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'NCIS' Creator Sues -- CBS BURNED Me On 'NCIS: LA'

4/28/2011 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TV legend who created "NCIS, "JAG," "Quantam Leap" and "Magnum P.I." claims he's been done dirty by the suits at CBS -- who allegedly cut him out of the plans and profits for "NCIS: Los Angeles."


75-year-old Donald Bellisario has filed a lawsuit against the network -- claiming he has a deal with CBS which gives him the "first opportunity" to create any spin-offs of "NCIS."

According to his suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Bellisario claims CBS never made any effort to include him in the plans for "NCIS: Los Angeles" -- and has since refused to provide him any compensation for the show.

Bellisario is suing for unspecified damages.


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He should join with Charlie Sheen and file a class action law suit against CBS. LOL

1274 days ago


He should count himself lucky, NCIS LA is terrible.

1274 days ago


@Tes- you're so right!! I love me some Gibbs, Abbey, Tony, Ziva and the rest of them, but NCIS: LA sucks donkey balls. Maybe if Donald was involved, it woudn't suck so bad.

Go get your money Donald!! Studios should not be bale to steal your ideas/creations!!

1274 days ago


regular NCIS has gotten boring

1274 days ago

Boy, I thought it was mostly ABC who screws people.

1274 days ago


If he created the original, he should be paid for any spin-offs. They're not required to include him in the planning, though, unless his written agreement states as much.

NCIS: LA is terrible! The only good things about it are Linda Hunt and LLCoolJ.

The addition of the new team on NCIS (with that woman that Tony is involved with), has brought the series down. I really dislike her character and don't see the need for another team after so many years.

1274 days ago


Heard he's an egotistical jerk so no sympathy.

1274 days ago


Tes about an hour ago

He should count himself lucky, NCIS LA is terrible.
You're right about that Tes.....NCIS: LA is boring. Probably will be canceled soon anyway. I have stopped looking at it but if Donald was promised the first choice to create any spin-offs then CBS should have stuck with that promise. Maybe Donald should have gotten it in writing.

I don't think Donald should get paid for NCIS:LA because he didn't create it but he should be compensated something for CBS telling him he would have first shot at a spin-off and he wasn't.

1274 days ago


Now that explains why NCIS LA stinks and is so hard to watch.

1274 days ago


I think this is the guy that NCIS got rid of last year because his erratic way of working was causing the cast and crew to have to work 18 hours a day. His son David is now in charge of the show.

1274 days ago


Don Bellisario IS a legend and should get his due for spin-offs.

That being said, NCIS:LA is terrible - a waste of Linda Hunt's uniqueness, and slowing introducing a new team into original NCIS is an obvious test run for yet another marshmallow spin-off.

1274 days ago


@BC David Bellisario is not the showrunner of NCIS - and never has been.

From 2005 (when Mark Harmon gave the ultimatum that he will leave the show unless the studio removes Don Bellisario as the showrunner) until the end of this season, Shane Brennan has been in charge of NCIS. For the past two years he was also the showrunner for NCIS: LA - which he created. Starting this upcoming season the new NCIS showrunner is Gary Glasberg, so Shame Brennan can concentrate on NCIS:LA but Brennan retains his executive producer title, input and pay.

1274 days ago

pap rat    

To say you own rights to one more cop show to be is BS.If he had the show drawn up the script outlined than maybe but unlike the cartoonistes whom have had thier drawing and personas ripped he has not.A general ideal about cops isn`t a ideal or outline at all.Sorry I know CBS ripped off MJ and a lot of artistes including myself by my fox 21 century owned and married mother for over 47 years via sound scan earth mic and broadcast radar and synratronical KILroy`ss I can`t speak or they^^^ steal it wall scanners so on CATV lined since 1965 at school home my hood but thats the mob run studio sytem of today.

1273 days ago


Oh thank goodness, I was wondering why the two shows were so different. I love NCIS but the LA version (as mentioned by so many other commenters sucks!!! I love the actors in it but the overall show is CRAP. If I was him, I would of been happy not to be mentioned in the same article as the show! But give the man his money, they pay themselves so pay everyone else too!

1273 days ago


Uhm, im no lawyer but he created the freakin show right!

1273 days ago
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