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Child Abuse Investigation In Nic Cage Arrest

4/25/2011 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A child abuse detective was called in to investigate Nic Cage on the night of his drunken arrest -- after a witness told police he saw Cage pull his 5-year-old son to the ground during an alcohol-fueled argument with his wife ... this according to the New Orleans PD.

Nicolas Cage Child Abuse

According to the police report, Cage's wife Alice told police she and Nic had been arguing on the night of April 15 "due to his intoxicated state"  ... when they went to pick up their son from a friend's house.  FYI -- Alice was in the driver's seat.

Alice told cops ... she and Nic continued to argue until they arrived at their home -- at which point she claims, "Mr Cage fell while holding their son. The fall caused the 5 year old to suffer a minor abrasion to his left knee."

But a witness told cops a slightly different story -- saying he saw "Mr. Cage pull the male child to the ground by his hand."

According to the report, "A child abuse detective was notified."

Cops say they wanted to interview Cage's son -- but Alice wouldn't let that happen.

As for Cage, cops described him as "hysterical" and "irrational" when they interviewed him after the incident.

TMZ broke the story -- Cage was eventually arrested for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace after he allegedly grabbed his wife earlier in the evening.



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Just another big Hollywood star showing his true colors!

1279 days ago


Wow, big deal out of nothing much?

1279 days ago


Un believeable! I work in the public schools here and we can't get OCS off thier lard a@@es to investigate a parent shooting at a 5 yr old with a pellet gun but NOPD has time and man power for this?!!

1279 days ago


cage needs to stick a gun in his mouth and end this mess of a life he has

1279 days ago


In repsonse to Sonja, this individual is wrong. Thisis an invesitation and the CHILD is the potentional VICTIM not Mr. Cage as many want to spin it. Law Enforcement has the legal right to wpeak with the child and can arrange a Forensic Interview by professionals who interview children. Mr. Cagte was intoxicated and should not have been caring for his son in that condidtion and that does fall into the statue of child abuse. Any injuries the child has sustianed is caused diirectly by his intoxicated state and his lack of judgement which was clearly indicated by his behavior in the Tatoo Parlor. The injuries are minor but they were caused by Mr. Cage beacuse of his intoxication. You also have a discrepent story between the wife who has a reason to lie and a witness who does not which is very concerning and a red flag when you are investigating abuse.

1279 days ago


Doesn't sound like child abuse, just normal parenting. I'm sure there are a lot of children being abused but everything isn't child abuse. We're becoming a nation of wimps & whiners. In the past, you did something wrong, you got a spanking. Now that's considered child abuse. C'mon. We are growing/raising generations of pansy children.

1279 days ago


aaah hello? He was drunk, tried to pick up his kid (by the hand) and apparently fell over, with the kid? Is it decent? NO! He was drunk, DUH! This is not child abuse, the guy fell over, and the kid scraped his knee.. big deal. PAHLEASE... get over it.. case is closed, he knows he was drunk and an idiot and admitted it.. MOVE ON!

1278 days ago


I don't understand how some folks on here defend Cage just because they like him as an actor, that he is "too cool to do this". He might have a drinking problem...who knows. I wouldn't cast it out that he was a little rough with his child if he was drunk. Just b/c someone is famous doesn't rule them out from being an abuser, especially when lots of drinking and drugs are involved.

1172 days ago
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