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Chuck Lorre -- Blasting Charlie With Monkey Jokes?

4/29/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre is taking a vicious shot at an actor -- accusing him of being a drug addict who is "impossible to work with" ... but the shocker is he's NOT talking about Charlie Sheen. Maybe.


At the end of last night's "The Big Bang Theory" ... Lorre's vanity card seems to be joking about a monkey that was on the episode -- saying its "behavior became increasingly erratic, to the point of refusing to come out of his trailer to rehearse."

The card continues, "The monkey is a heroin addict. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, the monkey had a monkey on his back." It goes on to say the monkey is in detox and a 12 step program.


But after Lorre's announcement he's retooling "Two and a Half Men" without Charlie -- and Charlie's nuclear response, we gotta ask ...


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The Geico lizard, gecko, whatever...he's a real life saver. :-)

1274 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a joke! Living in San Francisco & being a Giants Fan, I was sickend to hear today that he will donate the profits from his merchandise sales at his SF show to the man that was left severly injured by a Dogers fan, makes me sick. Made all the news here which keeps his name on TV but I bet the amount will be a drop in the bucket. This man's life will not be saved by a few t-shirt sales.....sorry but not impressed.

1274 days ago


I still say, replace Charlie with a monkey. Subtitle all "his" lines and have the other actors act as though it were Charlie "acting". It would be hilarious and make a point. There is absolutely no reason why they couldn't continue the show without him other than for some legality issues. Screw Charlie, he's worthless and highly overpaid anyway.

1274 days ago


NO! The monkey has teeth

1274 days ago


Elle0375 6 minutes ago
The monkey has a higher IQ too, oh, and more class.

The monkey has all his own teeth.

1274 days ago


Chuck Lorre is SUCH a loser. He isn't man enough to say what he
really thinks so he hides behind the nastiness of his vanity cards. No one gives a crap about your "subtle" innuendos, Chucky. Only a person who is brave enough to say out loud what he thinks, can be looked at as a MAN. You are a big, fat nobody.

1274 days ago


Put that banana in you pie hole and smoke it Chuckles...very subtle and classy compared to the erratic verbal assaults the "Whiner" has gone on in the last month.

1274 days ago


I can no longer stand Charlie Sheen, but Lorre knew what he was dealing with when he offered him the big bucks for 2 more seasons. It is all about the money. Lorre took a chance and got shot in the butt.

1274 days ago


Classy? Saying "I don't find you appealing", when in fact you think "You SUCK and I hate you" is not CLASSY. It's the talk of a coward.

1274 days ago

Comedy Wizard    

Did Chuck Lorre Just Say Does Charlie Sheen snort a lot of

1274 days ago


@Nikki - I'm there with you. I haven't watched anything on CBS since this went down and it's not like I have a lot of choices because I stopped watching ABC over the Chris Brown DWTS performance. At the rate I'm going, my antenna won't even be necessary. Thank God for Qubo!!!

1274 days ago


yeah, your real witty chuck. go **** yourself.

1274 days ago


The monkey didnt blink his eyes, he's in a 12 step program

1274 days ago


Nikki 16 minutes ago
Lorre is a douc.e bag. Men and Big Bang were my favorite shows. Now, I refuse to watch either show.

The part I can't seem to get over, is that when I am at work, I behave the part of the professional. If I am on vacation, I reserve the right to be myself. I don't think that just because I work somewhere, that the employer has the right to control, approve or disapprove of what I do on my own time.

The show was on haitus when his last episode occurred. He was doing his own thing, on his own time. I do not condone the drug use, but I think it is anyone's business what he does when he is not on company time. So, to be fired from work over what you do on vacation gives an employer way too much power.

I mean, if you can't be yourself when your are on vacation, when can you be? Ya know, as long as you don't kill someone or something.

Lorre is a d..o..u..c..h....e. I hope he goes broke.
so if your a serial killer on your own time then thats okay...hmmmmmmmmm alllrightyyy then

1274 days ago


Hence the word "Subtle"...if anyone including Chuckles believes it's directed at them...then yes, I say "Classy". No, it doesn't take a man to spew the hate filled violent dribble that has become one "Charlie Sheen".....used to be a I find it the saddest, self absorbed carnival road show of a life.

1274 days ago
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