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Ex-Miss USA -- I Was 'Molested' During TSA Pat Down

4/28/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo claims she was "molested" during a security pat down at a Texas airport last week -- saying a female TSA agent touched her genitals MULTIPLE times.


Castillo -- who won the Miss USA pageant in 2003 -- made the accusations in an emotional video she recorded moments after the alleged incident at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In the video, Castillo says during a full body pat down at the airport's security checkpoint, a female TSA agent "touched my vagina ... four times."

Castillo says the incident made her feel "molested" and "violated" -- so she filled out a complaint right after it happened.

So far, no comment from TSA.


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here we go again----

1276 days ago


Um, how about on-duty rapes by cops.

Also, former "Officer of the Year" Sgt. Ken Davis (a 23 year veteran) now has to stand trial for stalking. Within the past 45 days no less than five San Diego police officers have been charged with sex crimes against women.

1276 days ago



1276 days ago

Silver Slimer    

Dear Miss America contestant,

Shut the **** up.

1276 days ago


Welcome to the land of the free.. I just wish I was working security sweeeetheart:)

1276 days ago


Then don't fly. People know there is a pat down, so if you don't want one then drive. Flying is not a right.

Wait, in a few months she'll be writing a book about how she was molested at some point in her life and how a simple pat down has brought all those memories to the surface.

So tired of the whiny ass people in this country. That includes the people who will be responding to this comment with the whole "nobody has a right to do that to someone's body.." answer THEN DON'T FLY SINCE IT IS NOT A RIGHT...

1276 days ago


Seriously...put her had up inside? Get real girl.

1276 days ago


While I understand the invasiveness of these patdowns, unless the TSA agent actually penetrated her, her vagina was not touched.

She should take a course in female anatomy but she should know better at her age. So much for her credibility.

1276 days ago


Don't worry!..Gloria "Allergic she is on her way.

1276 days ago


Drama much?

1276 days ago


maybe she should have gone to the damn scanner?? no...she thinks having someone feel her down was a better she's bitching cuz it wasnt all it was meant to be..

what does she want? no searches(body scans or patdowns) at the airport? so terrorists can fly planes into building and everyone would start bitching about how the authorities didnt take preventative measures?

oh wait..we're supposed to care because she's oh so beautiful and feel like her feelings are above all the millions of americans who's lives would be at risk.?

in conclusing.. EFF OFF!!. drive a car instead if you dont want the "abuse" . pompous ass broad.

1276 days ago


I'm sure people who have actually been molested might have something to say about this.

I get patted down nearly every time I fly. They touch your inner thighs. It's their job, not molestation.

1276 days ago

Yah Right    

I am so sure that she didn't touch her vagina, hello unless she was subject to a cavity search the customs agent would not have been close to her vagina. At the most the customs agent patted her down outside her clothes, touching at most the groin area. What the hell has being american got to do with it, nothing. Everyone is subject to pat downs or the exray. What a twit.

1276 days ago


Miss American contestant???? If so, what happened??

Anyway, IF this is true she should be lucky someone found her attractive!

1276 days ago


She crocodile tear while smiling on her face. what a whore. You have no idea of what molestation is. stfu.

1276 days ago
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