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Lindsay: I Want To Start Community Service ... NOW!

4/28/2011 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was serious when she signed up to do her community service for that probation violation ... because TMZ has learned Lindsay already registered for community service.


Lindsay's lawyer went earlier this week to the Volunteer Center in West Los Angeles -- the place where defendants register for community service.  Shawn Holley filed forms declaring Lindsay's intention to perform 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center.

Sources say Lindsay wants to start working at the Women's Center this week ... but the honchos at the organization want to wait 'til next week.

As for what Lindsay will be doing at the Woman's Center ... the decision has not been made.  We're told the execs at the Women's Center will pick the job that "fits the skills of the person doing community service."  As we first reported, one of the options is to work for D.I.V.A.S. -- a theatre workshop.


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You agreed with the rock about Harvey being to
*mean* and tough on people to the point of hurting their career and life...SOUND famiLIAR

A REAL genuineperson who writes this(from your cached comments) :

I don't hate her . I dispise her for her lies, and her actions, her malnipulation of the media for her own means...She is a User of people and situations always for her own benefit. She and her family cannot and will not except responsiblity for thier own actions, always someone elses fault all ways a mistake , people are out to get her, they hate her ,they are jealous fo her...etc etc......she is one of a 100's of Dizney child stars who were cute when they are children but don't have that special something that carry's them on to adult rolls..
instead of studying and trying to improve her acting skills in her late teens she sniffed and partied and bounced from one rehab to another and blow her own changes at being anything but a bit player in hollywood....She is responsible for ruining her own little career and she can never get it back no matter how much money is spent to cover her tail...she's lost her looks , what little talent she had and her change at being a descent career.....

and this:

She is nothing but a coniving con artist , conning everybody for her wants and needs, she is a selfish bitch who needs about 3 yrs in prison . So sick of her whole family grifters all of them and Harvey Levin and TMZ encourages every one of them in their conning the public to keep his site going...This has turned from a respectable celibrity site to a smut rag full of nothing but trash....

had *no comment* on "the"..of my post on page (9 ) detailing Psychological manipulation and all its forms and uses ???

it bothered you so much you had to attack it as "spamm" how clever.Your continually discrediting my posts.You also use intentionally caustic posts(stirring the anthill) and currying favor with targeted tmz members while it's CLEAR to my trained "EYE", as nothing more sick manipulation from the Lohan trolls

making up empathetic(characters.. toot,toot) and phersu is typical also..
I Responded to another daily poster (rather crudely ..sorry Jeebus) she should spend more time in organic gardens and Ketjo's 18 hour days on tmz Mel threads became Gardening and animals and fake granny sympathy pains bla bla I been watching you since you ganged up on me with your "teamates" Pony princess peebrain

call me silly I don't mind............Sean

1222 days ago

Red Cloud    

hezzer19 4 hours ago
Red Cloud
Please explain EXACTLY how you know for certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was INTENT. I'll be back tonight for 10 minutes after 6 or 7 beers. If there are no responses, I'll know that you don't know.


Maybe the fact that she was wearing the thing a few days later and quickly tried to cover it when she realized the paps were snapping pictures of her?

Where is your proof that she tried to hide it? There are so many photos of Lindsay with her hands near her neck and face. RIDICULOUS!!

Her own lawyer couldn't come up with a better defence than stupidity and a complete lack of courtesy. This was of course after Lindsay tried to;

a) say she wasn't even in the store
b) say she didn't have the necklace
c) say that the store loaned it to her

I think there were more excuses but I don't remember what they were.

I don't have time to gather much information about this incident, but I know that Radaronline and other tabloid/entertainment news/gossip sites and news outlets are not always accurate/honest/truthful. I and you and others do not know exactly what is truth or BS.

Now, please explain EXACTLY how you know for certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was no INTENT.

I do not know for certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was no intent.

You won't though will you because when you're proven incorrect you either stamp your foot and curse or, more commonly, just completely ignore whoever proved you wrong.

You've not proven me incorrect. I've not been proven incorrect by anyone here. I have been bashed as a nonsensical looney bird.

You may love to bust chops but you're so painfully bad at it. You and your little Google searches. Heh! I noticed that, true to form, you completely ignored my Google search results from the other day. Here let me post them again...

Fungus: About 16,300,000 results

Cancer: About 352,000,000 results

Dinosaurs: About 31,300,000 results

Slut: About 170,000,000 results

Poison: About 74,100,000 results

Charlie Sheen About 107,000,000 results

Abba: About 42,100,000 results (sorry, I have no idea how this one popped into my head)

Natalie Portman gets a few dozen million searches. Does that mean she's no more popular than poison?

And just for fun...

Red Cloud: About 1,150,000 results (though I'm fairly confident in suggesting most of those results are in no way about you)

So what were you saying about her popularity again

4-29-2011, 11:15 PM EST
google: Lindsay Lohan............107,000,000 searches

Now back to the beer, guitars, drums, and festivities.

1222 days ago


I'm telling you its been to quiet for a TMZ friday night.
Is this the calm before the storm....
I can feel it ............Lohan takes the plea !!!

1222 days ago


Red cloud you @ coachella still ?

1222 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

hey get off hezzer's butt i like her.
Thanks andyconda, I am waiting for you
sean, you got the rite idea

1221 days ago

the Seeker    

This thread is stale as Lie Lo's box lunch,you ladies are write something smells like fish and harvey and tmzlive david got something cooking with Shawn Holley and team Trollhan.

they both know how and when to publish a story for maximum effect.
and when to publish a story for minimum effect(bury it) over a weekend and tricks.I get what others are posting to wake up lazy thinkers and not be so trusting to strangers who post personal stuff about themselves and try to 'hide' their true intentions on the interweb.

to the hags paid by the Lohans...Callige,Vergo,Rosas bitches see you next

1221 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Hello tmz readers and community members,

the gay BASHer himself @therock / Rocky has left the builing ,..again
Well it looks like I'm taking my gossip business elsewhere, I'm offended with the new style of TMZ's comment section!

They must have had extra money to waste so they blew it on a "monitor"????

Posted at 3:12 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by TheRock (2 weeks ago)

#Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out
Atlanta Braves Coach Placed on 'Administrative Leave'

# Harveys boyfriend 4 minutes ago

@rocky ,
I thought you left weeks ago b/c you did not like our new format

(community comment section)??????????????????

Seriously dude, I gave you the beni of the doucbt!!!!! Harvey NEVER told me he liked HUGE memebers up hi s ass?? IS THAT **** TRUE???
'Administrative Leave'
10 hours ago

Harvey blue ball or balck ball me cause I'm tired of you impossing yourself on my huge ****!!! You don't care about ANYONE elese but YOUR MEMBERS!!!! GOFU!!!! In 2 months, I hate your GDG later

# @rocky ,
I thought you left weeks ago b/c you did not like our newly formatted
(community comment section)

will IT return? tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel...

Lohan express::::::::::::::::: leaving the station
Shawn maybe onto something and btw David the new producer is a great employee n has eyes you could fall into, just sayin
stay cool my little vegetarians,see you on the FLIP side...

1221 days ago


What exactly ARE you seeking anyway? Some new brain cells that will actually WORK???
Hey! You know what? Lay the fvck off of ketjo, got it? I also have arthritis, just a different kind. If you knew even HALF as much as you think you do, then you would know that we have good days and bad days.
Yes, ketjo does post on the Mel Gibson threads, so want? So do I! So do a lot of fricken people! But I can tell you, or just look at my profile. I don't post every day, nor do I post more that maybe 3-4 posts on any one post unless I'm having an exceptionally good day. Again its rare for me to post multiple posts in one day, and if I do, they are usually fairly short ones.
You're bullying **** needs to stop. I don't know who you think you are, but you need to learn to respect your elders. Its pretty obvious that you weren't raised well, look at your posts.
You have no respect for yourself or anyone else. Do us all a favor would you.....................STFU! Your having a synaptic shutdown somewhere dude! You need to seek serious help. Soon!

1221 days ago

Danielle tell em twilight...get a clue seeker,oh yeah,its cagney you lame brain idiot, and sean should build a nest together,breeding more idiots....lmao

1221 days ago


Heh Blood Red Witch I like you too! Not to worry though, Red Cloud didn't even come close to busting my chops. He's not capable. He couldn't even refute anything logically. He also proved that his little Google search posts were a complete waste of time. I see there's a new thread so I'm off to read it!

1221 days ago


of course she wants to start right away! she wants the judge to think she is serious to help her appeal! just like when she put herself in rehab before court last time. its just a show she is still a spoiled piece of ****

1221 days ago


Lohan is also set to appear in Mob Street ... spent so much time in hotels because she "didn't want to be alone" but that "it wasn't ... and was sentenced to one day imprisonment and 10 days' community service. .... "Pulse: what I'm wearing Now; The Teenage Film Star".
dating sites

1208 days ago
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