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Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!

4/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At first blush, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is off the wagon, guzzling champagne ... a day after she got sprung from the pokey.

But we know the person in the picture is NOT Lindsay Lohan ... and it's the latest in a series of photos/videos pitched to TMZ and other news outlets ... making it appear that Lindsay is off the rails again.

This picture was taken at Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille in North Hollywood Sunday afternoon. We're told the staff thought it really was Lindsay and even comped her meal.

But TMZ has confirmed Lindsay wasn't anywhere near the restaurant when the picture was taken.

Is someone trying to set Lindsay up? Are paparazzi on the hunt for a Lindsay look-alike to make a quick buck?

The answer is yes and yes.


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Lindsay is sending out look-a-likes to create doubt so when she does show up in public drinking, it cannot be proven in court without a doubt.

1246 days ago


This girl does not look like a haggard drug addicted bleach blonde.

1246 days ago


My God, really! WHO CARES about Lindsay Lohan?!? For the love of what's normal!? How does this LOSER get all that money to have lawyers, travel, EAT?!!? The sad thing is that I am pretty sure we could give a rat's FONDILLO about her and her stupid family and her stupid troubles, but somehow there she is going to jail or getting bailed out and here we are, including STUPID ME, reading AND COMMENTING about it. I mean: ENOUGH. What do you say we go a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY without Lindsay Lohan. You think we'll make it, huh?

1246 days ago


Just give her a little time. She'll be off the rails again very soon.

1246 days ago


It wouldn't be the first time someone who'd been told they looked like a celeb tried to get perks, nor the first time a pap tried to make money off a fake.

As for real enemies, why would an arrogant, thieving, self-entitled, deluded, coked-up, semi-celeb princess have any enemies?

1246 days ago


Oh dag nabbit!

All the Lindsay look alikes are flocking to LA - there will be an army of lesbo Lindsays performing pesky pandering acts on Sunset Blvd once the 15 minutes are up...

1246 days ago


The glass is not even in front of that lady, its in front of the other person sitting there with the cell phone on the table. Your even exploiting look a like for a story! Sad! Havey I thought you were better than this!

1246 days ago


Bunch of whiners in this comment area !! Losers !!

Of course she's keeps been set up for a quick buck ( the necklace ... ring a bell ?)... She sells people, that's why this website and others can't stop talking about her ! The whole media is using her for money !!

But again, she can't keep herself out of trouble .... She needs to go through all this to grow up as a person ! I hope she survive all this ....

1246 days ago


Lindsay doesn't smile - so it's obviously not her.

1246 days ago


..or did someone just 'think' this was Lindsay? Just because someone looks like her and is photographed doesn't mean it's an intentional set up.

1246 days ago


Why would the restaurant comp her meal? That makes no sense.

Something about this story is complete B.S.

1246 days ago


Only way for me to tell would be to boink her again...

1246 days ago


If the girl in the picture wasn't chain smoking Parliaments and if she left the silverware behind when she exited the restaurant, then it definitely couldn't be Lohan.

1246 days ago


I still don't understand why so many people have so much hate for a 24 year old girl. Yeah she messed up, took drugs, had a crazy social life, was rich at an early age, rebelled against her parents, was naive from the beginning with no one giving her a right direction. I know Some of you bitches would do the same things and be in the same situations if you were put in her shoes! But you are not in her shoes, you don't know her, you only know the things that are written about her. She doesn't deserve this much hate and ridicule from anyone. The ones that are lashing out so aggressively against her have some issues that they need to work out themselves. Like, "How is my life so dull and boring that I need to continue to write so much hate and nastiness toward someone I never met in my life?".

1246 days ago


Lindsay looks like any hooker on sunset.Its not peoples fault for getting her mixed up with someone else.

1246 days ago
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