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White House Releases

Obama Birth Certificate

4/27/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump asked for it ... and now Donald Trump got it -- because the White House just released President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate ... proving he was, in fact, born in Hawaii.


The document shows Obama's mother was 18 at the time she gave birth ... and his father was 25.

Obama directed his office to release the certificate because the Commander In Chief didn't believe the distraction was good for the country.

Obama held a news conference about the document -- and explained, "We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers."

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will probably ask the obvious questions ... what took so long???? Is this document legit ... or a fake???


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I dont know if it is fake or real. I will not judge him if it is a fake that is between him and God and not us. I don't like the way gas has gone up and the top people in the oil companies are raking it in while the rest of the middle class people are going without and yet the price of gas climbs higher. The news claims it has peaked but I know our country should be producing the majority of what this country uses not importing it. Obama does have the ability to allow us to use the reserves if he feels it is necessary.

1244 days ago


That is NOT a birth certificate! "certificate of live birth".
They looked & cannot find it. see
More importantly -
Besides - When Obama became an Indonesian citizen.....
He LOST his US citizenship and NEVER regained it.

Obama is a patronizing arrogant smug ass and his smirking and smiling news conference proved NOTHING, still no B/C!

1244 days ago


Jesus you people are ignorant. I'm really sure the govt would allow a non-US citizen to become president. The man has it hard enough, he's a black man named Barack Hussein Obama trying to run America. If he wasn't a US citizen, his opponents would have discovered and that againsthim a LONG time ago. Get over it. And PS- it takes 9 months to make a baby you morons, not 12. An 18 year old can conceive a child and give birth 9 months later...still 18. It scares me people like you are able to vote.

1244 days ago


I love the Donald, but I think he was pushing it. it pisses me off that the Donald would stoop so low. this goes back to a very long history-when blacks born in America where treated as foreing. I dont know the Donald, very well but the way he went about it seemed a bit racist. why is Obama's citizenship so important. is the American political system so incompetent that it would elect a foreign born American citizen? so when people go on and on about Obama's citizenship it just make me think that they have no faith in their political system. that's so sad that people like the Donald makes it so hard for young people like me to break the shackle of the past. Racism might not be what it use to be, but people like Donald Trump just keep reinventing the wheel. I am glad the president took care of it and shut the Donald up. President Obama is a strong individual to have to put up with people like the Donald and not loose his cool.

1244 days ago


Come on Sammie in those days you didn't have to get a social security number at birth, you usually didn't get one until you started working..Geez...silly question.

1244 days ago

Lynn M    

Bibi 4 minutes ago
For a certification of live birth do***ent to be legal, it must be from a State Registrar with a stamp, seal and signed by a person commissioned by the government, preferably the registrar. While having a certificate of live birth is important, it is not proof alone of a person's identity. For identification purposes, a person must also have a government issued ID, social security number and a birth certificate.

Read more: Certificate of Live Birth Vs. Certification of Live Birth |

I'm not an Obama fan but I will say this. When Obama was born, you did not get a social security number until you were older (MUCH older). Getting a SS# at birth has only been around for about 30 yrs or so.

And to the person who called me "slow" in my observation as to his father's "Race", I still maintain "African" is not a race any more than "European" is a race as their are white "Africans" and black "Europeans".

1244 days ago


Bonnie, my birth certificate has a raised seal (I was born in '65) which is not visible unless you rub your hand on it. Obama's b.c. looks very real and so easy to prove given the file number.

1244 days ago



1244 days ago


Think about the Timing of the Release Sheeple. Obama has spent millions of dollars fighting releasing his birth certificate for the last two years.

Trump sends a skilled team to Hawaii at the beginning of April to find it and can't locate it.

The White House has had a certificate of birth counterfeited to avoid the disgrace of Obama not having a birth certificate, otherwise, it would have released the birth certificate two years ago.

1244 days ago


Everyone is wondering what took so long and the crazy, racist birthers still won't accept it. Because President Obama is black and they just can't accept it - no way, no how. C'mon birther, tea ba**ers - let your freak flag fly and just admit it.

The reason it took so long is because it is something OBAMA SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO DO!!!

What other presidential candidates have had to release their birth certificate? Or been repeatedly hounded to release their college transcripts? Did Bush release his do***ents??

It won't matter that he released his long form birth certificate - the crazies will find another reason to hate him.

Teaba**ers and birthers - an embarrassment to America.
Their behavior is SO unpatriotic.
You can disagree with his policy, but when you question his birth certificate, you just look racist.

1244 days ago


The whole thing really bothers me.

Will Donald Trump or anybody else for that matter asking for the birth certificate if Obama was white? I do not think so.

Time to move on.

1244 days ago


How is this entertainment news?! How is this relevant to TMZ? Seriously?!

1244 days ago


C'mon we all know the real deal so I will say it. They can't say don't vote for him because he black so this is their little code *wink *wink

1244 days ago

Vernon Black    

Hell, I ask if Obama is even a human....or an Android send here from the FUTURE to destroy US!!!!....Now there is a Sci Fi Thriller that I'd even go to see....

1244 days ago


TorontoWoman worry about ur own president not ours!


I was just WAITING for an arrogant remark like that! I'm not "worried" about anyone. And last I checked, this website was open for comment from international people. Thanks!

1244 days ago
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