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Palin Sued For $100k Over Alleged Traffic Conspiracy

4/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is the mastermind of a dark conspiracy to punish an Alaskan citizen who dared to speak out against her over the traffic situation in Juneau -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 


A man named Theodore Thoma claims he had a serious issue with traffic in the neighborhood surrounding the Governor's Mansion back in 2009 ... back when Sarah was the Gov. In fact, Thoma claims he proposed state action to solve the problem and even made up signs and fliers to push the issue.

But Palin didn't take kindly to the criticism, says Thoma, and she "undertook a campaign against [Theodore] ... to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him.

It's unclear what she did ... but according to Thoma's suit, Palin's actions have caused a "chilling" effect on his ability to exercise his federal constitutional rights.

Thoma wants Palin to fork over more than $100k for all of the harm she's caused.

Calls to the Palin camp have not been returned.


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1272 days ago


Ha ha....Only in America you can sue someone for traffic....ha much as i don't like Sarah, but i hope she don't fork any $

1272 days ago

Hello Douchebag    

Dear Sarah is borderline retarded. That idiot can't even go take a crap. How the fu?k she going to be the mastermind of anything?

1272 days ago



1272 days ago


So... what did she actually do?

1272 days ago


Another attempt by Obama regime to bankrupt a political dissident so as to suppress dissident views in America just like what his African fellow leaders do in Africa

1272 days ago


I wish TMZ would stick to Hollywood celebs and stay out of politics.

1272 days ago


Oh, please.

File this under frivolous lawsuit number fifteen billion. Hope he has to pay her attorney fees.

1272 days ago


Theodore has a history of lawsuits

Theodore P. THOMA, Appellant, v. Walter J. HICKEL, Appellee. No. S-6273. -- August 15, 1997

Mr. Thoma, who proclaims himself to be an environmental activist, is a convicted felon

Theodore P. (Chip) Thoma sued Governor Walter J. Hickel, alleging that Hickel in concert with others had engaged in a smear campaign against Thoma, that the campaign improperly used criminal justice system records, and that the campaign was conducted in retaliation for Thoma's protected political activity seeking the removal of Governor Hickel.   The superior court ruled that Hickel was protected by the doctrine of public executive immunity and granted him summary judgment.   Subsequently, the court awarded Hickel $77,865.50 in attorney's fees.

Thoma's convictions are a matter of public record.   The court records in Juneau show two DWI convictions in 1979 and a 1985 cocaine conviction.   Thoma was convicted of two additional DWIs in Oregon.   While the out-of-state convictions are public, they are not reflected in the Alaska court records.   The convictions are, however, in Thoma's APSIN file.   Certain members of Governor Hickel's staff had access to the APSIN file.   Thus, there is inferential evidence that the APSIN file was the source of the information contained in Rehmann's letter concerning Thoma's four DWI convictions.

1272 days ago

Studley Buck    

What a load of rubbish. TMZ and/or the clown Thoma using Sarah's name to draw attention & clicks. Well, that's the price of fame.

1272 days ago


I think this may be what caused the problem

seems like gov palin was using tax dollars for things she was not supposed to use tax dollars for and Theodore said something about it


1272 days ago


get_doc u ments.asp?session=26&docid=3985

1272 days ago


Whatever. Another idiot with a lawyer. Next!!!

1272 days ago


Another attempt by Obama regime to bankrupt a political dissident so as to suppress dissident views in America just like what his African fellow leaders do in Africa

Really Skponggol, that is plain funny, scary, and retarded, this type of thinking makes the rest of the world laugh at us, paranoid delusion.

1272 days ago


Since no illegalities have been found against Sarah, ever, the plane load of lawyers the democrats send to Alaska to dig up dirt on her are reduced to suing her for traffic. Anything to try to financially break the woman. Beats me why people are so terrified of this little woman but they sure are.

1272 days ago
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