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Charlie Sheen

Dumped Via Text Message

4/24/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down a goddess -- he revealed last night during his tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale that Bree Olson broke up with him ... via text message. Ouch!

By all accounts, the show went well -- Sheen had a few guests on stage ... including Dennis Rodman (see below). Charlie even offered up a few words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan: "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be ok."

Sheen's next tour stop is Tuesday night in Houston, TX.



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Jack DaCarup    

ksis 12 minutes ago Did anyone FORCE her to be with him?


No one but Charlie, Bree, and the good Lord above know the answer to that one.

1248 days ago


Charlie, Bree, the Lord and anyone with the average level of intelligence, who observed them together on screen and followed her tweets. Considering that she left, it's clear that she was not forced to stay. Not to mention that she was giggling like a happy teenager every time she was shown around him for the past two months.
Not rocket science.

1248 days ago


@sandra bingham, I totally agree with you. I've personally experienced this type of lifestyle. I live in a very wealthy area and I've dated affluent men who seem to think they can buy everything with their $. Being a slave to money and a jetset lifestyle is no way to live, especially if you're not the one with the money. Most men (even the nicer ones) have a warped sense of entitlement and think they own you. Anyone who says that "All a girl has to do is look good and have sex, etc...." would sell THEIR soul for that lifestyle the first chance THEY got. Not saying these women knew what they were getting into with Sheen, but let me tell you, it gets old fast! Yeh, the cars, the houses, the yachts, the first class travel, and the gifts are nice, but you soon realize you aren't much more than an performing wind-up doll to these guys. Most of them have a very skewed perception of what love really is. And when you want to leave, they either get angry ("How could you leave me when I have all this???") or they try to buy you with more THINGS. I'm not speaking for the "goddesses" because only THEY can decide how they want men to treat them, but for me, it became so degrading. I have 2 degrees and owned my own home and a small business at 25, but the way I was living lowered my self esteem. I sold my home at the request of a wealthy bf and allowed my business to fail because of my own mis-management. I just couldn't be bothered with such a trivial, boring thing as being a "worker bee" (as the wealthy call it). The parties, fake friends and drugs were much more fun. But there comes a time when you look at yourself and ask, Is this who I dreamed I'd be?" The 6 yrs I spent (since I was 24) being a slave - at my own will (no one forced me) was a waste. I have nothing to show for it, but I'm glad it's over, and I'm getting my life back on track, successfully! :-)

1248 days ago

ne est ce pas    

Even the "hired help" is getting tired of Charlie.

1248 days ago


correction: Sorry, not saying these women DIDN'T know what they were getting into.

1248 days ago


She's probably a good christian girl and started feeling guilty about allowing this relationship with Charles to carry over into Easter!

1248 days ago


I figured this out! Bree is TIRED of somewhat normal sex and wants to go back to her life in porn. She misses getting banged by multiple strangers!!

1248 days ago


Bree/Rachel always had options. Unlike Natty she has a career that has been paying her a good income, a level of fame even before Charlie, and owns home back in Fort Wayne where, based on her tweets, she really missed her friends and family. The relationship with Charlie increased her celebrity status and will lead to more lucrative offers either in porn or mainstream. The life of a "kept woman" probably got boring considering the life she is used to living and she has the means and resources to leave.

1248 days ago

who dat    

TMZ you are really on this story. I said a week ago that something was amiss between these two. Bree stopped following the warlock (on twitter) as soon as she left to go home (about 1 week ago). It was obvious she wasn't getting paid enough. No big deal, there is an endless supply of tramps. Just get a new one.

1248 days ago


IMO, no more partying, snorting drugs and getting Charlie's money makes Charlie a dull and uninteresting man/boy and Bree probably had enough of it. You could tell in her later pictures she was unhappy. Girl wants to party.

1248 days ago

sandra bingham    

the more i hear about how these celebrity types(eg charlie,mel) treat people the more grateful i am for my husband,who is kind ,loving and faithful.these other types don't know what being a real man is all about. the are just spoiled, stupid children having temper tantrums and i'm glad the are getting their's well deserved.

1248 days ago


both hookers are disgusting, too bad the worse one stays...
as long as he is not getting rid of both, he's not coming back

1248 days ago


Well, Charlie admitted she dumped him . . . didn't try to say he gave her the boot when she left of her own accord. An abuser would say, "I kicked that beotch to the curb." Having met him in person, I have to say that Charlie comes across as nicer than he's alleged to be by Brooke, Denise, and other would-be golddiggers.

1248 days ago


ksis about an hour ago

What exactly do you base that assesment on? Not that he treated the other two any worse than they treated him, by keeping him away from his kids, but that's another story...What I would like to know, what makes you think that 1. he felt entitled to anything towards her and 2. he treated her badly.
Did she ever complain about not paying any bills, and living a life of a goddess in a LA mansion, whose only duty was to look nice and have sex?
Bree Olson aka Rachel Oberlin apparently got bored with that kind of life, but does that mean that she was treated badly? How so?

Hey ksis, these are my opinions/beliefs based on links to stories provided on TMZ boards by other members and other stories I read. Denise, Brooke and "the cowering call-girl" all stated they were abused. There was the Aspen legal incident.

Charlie was born into a lifestyle of entitlement.

Hookers are targets for murder, because the killer believes no one will care enough to look for them. Hookers are often abused. From what I read, men treat hookers differently from women who are not hookers. Natty was not a call-girl. From what I read, Charlie saw her on a cover of a marijuana mag and sought her out. She may be treated better than Bree was.

The main thing my decision is based on is the TMZ interview done at Charlie's house which I only watched once. What stood out to me was the "journalist" kept asking the goddesses if they push Charlie around. Bree looked scared to answer. Bree looked up to Natty for an answer. Natty replied we realize he is the man of the house, etc. To me, Bree seemed very frightened of Charlie and of giving the "wrong" answer.

I am too busy to look up and reference websites which is why I'm just answering off the top of my head and without going into every detail of your questions. I'm not trying to prove anything, only stating how I see things.

1248 days ago


I wish the media would call these women for what they trully are, Prostitutes and not GODDESSES. The sad thing though, is that he will have no problem filling that spot with one or more prostitutes. That is one disgusting man, women would only have sex with him because he pays them, not for love, that is sad. The judge did well in ruling in favor or Brooke because of her parents, I am not saying Brooke is any better since she was married to him and probably took part in a lot of CS sic perveted sex games with other STD infested prostitutes. I wonder if CS also brought men into their marriage? Waiting on the day this ass overdoses hahahahahahahaha him and his hookers!

1248 days ago
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