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Lindsay Lohan on Leno -- 'I'm In the Clear Now'

4/26/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite more jail time looming in her future -- Lindsay Lohan kept it positive during her appearance on "The Tonight Show" -- telling Jay, "I'm in the clear now. I feel like as long as I stay focused, then I will be able to achieve what I want to achieve."042611_lohan_today_leno_still

Lindsay's pre-taped interview airs tonight -- and as we first reported, Lindsay chose Jay because she liked the way he's treated her through the years.


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LOL she is in the clear now????? How so? She is facing 120 days in jail, is on trial for theft, has to perform 420 hours of community service that she will surely f*k up and is still out drinking and partying at bars.

Oh yeah Lindsay your in the clear alright lol.

1189 days ago


She really really does not get it. I would bet a million bucks her lawyers have told her to lay low and shut up about the case. So what does she do? Goes on TV and yaps about how she is a changed woman. Whines about how people take advantage of her. Truth is nothing has changed. She is just trying to get out of her sentence. I am so glad the judge was specific about her community service. I really hope they make her do real work. A couple of months cleaning toilets and mopping up after autopsies will do her good.

1189 days ago


She is delusional! Since the judges let her get away with everything I hope the next time she drives drunk, takes pills, snorts coke and steals something it involves one of the judges family....Then maybe, just maybe justice will be served!

1189 days ago


The only time I would ever watch Lindsay on tv is when she is in court and crying while being dragged off to jail.

1189 days ago


She is in the clear... Sheesh, she really is delusional if she believes that. Even if she was talking about her addictions, you never say you're in the clear. It's an EVERY DAY struggle. This just tells me she has no clue.

And Jill, when has she ever taken responsibility? I have yet to see it. She has yet to address the taking of the necklace. Now that we KNOW she walked out of there with it on and it WASN'T a loan, she needs to stand up and take responsibilty for that. Where is the apology to the jeweler? Where is the apology to the kids in the SUV that she highjacked? Where is the apology to Betty Ford? Where is her apology to the state of California and all the money that's been wasted on her screwups? Where is the apology to all her fans that have stood by her?

She has NEVER taken responsibility for anything!

1189 days ago


Stay focused!! What a laugh. She wouldn't know what staying focused was even if it came up and asked to buy her a drink!!!!!

1189 days ago


I miss her back in those teen flicks. Sucks she let herself go downhill, but hopefully one day she will change her life around.

1189 days ago


Lindsay looks super striking like she should be attracting better company than security crews escorting her to prison holding rooms. Hope there's a house still somewhere in New Mexico where she can commune in peace, out. I like her fashion and she should consider making a career off decorating, recipes, entertaining friends, soft sunlight through the blinds, things that one enjoy's most when alone, and not in prison.

1189 days ago


God she is trash - so sick of her whining - there is nothing special about her, she really doesn't get it, it is deny, deny, deny and too repetitive for me. How many stories, arrests, etc. before she actually is penalized. Leno is a douchebag for even giving her a forum but oh well - ratings.

1189 days ago


The only thing she is not plain drunk and drugged off like she used to be on Leno before and all others shows is beacuse she´s been tested. Period.

1189 days ago


what a joke, both of them are theives, just ask Conan....and anyone who gave this whack job a standing ovation, should be deported.

1189 days ago


"when you give up a drug you gain weight, look happier and fresh, this girl looks like she is pushing into her senior years"

Would you look "happy and fresh" after you've just been sentenced to jail AGAIN and you have half the worlds population hating on you 24/7? Obviously she's done a lot of dumb things but 90% of the stuff people throw at her is just idiotic.

You only gain weight after giving up a drug because you either weren't eating while on the drugs or you started over eating after you stopped.... She doesn't look underweight/overweight to me and hasn't done so for a long time so that tells me she was eating normally this past year or 2... Hell some people have even been saying she's been looking "chunky"....

1189 days ago


Give the girl a break (yes, another one)

Her parents did a crappy job of protecting her interests and even worse one of their most important role --making sure she was able to handle being an adult. That's what she is now, and though her parents contributed heavily to this mess, Lindsay is the only one who can straighten it out.

So yeah, she's made a lot of mistakes, but she's only 24 so she's got time to turn this around and I hope she does. I just listened to someone about how she's awful/should be locked up/selfish etc, but this same woman's unemployed 24 year old daughter lives in her basement with her 3 children by different fathers while her 19 year son is enjoying his first stint in grown up jail for assault. Anyone saying Lindsay doesn't deserve another chance might want to ask themselves how many they have given their own kids.

1189 days ago


I just love reading all of the comments on here... I can promise you that 80% of the idiots hating on here didn't even watch the damn video... It's so pathetic and so sad that people who don't even know this girl can say such horrible things. Lindsay, let your haters be your motivators... Anybody with even a little bit of education and common sense know that you can't believe the media and what they say about stars. You've made mistakes, you're obviously sober and obviously doing well. It was a set up and those of us with brains can so that... You have a lot of supporters in you corner that can see what is going on here... :)

1189 days ago

the Seeker    

so what.. if you kill yourself
anybody with even a little bit of an education and common sense knows your obviously NOT sober and obviously NOT doing well..

1189 days ago
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