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Cher TRASHES Trump -- He's a 'Pompous A-Hole!'

4/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher just RIPPED Donald Trump in front of 200,000 people -- calling the man a boob-chasing idiot and a "pompous a**hole" ... on her Twitter account.


Cher didn't stop there -- blasting off another tweet immediately after: "Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!"

Cher's attack comes in the wake of Trump taking credit for forcing the White House to release Obama's birth certificate. FYI -- Cher is a very outspoken Obama supporter.


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canadian eh !!    

GO CHER ... this ahole with dead bird on his head need some bi acth slapping ... fock him and his re tard followers .. OBAMA 2012

1278 days ago


Dear Cher...don't shoot the messenger...The Donald has a right to ask whatever questions he wants..this is America..for all,not just Libs. I won't degrade you as others have here...only to just make the point that Tea Partiers get the blame for being rude,crude,etc..but it's Libs like you that like to call names..where is your "right to free speech" talking points,BTW?? Why do you have to call anyone an A-hole to make a point? Next we will all be racists when Obama loses..don't blame me..I would campaign for and vote for Condi Rice in a would lots and lots of conservatives.

1278 days ago


So liking beautiful women is now a bad thing? Cher's got her own problems, her daughter recently sewed a penis to her vagina and is now trying to call herself a man.

1278 days ago


Oh, i forgot to add. does anyone else remember when Trump said if he was president and we needed $$ (or something to that effect) that he could just take it from his own pocket. Anyone know or remember what im saying?

1278 days ago


trump is an idiot!!!!

1278 days ago


Ha ha! You go, Cher! Tell it like it is.

1278 days ago


Cher rocks! She always calls it and nails the truth. Trump IS an a-hole and an absolute waste of time for us all.

1278 days ago


Sonny Bono was never consider to be a genius (ran into a tree skiing) but compared to Cher he coulda started his own Mensa chapter.

1278 days ago

canadian eh !!    

@ linda

cant handle the truth eh ... now tell ur uncle dbag trump to show all the income tax reciepts he promised .. and tell your tea bag buddies .. IN YOUR FACE :0)

1278 days ago


It's Funny how people bash Obama......when he is trying to fix what Dumba$$ Bush did. Trump will ask Gary Busey to be his running mate. *rolling eyes*

1278 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Cin Cin to Cher.

1278 days ago


This coming from a women who made money dressing like a slut for most of her life. lol

1278 days ago


I think Cher want's Chaz to run for Presi in 2012. If she can work half the magic she did on herself then I say Chaz for Pres. Chaz said....."Abracadabra lickidy split erase my vagina and give me a ****" and just like that....she had a peenie. CHAZ CHAZ CHAZ! PRESI!

1278 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

She is the worlds best mom!lol

1278 days ago


Do any of these so called stars realize that the rest of us could care less what their phoney asses think. Cher should spend her time helping that mess of a daughter/son or at her plastic surgeon. Stay with the things you know best cuz it's not politics. Obama sucks and will be gone in 2012 thank god.

1278 days ago
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