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Alleged 'Repo' Shooter -- Charged w/ Attempted Murder

4/26/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who allegedly opened fire at the "Repo Games" production team last night has been charged with attempted murder over the incident ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


And -- we're told the alleged shooter was angry because the 'Repo' crew had parked in front of his house while taping an episode a few doors down from him.

Cops tell us ... it all went down when the "Repo" team arrived at a home in North Las Vegas to take the vehicle ... when the suspect came outside and got into a physical altercation with several crew members.

We're told the production security team intervened -- and that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire at the production crew right on the street. The man then retreated back to his home.

Cops responded to the scene and set up a perimeter around the home. During the stand-off, we're told the man threatened to kill himself.

Cops sent a K-9 unit into the home and apprehended the suspect. The man was arrested and booked for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing a police officer.

We're told the entire incident was captured on tape by "Repo Games" -- which premieres tonight at 8:00 PM on Spike TV.


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I am not sure what everyone is talking about, this show is going to be amazing. This is like the Mother Teresa of reality shows. All you have to do is answer questions right and you get your car back. The cars are getting repo'd anyway, so why not give the owner a chance. This is going to be an amazing show and all you haters are going to end up watching it, so don't hate.

1220 days ago


awesome timing on the for shows premier...

1220 days ago


I'm pretty sure the guy has to sign a release before they can use any footage of him or anything that could identify him. Thinking if this makes it to air it's going to be edited to s hit

1220 days ago


This is crazy. I don't know exactly what the whole situation was but I'm pretty sure him getting hit with attempted murder would have never happened if this show didn't target him. I'm sure they probably escalated the incident in some manner for "television purposes". I'm actually quite interested in checking this episode out now.

1220 days ago


It's too bad he missed these parasites!!!

1220 days ago


Good grief. Let's all just shove webcams up our behinds and live-stream each other. Seriously, at the rate we're becoming one big, incestuous, self-cannibalizing Big Brother, I give about two years. Buttcams_R_Us.

1220 days ago


It's just a bad idea for a game show. People tend to get a little irate when you come to take there car, and making a game out of it just makes it worse.

1220 days ago


And that's a wrap! Another lesson in how a split-second decision can have you throwing your life away. This reality show may be stupid, but spending 10-20 years in federal prison over a car you thought was yours but couldn't pay for has to be worse.

1220 days ago


Times are hard out there. i had a friend do this for a week because he was desperate for work. through another friend he landed the job but felt sick of what he was doing after the first pull. he did one more and just out right quit he knew he was probably taking someone elses job away from them. people depend on their cars for work this can really screw people up.

Car dealers should be more flexible and investigate the situation. get the people down there or show up and try to find out why or what kind of problem they may have with paying and see if their can be a work around. but then that's not america today is it? nope. lets broadcast someone elses pain over the air for profit and ratings.

1220 days ago


I'd shoot those ****ers too if they came near me...

1220 days ago


First...WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING? Oh, the "Repo Games" producers since they have "Security Team" on hand.

Second...making sport of repossessing a vehicle? That's LOWWWWWWW.

Third....NORTH LAS VEGAS? They should have expected a small arsenal to greet them, have you been to North Vegas? Sh*T Hole is too good of a description.

Where does this end? "REPO HOMES GAMES!" "Watch as the team grabs entire families and boots them to the curb while their screaming, crying children watch as their toys are thrown in the street!" "Coming to a T.V. screen NEAR YOU!"

This is deplorable.

1220 days ago


With the economy the way it is, it’s said that some 62% of cars on lease in the US have been repo’ed in the last year. It’s bad enough that people are losing their homes, jobs and yes, even cars.. But what a society we live in where they will exploit people for this for “entertainment value”. Personally, I don’t think there is any “entertainment or value” in something like this.

People are desperate. The few things we own now are all we’ve got to show for YEARS and years of busting our butts at work. People are losing houses they’ve own for 20 years for goodness sake.

There is seriously something wrong with this country and the people that live here.

As for this guy.. Well, shooting at people over a car is a huge overaction and very drastic, but like I said, some people see the few things they have and are willing to do whatever they can to protect it.

(I don’t know what this guys story is.. So who knows, really.)

But I read on the new a few weeks ago about a guy who bought a house 15 years ago, and put thousands of dollars into making it a dream home for his family (wife and three kids). He lost his job due to cutbacks 8 months ago. After 15 years of making payments ON TIME and never being late, he got behind by three months and they took his house. He died in a car accident which is now being investigated by his insurance company due to the large payout that his wife and kids received from his death. Ironically, the same bank that runs this life insurance is the same one that took his house and they are doing everything in their power to NOT pay this woman and her kids the money from the insurance policy. They think the man intentionally got into the one car accident so his wife could get the money.. And it’s totally possible that he did. They will never be able to really prove it, but they are taking their precious time with the “investigation”. Meanwhile the woman and her kids had to move in with her retired mother. Go figure.

I went on a tangent there for a minute, but you get my point.

1220 days ago


Freaking ignorant American tv show. I hope the guy gets a GOOD lawyer and sues these pricks for turning his hard times in to cheap gameshow!

This garbage programming is destroying society.

1220 days ago


Really too bad he didn't hit a couple of them. Maybe then these damn "reality" shows would end.

1220 days ago


samson 6 minutes ago

And that's a wrap! Another lesson in how a split-second decision can have you throwing your life away. This reality show may be stupid, but spending 10-20 years in federal prison over a car you thought was yours but couldn't pay for has to be worse.

Desperation is a funny thing...people who have reached their breaking point may just shoot you if you try to take the vehicle they need to get to work to feed their families.

And before anyone can say "take the bus, train, sub way" Have you been to California? Mass transit is an anathema to the "Power that be" in our legislature...for being such a 'Green State" our elected officials "Liberal Dems" just can't seem to get the mass transit thing going.

1220 days ago
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