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Kris Humphries & Kim K -- Sizing Up Their Relationship

4/28/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite their, er, differences, NJ Nets Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are a good fit.

The happy couple made their way through LAX yesterday.

They're livin' large.


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that looks so wierd

1172 days ago


sooner or later she's gonna land a guy, and just maybe he'll be the one to keep her azz out the spotlight 24/7. this dude make alot of ugly faces, but hey, whatever floats her boat. I can't stand any of them in that family.

1172 days ago


They are exactly the same size...assuming you measure him head to toe and her once around that HUGGGGEEEEEE butt.

1172 days ago


Why would any nice midwestern boy want to go around with or think of marrying this boob who sleeps with anyone she meets.What a terrible person she is for him. Has he thought of that andhow many men she has slept with casually. There is something wrong with her and her entire family.

1172 days ago


They just look stupid, tbh.

1171 days ago

truth about kim    


How can i get in touch with you?

1170 days ago

truth about kim    


1170 days ago


"truth about kim"

spoken like a true jealous bitch.


1168 days ago


From this pic, Kris appears to have a camera for a penis. Glory be, perhaps now, finally, once and for all, up-close-and-very-personal he can provide the world with photographic proof of whether KK's azz is real or if it's memorex.

1163 days ago


So Kim is listed as 5'2 and Kris is listed as 6'8. yikes! that's like 18" difference. I'm 5'2, myself, and it's already hard talking to someone 6'3 standing up. Way you go KIM! lol

1162 days ago


So Kim is listed as 5'2 and Kris is listed as 6'8. yikes! that's like 18" difference. I'm 5'2, myself, and it's already hard talking to someone 6'3 standing up. Way you go KIM! lol

1162 days ago


why are every one of these comments so hateful? to all of the other commenters - saying something rude and hateful about a total stranger is doing absolutely nothing for you. What's the point of focusing on the negative so much? The only things that will come of it are - 1, you bringing yourself down in a cloud of negativity, and 2, hurting the feelings of someone you do not know. Neither of those things are necessary or will make anyone feel good. It scares me to see how people waste their time being so unnecessarily hateful. Go get happy, people. And keep in mind that you get what you give.

1155 days ago


You people are talking about how shallow Kim is - Wow! Look in the mirror people!!!! Almost every comment made is downing her in someway because of her looks or his looks or their height difference - sounds like you guys are all very shallow and sad people. Jealous people suck! She loves the media, but who wouldn't if they had the chance to get famous! Say you wouldn't and you're a liar! It's way too tempting! Good luck Kim. Size doesn't matter, looks matter only a little - being happy is what is important!

1144 days ago


@ adelle: 115 days ago (Read the bottom)

hotbitch 4 minutes ago
Some of you fools really think that's a white man? For real?? Surprise...he's black. Black people happen to come in a beautiful array of shades. tgrfan42069...take your racism elsewhere.

Uh no, His mom is white. Nice try with the "array of shades" though, he has features that definitely are NOT african american. LOL.


Hotbitch is 100% correct, regardless of whether or not KH happens to be biracial or not. Based on statistics, his "black" father is likely not completely black. He is likely a mixture of African and Caucasian, Asian, American Indian/Native American, or Hispanic - or maybe all of the above, who knows?

What in Hell are "African-American" features? What do those look like? There are no such things as "African-American features because African-Americans are part of both the African and non-African diasporas. That means being mixed with any number of ethnicities by definition.

African-Americans are a mixture of African, Asian, Indian, Hispanic,Caucasian and even Persian. We DO come in all shades and colors, and we don't need biracial parentage to do so. It has taken several centuries to develop what African-American looks like, and even native Africans have always come in an array of colors. Learn some history and geneology!

1059 days ago
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