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'Teen Mom' Daddy -- I Wanna Be a RAP STAR!!!

4/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the dads from "Teen Mom" has taped himself in bed with another woman ... all in an effort to launch his rap career -- and TMZ has the footage!!!


Jo Rivera -- who goes by the rap moniker N.I.C.K.B. -- has released a music video for his song, "Unthinkable Remix" ... in which he tries to seduce an older woman.

But not everyone is a fan of Jo's career -- his baby mama, Kailyn Lowery, tells us, "I think he has his priorities mixed up right now. He should be spending quality time with his son while he’s not working."

FYI -- we're told Rivera shot the bedroom scene in a Hampton Inn in New Jersey ... BALLER!!!!!


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Jo, echale ganas...not bad. with some help, you may have something.

1242 days ago


WOW!!! this guy is such a douche! Out of all the guys on that show i've seen, HE is the dumbass piece of ****! His baby mama is doing what she can for her son, while this bitch, pickes fights for stupid **** and tries to make music videos. You suck you stupid dumbass bitch

1242 days ago

u said it    

you guys are all serious haters. you know Jo was a way better parent to that kid than Kailyn is. At least give him props somewhere!

1242 days ago


I guess everyone has to get their piece of the reality show infamy pie. Is anyone making sure the BABIES in these reality shows aren't extorted and abused by their belligerent teen mom and dads? He can do what he wants but shouldn't someone question the motives behind these teen pregnancies? Both the mom's & dad's?

1242 days ago


Jesus H that was horrible. Not only is this gargoyle hard to look at - his rap sux ass. LMAO.

1242 days ago


I dispise this guy! Ever since he called Kailyn a "whore". Who does he think he is? He was the one who dumped her first, then when she finds someone to be there for her, he gets all jealous and tells her that she cant do it on her own. Thats bull, she can do way better without him. And now she desperately trying to get famous off her show. what a loser. He should get a real job and take care of his son. Please ppl, if you have any self respect, dont support him or his crappy music!

1242 days ago


the only problem with this is that most rappers grew up in or near the hood and had to do this n that 2 get by....they had rough lifes..... jo lived in his rich parents house and was babied his whole childhood..... so i dont think he'll have many supporters. oh and the only reason hes anywhere near famous is cas of kailyn signing up for the show. and i watched every episode and i consider myself a good judge of character thats why i hate just about everyone. and hes a loser. kailyn did what she needed to to get by FOR HER SON shes smart independent and knows her priorities. this guy is an insecure pothead with no future. (even rappers and aspiring actresses kno they need a real job wile they attemp to work their way to the top) *sigh*

1242 days ago


So you want to stop sucking in life by sucking even more, "singing" rap "music"? Really? How about reading a effing book and learn something?

1242 days ago


His parents are trash

1242 days ago


This little punk is trying to get a career? How about trying to be a father and a positive male role model. It is so obvious that you had your "friends" comment because anyone who watches Teen Mom would know what a disgusting mentally abusive asS**** you really are. You hide behind your Mommy and Daddy to fight your battles for you. You are so pathetic. Whenever Kailyn dropped the baby off either your brother parents took care of him. The mother of your child could barely find some place to live and you were out getting arrested and buying weed. MAN UP YOU UGLY ASS PUNK!!!! YOUR FLOW AND RHYMES SUCK!!! THERE ARE A THOUSAND PEOPLE, NO A MILLION WHO ARE BETTER THAN YOU. PLUS, THEY PROBABLY AREN'T DISRESPECTFUL BOYS WHO HIDE BEHIND THEIR MOMMY'S SKIRTS. IF YOU'RE GOING TO RAP ABOUT ANYTHING IT SHOULD BE THE SICK RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOUR MOTHER WHO ENABLES YOUR ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR. GET A REAL JOB. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY IT TAKES TO RAISE A CHILDE? PROBABLY NOT BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING FOR YOU. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRESS YOURSELF? HOW MANY HOURS AT A REAL JOB HAVE YOU WORKED SINCE YOU FOUND OUT KAILYN WAS PREGNANT. NOT MANY. YOU PROB SPENT MORE HOURS IN JAIL. LET'S CHECK THE FACTS SHE HAS A JOB AND GOES TO CLASSES SO SHE CAN SECURE A BETTER FUTURE FOR HER CHILD. I SAID "HER" BECAUSE THERE IS MORE TO BEING A CHILD THAN A SPERM BANK LIKE YOU.

1242 days ago


I love the way his ex talks crap that he's not being a good father because he has a new interest. Didn't look like she was the mother of the year either since she was more concerned with keeping her lamo boyfriend. Going to a college she can't afford and writing bad checks to pay for her supplies. Let he without sin cast the first stone!!!!!

1242 days ago


Get a job...take care of ur kid dumba$$.

1242 days ago


This guy is such a major Douche Bag! He thinks he is so gangster, yea, growing up in the burbs, completely dependent on his mommy and daddy to support his baby, and acts like a spoiled little brat. He shows no respect to the mother of his child, (who is in school by the way, trying to get an education to she can take care of her baby) and now he wants to be a rapper? WAKE UP LOSER! Get your ass in school and therapy, so you can be there for your kid! I wish some real rapper, (preferably a woman) would bitch-slap some sense into his ugly head!

1242 days ago


I see a lot of people talkin trash and sayin the man is a deadbeat dad. What's wrong with doing it for his kid. The mans flow is tight. You go for yours Jo aka N.I.C.K B.

1242 days ago


What is up with the dude in the back. lol

1242 days ago
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