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CSI Creator's Wife: Our Marriage is DOA

4/28/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of the creator of "CSI" has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.


Jennifer Zuiker -- whose hubby, Anthony Zuiker, created the crime show which has generated more than $6 billion --  filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Jennifer is asking for child and spousal support.

And, we're told, there is NO PRENUP.  So divide $6 billion by 2!

The couple married in April, 1999.  They have 3 boys.


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Well hellloooo there Ms Zuiker ;)....How YOU doing....

1238 days ago


He's got a hit TV show and tons of $$$, time to trade up. Looks like she also let herself go. Judge should take a million off the settlement for every pound she has gained during marriage.

1238 days ago


That broad is a pig. He can do much better with his dough, provided she don't clean his financial clock too much. LOL!

1238 days ago


You know, I can't really comment on disgusting women who want *spousal support* when they're gonna already get million from the man. What do they think the millions they're getting is for? A party at the Ritz?! It's for you, their former spouse, to support yourself!! Greedy biotches!!

@David- LAMO!!!!

1238 days ago



1238 days ago


Uhm...I'm thinking now they would BOTH afford and benefit from a little Plastic Surgery. If they live in L.A.? you can't swing a cat without hitting a great P.S.

I bet, by next year, you won't even recognize her...he on the other hand can still look like that and get a little hottie to hang off of him...ick.

1238 days ago


She has lovely skin..She has 3 kids for crying out loud..She deserves a big amount of money just 2 care for the kids he wont babysit..

1238 days ago


Sorry Shlub! Thats what Post-nups are for! Men are such idiots. Im sure he drives without his seatbelt as well. Same thing...

1238 days ago


People connected with CBS are going down in flames. ABANDON SHIP!!

1238 days ago


david 14 minutes ago

Well hellloooo there Ms Zuiker ;)....How YOU doing....

Excellent comment and closer to the truth than the misogynist ranting about "She let herself go!" and "Gold digger!' excuse me "JACK and WET" but I believe he looks like a flipping TROLL and apparently they have 3 CHILDREN? Who do you think took care of them and their home?.

Personally, I hope it turns out that she's some high powered attorney or agent and you two eat SH*T over your comments, but if not? I think raising a family and taking care of that husband is worth HALF OF EVERYTHING.

1238 days ago


All women should get spousal support; especially the ones with children - spousal and child support = mo money, mo money, mo money!!!

1238 days ago


Go back to school and take math class, TMZ. The show grossed $6 billion. That doesn't mean Anthony keeps all of it. You need to pay all the staff, expenses, etc. Idiots.

1238 days ago


John 5 minutes ago

Go back to school and take math class, TMZ. The show grossed $6 billion. That doesn't mean Anthony keeps all of it. You need to pay all the staff, expenses, etc. Idiots

Either way? That's some serious chedda buddy.

1238 days ago


You go girl, get that money! ROFLMFAO!!!!

1238 days ago


I can't believe the haters here! These pigs I'm sure will leave their wives or gfs for some young bimbo if they make even a million. The wife here GAVE BIRTH TO 3 SONS for crying out loud! Most women will lose their former nice body after giving birth and she gave birth 3x!!! Obviously he met her WHEN HE WAS STILL STRUGGLING AS A WRITER and she gave her life to him taking care of him and their kids and now that his wife has started to gain weight he now finds it convenient to trade her for some young, hot bimbo because he's already making millions.

As we all know, GOLD DIGGERS LIKE OXANA THE FORMER MISTRESS OF MEL GIBSON WILL DO EVERYTHING TO HOOK UP WITH HOLLYWOOD BIG SHOTS EVEN THOSE WHO ARE MARRIED. I won't be surprised if this guy will one of these days parade his new young and hot mistress who caused the break up of his marriage.

Definitely this lady deserves evertyhing that the divorce judge will give her and their kids.

1238 days ago
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