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Arnold -- Another Day, Another Sick New Ride!

4/25/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his latest ridiculous trinket -- a slick black convertible Bentley -- in Santa Monica this weekend


Only the state of California is bankrupt.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

What a great car! Ahnold knows he can pick up a lot of hot chicks with that car. Total chick magnet. I wonder if his old haggard wife bought it for him. LMAO!! How does Maria feel KNOWING he only wanted that car so he can have sex with women other than her? Ahh, she's used to it - she's a Kennedy....they were born to be cheated on.


1246 days ago

Tall Blonde    


1246 days ago


Re: "Something like 2/3rd's of its budget goes to paying pensions and benefits to life long union members and government employees"

That's not true. Stop sreading lies. Less than 10% of the budget goes toward pensions. Wall St.just wants that 10% for itself.

Arnold cut vehicle registration fees which blew a 4 billion dollar a year hole in the budget, and then he borrowed to make up the difference. In addition Enron stole our 17 billion dollar surplus in 2002 through a bogus energy crisis. THAT is what caused the budget problems.

Arnold did indeed wreck this state, as he settled the lawsuit Gray Davis filed against Enron for pennies on the dollar. That's why the financial elite were so quick to get Davis out of there. They didn't want the lawsuit to go forward, which would have made all of Enron's records public! Arnold was the Enron candidate backed by Kenneth Lay, and he did the job they hired him to do.

Too bad the voters were dumb enough to fall for it. They voted for him because he's a movie star and because he exploited his Kennedy connections. He and his wife should be ashamed, but crooks and liars have no shame.

1246 days ago


Why is it that people have soooooo much time to worry about what other's are driving, buying, wearing, doing, rather than focus on themselves, and what impact they could have on the world. I suppose it's easy for most to point fingers, and wait for someone else to do the work, or complain if the work is not being done they way they see fit, then it would be for them to make a statement that acutally does so GOOD!

1246 days ago


It looks like a Honda, and he looks like he's wearing ballet flats.

1246 days ago


You know, who really gives a flying fig what he spends his bucks on, Im just trying to make it month to month,makes for rousing talk, but in the end its every man for themselves!!

1246 days ago


California is well rid of this over blown creep!!!

1246 days ago


A actor? if that is acting than a pet rock can shave it`s LEGGS and work for the studios while still in office and After.LOOK UP KICHEN CABINET CBS owned puppet goverment~SS.His studio money came from being thier puppet not acting but being a moobster studio puppet

1246 days ago


bush/governator/kichen cabinet~SS 1001 the country is down the tubes because the rightwing GOP GOPPIES don`t pay taxes and nither do the companys they own plus the whole world`s industrial boom slowed down with the advent of the internet.down sizeing and a ageing workforce.Less people less taxes less homes less jobs lee everything means the GOP has to pay thier taxes or leave the country as they sure don`t love it

1246 days ago


WEED IS RIGHT ON!!!! Clown Hair IS worthless, NOOOOO use at all!!!! Who "did" who~nunez or was "it" Clown Hair's turn????!!!
Hooooooooooooray 4 MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1246 days ago


He belongs back in the ****ty village in Austria in which he came from. He didn't do anything for the state of California. Typical lying politician.

1246 days ago


who else can make up laws where they don`t have to pay ANY taxes but the GOP GOPPIE groupies it`s about as unamerican as it gets.Don`t want to pay to use the roads and goverment run services than LEAVE not for a snowbird getaway but for GOOD so we can import some workforce union members who will pay thier taxes and force the monoplous to break up and pay taxes

1246 days ago


...And yes--- As if any of you would not angle for a pardon for self, or for brethren when and if needed---

If indeed it were not for the fact that you are all mostly comprised of unconnected, (know-nobody) peasants.

This timeless fact has always been and always will be timeless......

Peasants will woefully and without fail, complain of the color of the king's robes. However, if given those very same robes, thus peasants would wear such robes, same as did the king.......Artofwar

1246 days ago

Fresno has PLENTY of pretty, available women.    

That's gangsta.

1246 days ago


S***bag vacuous and vain actor with no redeeming qualities especially after commuting the sentence of the Nunez gang banger kid who murdered another at a party where he was uninvited all because our S***bag worthless waste of skin Governor owed Fabian Nunez (another corrupt politician) a favor. I can only hope that his piece of trash son doesn't get more preverential treatment in prison which I am sure he is and someone makes him their girlfriend. Maybe it would be better for him to stay in AD SEG with only one hour out of 24 a day for recreation, shower and phone. He deserves all the time that he was given and then some because he is a proven thug and murderer and nothing will change that.

1246 days ago
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