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Charlie Sheen

Dumped Via Text Message

4/24/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down a goddess -- he revealed last night during his tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale that Bree Olson broke up with him ... via text message. Ouch!

By all accounts, the show went well -- Sheen had a few guests on stage ... including Dennis Rodman (see below). Charlie even offered up a few words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan: "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be ok."

Sheen's next tour stop is Tuesday night in Houston, TX.



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Jack DaCarup    

I guess his funds are running low.

Pretty sad when your doing a tour and the "special guests" are what makes it worth it.

1277 days ago

northern gypsy    

what's the deal with this one ??? one minute she's coming back...
next minute she's not...C.S. choice of woman only reflects how unstable his life really is !!!

1277 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Charlie made a comment after her departure, that she'll be ALLOWED to come back when he says so.

Maybe that was the last feather in the porn star for hire's pillow?

1277 days ago


Well...Octomom does not seem to be busy. Since CS seems to like skanks and is trying to have as many kids as possible...he ought to hook up with her.

1277 days ago


Gee, what a shame! I really thought those two crazy kids had a real chance at a long-lasting, loving relationship. Boy, am I surprised!

1277 days ago

Big Daddy    

Stay single Charlie. This way, if one leaves, your not in the courts. Works better for you. Marriage isn't for every one.

1277 days ago


This grinning idiot can't even maintain a relationship with a hooker on his payroll. Duh! Winning!

1277 days ago


She misses porn and drugs. She would rather be treated like sh*t 2 days a week banging 7 guys on camera and drowning the guilt the rest of the week with drugs than being treated like sh*t 7 days a week by one sober bipolar rich guy.

1277 days ago


WTF? This is the third time she left him. Anyway I'm sure he'll purchase another prostitute.

1277 days ago


I'm glad she had the wisdom to leave. My guess is because of her occupation, Charlie believed he was entitled to treat her even worse than he's treated Denise and Brooke. He probably was way too demanding of who-knows-what-kind of perverse pleasures, overbearing to the point where she (and Nutty Natty) lost their personalities while around him, or better yet they were oppressed. I see Bree and Natty as victims, because they are damaged souls exploited by Charlie. Natty is loyal to a fault. I hope she makes it through this OK.

1277 days ago


did someone get a 7 figure tell all book deal?

1277 days ago


Lagoon 49 minutes ago

Charlie believed he was entitled to treat her even worse than he's treated Denise and Brooke.


What exactly do you base that assesment on? Not that he treated the other two any worse than they treated him, by keeping him away from his kids, but that's another story...What I would like to know, what makes you think that 1. he felt entitled to anything towards her and 2. he treated her badly.
Did she ever complain about not paying any bills, and living a life of a goddess in a LA mansion, whose only duty was to look nice and have sex?
Bree Olson aka Rachel Oberlin apparently got bored with that kind of life, but does that mean that she was treated badly? How so?

1277 days ago


He got mainly good reviews for his show in Tampa, FL on Friday night. However, it did seem like the ones that were interviewed after the show starting celebrating earlier.

1277 days ago

sandra bingham    

re ksis statement: "life of a goddess" really? being a paid sex slave to a smelly,dentally challenged,abusive,lying creep who just uses people as if they were interchangeable objects rather than human beings who deserve dignity is your idea of paradise? wow! what a warped set of values.

1277 days ago


Did anyone FORCE her to be with him?

1277 days ago
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