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Charlie Sheen

Dumped Via Text Message

4/24/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down a goddess -- he revealed last night during his tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale that Bree Olson broke up with him ... via text message. Ouch!

By all accounts, the show went well -- Sheen had a few guests on stage ... including Dennis Rodman (see below). Charlie even offered up a few words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan: "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be ok."

Sheen's next tour stop is Tuesday night in Houston, TX.



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I agree with a previous poster. Bree left because Cha stinks...
not just his show - but he reportedly smells like a landfill -
stale cigarette smoke(from chaining two packs a day) and B.O. He
needs a shower, some strong deodorant and a ''dipping'' for S.T.D.'S. He's just GROSS - imagine how nasty his breathe must
smell. His personal hygiene might be why the judge canned his
custody whiff of Cha could be a deal-breaker...not
to mention second hand smoke not being good for the boys! Charlie
get ''clean'' LITERALLY!

1246 days ago


ksis, that's pretty funny, although she did say she would sleep with him. (Some lovers begin by hating each other but they know each other personally when they express these feelings.) That's a nice bottom-of-the-barrel contest Bree was in. At least she donated a good portion of the winnings, but what's there to be proud of? Also, to say she had no respect for Charlie during the interview is humorous. Does she have respect for herself and how many others' respect her? Strange comment by her.

1246 days ago


LOL! The only person she should NOT have respect for is HERSELF. For MANY reasons.
And the contests was hysterical. LOL

Anyway...I just what time it is here. Crap. Off to bed.

1246 days ago


@ksis - having lived in multi-million dollar mansions that I had built for myself and my "older" fiancee - and traveled the jet set lifestyle I can tell you it's not about "stuff" - it's about what you yourself own - what you yourself earn - and it's about what joy you get from the day -
So IMO - the Bree girl is the "winner" by getting out of this situation. She's young, cute and can find a "sugar daddy" who will treat her better if that's what she's after.
The remaining girlfriend is a dreg, was a dreg and will remain a dreg IMO......hardly more than a 'clingon'.
As for the shows - you better check up on your facts - The Big Bang Theory is going very well and its actors have won awards and it's not been on as long as the former TAHM show - where Charlie won nothing - IMO both the actors and the show are a vast improvement on TAHM and it's always about the writing IMO.
(if the actors are true professionals and can portray their parts that is)

I'm sure Carlos appreciates your support - my personal socio-economic group can't believe he has any at all.

1246 days ago


MoodSwing, The most telling aspect of it is none of the women in his family have ever defended him. Not his mother, sister, or adult daughter.

The mysterious adult daughter is who interests me. Didn't know much about Charlie until recent months. I haven't even seen a photo of his daughter on TMZ. (I haven't done a search elsewhere.) I keep thinking that Charlie is fighting for the boys mainly because he values boys more than girls.

1246 days ago


@Lagoon - Charlie's adult daughter is 20 something and got married about a year ago - I believe she is a chef - You can find pictures of Charlie giving her away at her wedding (it's sort of sickening that he is having sex with girls her age - makes him seem like a pervert IMO)
In all Charlie has 5 children - the married daughter - two daughters by Denise Richards (she has sole custody) and the twin sons by Brooke.

1246 days ago


Thanks angeleyes. So now I know Charlie got his "Winning Recipes" from his daughter.

1246 days ago


An interesting interview Bree gave to a Grand Rapids morning radio show on Thursday (which was broadcast Friday morning).

Podcast on the left -

Bree seems to imply that she is "in-love" but does not explicitly name Charlie Sheen. Is it Chralie she is implying, and if so why the weekend break-up, or is she in love with her Fort Wayne boyfriend she left behind to be with Charlie?

1246 days ago



I really don't get it. I look at some of the things charlie has done- like whipping up a lynch mob towards his ex wife Denise, calling her obscenities (maybe that is your idea of entertainment, not funny at all to me) Is this to you is an adult way for charlie to respond to a conflict with the mother of his two children? I just see it as a man behaving like a child, throwing a temper tantrum. The men I grew up with, and the men in my life now behave like grown men. They are not even capable of behaving like that.

Why the emotional investment in this guy and why does he meet up to your standards to adamantly defend him at every turn? Do you think this is a normal way for a grown man to behave, for a man with children to behave?

1246 days ago


To quote Ludacris: "You can't turn a hoe into a housewife".

1246 days ago


The only thing he's "winning" is a trip to Bellview or the local equivalent wherever he is.

1246 days ago


Good for Rachel, maybe she has a chance of straightening her life out which is something that would be impossible while she's associated with the likes of Sheen. When you get down to it Sheen is simply a grown up bully. When he doesn't get his way he retaliates by assaulting those (physically or verbally) who don't give him what he wants. It's easy to understand why Sheen is the person he's become:

A high school dropout
Multiple failed relationships
Drug use
Abusive relationships with employers and co-workers
Substituting personal relationships with prostitutes

When you look at Sheen's history he has a pattern of abusive behavior when those associated with him expect him to live up to his part of the bargain. When pressed, Sheen will bully anyone expecting anything of substance from him he either can't, or won't, deliver.

Likely Rachel saw these attributes and knew what Natalie will soon find out. Sheen is simply a bully who could care less about anything but his immediate needs. The reason Rachel bailed via text is likely she knew there would be a huge conflict is she confronted Sheen personally. If this were true I'd say she would be correct.

Just wonder how Natalie will end up getting out. Will be interesting to see if there's a big conflict ending that one or if she simply bails like Rachel. Natalie seems pretty stupid so my bet is there will be a big blow out at some point.

1246 days ago

the truth    

she left because shes sick and tired of being of Charlie being in charge and telling her what to do or maybe he kicked her out OR it could be that she was falling in love with him and she didn't wanna share. plus I'm sure she wants to have her own life without someone telling her what to do. I'm sure he paid her not to say a word why she left. i just hope he doesn't get anyone pregnant.he already has 5 kids.i feel bad for Brooke cuz i believe he broke her heart.people who say shes a bad mom because she went back on drugs have no idea what your saying unless you been in her shoes.when your an addict the only thing you think of is drugs. it does not mean your a bad mom. the drugs keep calling her and right now shes to weak to say no to drugs.

1246 days ago


the truth
she's a bad mom because she was smoking crack and was preg plus in american standers your a bad mom if you pick drugs over your kids I mean I dont think it makes her bad but weak yes

1246 days ago


Someone finally used Charlie the f*cked up wussy.

Let the flame wars begin.
Charlie he's my hero.
Charlie he's a slime.
Charlie can do no wrong.
Charlie is an addict.
Shut up, you know nothing about Charlie.
I know he beats people and hates women. Maybe he's still in the closet.
No he isn't. I know. I have other reasons to be happy Bree is gone. I want to be his next sluwhorgoddess.

Charlie's flame wars better than the flame wars between playstation and xbox.

Hey Chucky maybe you should start calling your girls Chucks Chunks of Meat. They all expire when neglected.

1246 days ago
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