed a request for a restraining order against Jennifer Del Rio this week -- stemming from an incident in which she allegedly punched Josh in the face. 

In the docs, Smith claims his baby mama is a "compulsive liar" who concocted a diabolical scheme to get pregnant -- allegedly telling him she was knocked up (even though she wasn't) so he wouldn't wear a condom.

Smith explains ... "She was giving me sonogram pictures ... that she claimed was 'our baby' when in actually [sic] it was her friend's sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on 'Sixteen and Pregnant'."

As for the restraining order, Jennifer claims she never attacked Josh ... and has since filed for a restraining order against HIM ... claiming Josh punched himself in the face to set her up so she would go to jail.

The couple is scheduled to be back in court on May 2.


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1226 days ago


Yeah...I'm not buying it. She very well may have wanted to be on the show...I don't know. But googling her shows she is the one with twins, so did she also have a friend having twins at the same time (well three months earlier). Seems to weird for me. Dude seems like a douchebag.

1226 days ago


Ok, I havent been awake that long so maybe this won't make sense but....if she was telling them she was three months pregnant and then actually got pregnant (assuming it was right at the "three month mark" after that, would everyone think it was strange that she was pregnant for, like, twelve months???

1226 days ago

The Guidance Counselor    

She is very cute, but I think she does deserve a good spanking.

He looks like the kind of kid who has punched himself in the face a few times before. His mother probably gives him milk and cookies every time he does it.

1226 days ago

Sin D    

Ain't young love beautiful...

1226 days ago

Silas Dekker    

If you're going to get pissy at MTV for paying these chicks money to be on Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant; and now there are chicks getting pregnant just for the show. You might as well take responsibility for influencing retards imitating jackass, idiots being stipid guidos to try and mimic jersey shore, and the all those african american ghetto kids who drop out of school because they want to be a 'rapper'.
TEENS ARE STUPID!!! there is always going to be a handful of morons who mimic what they see on TV to try and get famous or get their 15 minutes of fame. This is the same for ALL reality tv! Yeah it sucks that there are going to be even more unwanted babies in the world, but really, this happens with every show.
I think Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant gives a pretty sobering reality of what being a Teen Mom is like. The Dad 99% of the time leaves, the Mom drops out of school and loses all her friends, and the parents kick them out or the Grandparents have to take them in. That's reality, and I dont think some moron kids who go get knocked up on TV should influence the message the tv show is trying to put up there. BEING A TEEN MOM SUCKS!

1226 days ago


some people will do anything for their 15 minutes
from The Real Housewives shows to the Jersey Shore the teen moms

nothing redeeming about any of them
it goes across all socio-economic groups
and they don't even seem to know/care how they expoit themselves

not sure what it is about the draw/lure of what they think is "fame"

to quote wikipedia rather than paraphrase this:

The expression was coined from Andy Warhol, who said in 1968 that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

right on Andy...interesting if he were alive today what he'd mmake of all this

1226 days ago


Prediction cause I don't know a soul who watches MTV anymore or heard of these trailer trash people.....but one will be dead in a year's time and the other will be a hooker and still live in motels if not there trailer parks lol.

1226 days ago


While I personally wouldn't believe a single word either of these Darwin award winner's speak. I can see this. "My friends gonna be on tv and all she had to do was get pregnant?!?!? Hell I'm girl, I make baby can! I on tv want to be!"

Like I said though, I wouldnt trust a word from either of them, so I'll go about my business, never watching the show.

1226 days ago


CPS does NOT need this children nor should they be taken from their teen parents if they aren't like this girl, Jenelle, or that other chick. Maybe instead of giving the parent the whole paycheck they should give them only 20% of their yearly income with the rest going into a savings account for the child.

1226 days ago


Well duh MTV! They should have known that a lot of girls out here would start getting pregnant just to be on the show. The show is supposed to show how hard it is for teen moms. But yet you have these teen moms on cover of magazines and getting paid thousands of dollars just to do the show. And someone on here made a comment which stated that they don't think a 16 year old is that smart to make up and plan to become pregnant. Wrong! When you want fame so bad you will do anything. I'm almost 23 years old and MTV has changed so much since I was 13. None of this bull**** was on. Teen pregnancy is becoming a epidemic and it’s because of show like this. Become pregnant at 16 and be on “16 And Pregnant” and you might just have a shot at being on “Teen Mom 3” and then after that you might have a shot at being on the cover of People, US Weekly, OK and then after that you might meet the cast of Jersey Shore, and all the other talentless MTV starlets. It’s really sad that Americans are so caught up in our reality TV.

1226 days ago


How do you punch YOURSELF in the face? I just don't think it's physically possible to do that kind of damage at the angle one's capable of. Sure, you could ask someone to do it FOR you but that's not what this girl's claiming. She probably did punch him. Idiot(s).

1226 days ago


Foolish mortal.

1226 days ago


Hey genius, do society a favor and get yourself a lifetime supply of condoms. This chick might be a diabolical liar but you're a dumba** for not protecting yourself.

1225 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

If that's true I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Like the groups of girls who have a pregnancy pact, these girls are starved for attention. Money too, or at least a provider of money.

I think that's also what's happening in certain foreign countries where a lot of US adoptions originate from. The women there who are in dire straights hope they can provide a US couple with a child & receive a pile of money, but I think the supply far outweighs the demand. In all these cases, especially those in a dysfunctional home, the only one who suffers is the child, who will grow up feeling angry, unwanted, & alone, & that, to me, is unforgivable.

I really hope the children grow up feeling loved, but I also hope poetic justice prevails one day with these puppy-mill females.

1225 days ago
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