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Lindsay: I Want To Start Community Service ... NOW!

4/28/2011 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was serious when she signed up to do her community service for that probation violation ... because TMZ has learned Lindsay already registered for community service.


Lindsay's lawyer went earlier this week to the Volunteer Center in West Los Angeles -- the place where defendants register for community service.  Shawn Holley filed forms declaring Lindsay's intention to perform 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center.

Sources say Lindsay wants to start working at the Women's Center this week ... but the honchos at the organization want to wait 'til next week.

As for what Lindsay will be doing at the Woman's Center ... the decision has not been made.  We're told the execs at the Women's Center will pick the job that "fits the skills of the person doing community service."  As we first reported, one of the options is to work for D.I.V.A.S. -- a theatre workshop.


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It's Nikki Bitches     

Tomorrow is friday, and Lindsay had till friday to sign up
Shawn has signed her up becaue Lindsay cant be trusted to do this on her own
If Lindsay didnt sign up by friday, it would be back to the slammer for her

Thats why Shawn HAD TO DO IT

Let see how long before Lindsay screws this up

Must suck for Shawn to be her Lawyer and Babysitter

1274 days ago


TMZ you need to change the title to


1274 days ago


Hmmm, fits the skills . . . let's see, there's stealing, posing badly in trashy clothes, puffing cigs, lying, doing drugs, falling down drunk . . . yeah, those are definitely skills homeless women need to learn.

1274 days ago


She should have to clean toilets or do something she doesn't like. Not ACT.

Jeez, she already thinks she's special. She shouldn't be on stage, the center of attention. That just feeds her ego even more.

1274 days ago


But....she was ORDERED to do so. Why must they twist everything? Do the Lohans really believe that people have such short memories?

1274 days ago

Foghorn Leghorn    

Now I say, looky here.
This girl is as sharp as a bowling ball.

1274 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Just days after her surprise interview with Jay Leno, Lindsay Lohan is being read the riot act by none other than Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers.

In a blockbuster exclusive interview with, she responds to Lindsay's bizarre comment that "I'm in the clear now."

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Meyers didn't see The Tonight Show but tells, "I hope Ms. Lohan is taking this seriously. She keeps violating the terms of her probation. For her sake, I hope she has learned from this. Only time will tell."

Meyers also is taking issue with the decision by the judge in the theft case to knock the charge down from a felony to a misdemeanor.

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"I respectfully disagree with Judge Sautner's ruling," Meyers says.

"Ms. Lohan was brazenly wearing the necklace three blocks away from the jewelry store several days after it was taken, and that is felony conduct, plain and simple. You don't forget to take a necklace off," Meyers tells us.

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Testimony at the preliminary hearing also revealed that Lindsay was at Kamofie & Company several days before the alleged necklace theft occurred, and she tried on a pair of earrings. The store clerk testified that Lilo still had one earring on as she attempted to leave the store. The clerk asked Lindsay to remove the earring, and she did.

Lindsay's next appearance in connection with the theft case is set for May 13th at the LAX Airport Courthouse for a pre-trial hearing, and trial is set for June.

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With the case being reduced to a misdemeanor, there is a very strong chance that the case will now be handled by the City Attorney, and not by the District Attorney's Office.

Sources connected to the case tell us, "no decision has been made yet if Meyers or the City Attorney will take the case. The decision should be made in the next serveral days."

1274 days ago

Joe Blow    

Yeah TMZ, you've already posted about this. I guess Mommy DUIna is really funding the coffee breaks now with all these useless Lie-ho posts every day here. As I've said before, I'm sure she gives Harvey hell when her precious and lovable daughter isn't on the first page of the site.

1274 days ago

the Seeker    


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1274 days ago


Wow! She complied with the law, she's practically a saint.

1274 days ago


I wonder what the other job options are at the Women's Center? TMZ could you post those options? Personally I think that if they put her in the theatre workshop that she is getting preferential treatment.

1274 days ago


Dont believe the hype! She was ordered to sign up with in a week!

1274 days ago

electriczipper have a certain amount of time to sign up

1274 days ago


The shelter is open everyday.
Why not try helping the community for the benefit of others, rather than just yourself

1274 days ago


well staged attempt at " I'm going to do the right thing becuase I'm facing jail sooner or later"
meanwhile tonight at chateau marmont shouts of "patrick" can be usual

1274 days ago
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