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Murray Wants MJ Rehearsals To Show Warning Signs

4/29/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers have subpoenaed Sony for the raw footage from the "This Is It" rehearsals to show the jury ... Michael Jackson was a physical and mental mess before he died ... TMZ has learned.


We've learned Murray's lawyers want the tapes to show Jackson was slow, lethargic and weak in the days prior to his death.  Although some of the video shows an alert MJ, other portions, we're told, clearly show something is wrong with the singer.

Murray's lawyers want to show jurors in the manslaughter case ... Michael was ill or even dying before the fateful morning ... so it wasn't really the June 25 Propofol injections that killed MJ.


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No ****! I watched that and he was stumbling and acting stupid.

1240 days ago


Alrighty now, wants the whole footage of this is it to show he was a physical and mental mess??? And Murray still kept pumping his ass full of crap and topped it off with propofol? If this is true Murray is more of a negligent, careless dumbass than I first thought. Sheesh....

1240 days ago


I watched the TII at the theater and bought the dvd when it came out. Nowhere in this dvd does MJ stumble around or act stupid.

This is clearly rehearsal material put together. I am sure many rehearsals look like this even from other groups. Over all from this footage MJ looks and does great.

1240 days ago


Andyace 9 hours ago

Is MJ still dead?


Only in reality.

1240 days ago


meme 7 hours ago

IMO, they should show the raw footage. MJ WAS FREAKING DRUG ADDICT. THIS IS WHY HE DIED!


But MJs long term drug abuse needs to be considered as well. MJ got away with this because he was rich and could afford to find an unethical and incredibly stupid doctor willing to get him high. So IMO it's a 50/50 split as far as fault.


I agree with you, meme. Unfortunately, the MJ cultists will never admit that their god was anything less than perfect. It's ALWAYS everybody else's fault. MJ is NEVER to blame for anything.

1240 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe dr murray's conversion from lbs to kilos is what killed michael jackson. cuz mr jackson sure as hell was as skinny as a twig.

1240 days ago




1240 days ago


To the person above. what real tapes?? Who do you think you are, that you got your hands on some so called real tapes, I got the real tape and from what i see Michael was in good health yes he was a little thin and if Murray was any kind of real doctor and thought his patient was in distress he should of did the right thing instead of shooting him up with illegal drugs. Murray should rot in hell and he will have a terrible life for now on. Even if he goes free he will always be a murderer. R.I.P MJ Love you always and forever more!

1240 days ago


juney 6 hours ago

If Murray's new contention is that MJ was ill during rehearsals, then where was HE (Murray); as the live-in doc he should have put a hold on rehearsals.


A doctor can't force his or her patient to do anything. Therefore, Conrad Murray could not have "put a hold" on any of MJ's rehearsals UNLESS MJ wanted them stopped. You don't know what you're talking about.

1240 days ago


Ok Murray defense want to show that Michael was a mess, since Murray was his doctor at any given time did he tell AEG that he didn't think that Michael should be trying to perform, the last time the Jacksons saw Michael was back in May 2009 when they went to an anniversary dinner for their parents, they all said Michael looked fine, at what point is Murray defense team is going to show Michael being a mess, the bottom line becareful what you ask for, Kenny O gave a statement saying that he spoke to Dr. Murray concerning Michael being sluggish.

1240 days ago


Googie 12 hours ago

They can spin it as much as they want, but it ain't going to work. Bottom line, dr death should not have given Propofol injections to Jackson.


Bottom line, MJ shouldn't have asked "Dr. Death" to inject him with Propofol.

1240 days ago


Kaprifol 11 hours ago

BUT - no matter what the footage shows, Murray is guilty. He killed MJ instead of saving him, probably under heavy preassure from AEG or other persons to get Michael on stage, at any costs. Murray was there to force Michael to perform. Not to care for his health.


Once again, MJ is not to blame for ANYTHING that happens to him. If MJ didn't want to perform, then HE shouldn't have gone on stage. If MJ didn't want Conrad Murray as his doctor, then HE should have fired him. If MJ didn't want CM to inject him with propofol, then HE shouldn't have asked CM to inject him with propofol. Stop making excuses of MJ's reckless behavior.

1240 days ago


karlew 12 hours ago

Doesn't matter how stupid or desperate you think Murray's defense is. Fact is he has every right to use any evidence at his disposal to disprove the charges made against him.


You're trying to reason with fanatics. The concepts of presumption of innocence and trial by jury do exist in their universe.

1240 days ago
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