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Palin Sued For $100k Over Alleged Traffic Conspiracy

4/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is the mastermind of a dark conspiracy to punish an Alaskan citizen who dared to speak out against her over the traffic situation in Juneau -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 


A man named Theodore Thoma claims he had a serious issue with traffic in the neighborhood surrounding the Governor's Mansion back in 2009 ... back when Sarah was the Gov. In fact, Thoma claims he proposed state action to solve the problem and even made up signs and fliers to push the issue.

But Palin didn't take kindly to the criticism, says Thoma, and she "undertook a campaign against [Theodore] ... to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him.

It's unclear what she did ... but according to Thoma's suit, Palin's actions have caused a "chilling" effect on his ability to exercise his federal constitutional rights.

Thoma wants Palin to fork over more than $100k for all of the harm she's caused.

Calls to the Palin camp have not been returned.


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Sarah Palin is the cruel beast from Wasilla,most unkind,vicious unfeeling vindictive person that I've ever heard of. She will do anything I mean anything to get even with a person that stands up to her. Look what happened to Gabby. Gabby asked her to stop this kind
rhetoric talk someone could get hurt.6 people were killed,13 wounded yes Gabby was shot through the head. She will never be what she was.Gabby is loved by all people. Mark Kelly her husband said she was always helping people. Gabby was a rising star in politics and this was a concern to some people.This is why people are afraid of her. On top of all that she lies,lies and more lies

1270 days ago


I absolutely would not doubt that she'd use her position to help her situation. She was found guilty with the cop incident so there's precedent of her abusing the position she held. She's a vapid religious moron (redundant, I know..) with political power.

1270 days ago


Okay, Theodore. you got your name in the paper for acting like a self-righteous good citizen. Now go home, scamper away.

1270 days ago


"Amazed by how aggressive and petty Palin can be toward anybody who dares stand up to her, or get in the way of her ambitions. She never forgets a grudge and treats anybody who criticizes her as a sworn enemy for life."

"It seems that Governor Palin is so popular with tourists that thousands of people are walking from the docks to the governor's mansion in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the first family."

"In response to Mr. Thoma's efforts to control the amount of traffic flowing through that neighborhood, Palin of course used her children to bludgeon him."

"the whole thing just went viral, and Mr. Thoma found himself under assault from people all across the country, who had never even heard of Juneau before Sarah Palin came on the scene."

"He just might have a very solid case here. And if he is successful I have to imagine that there are a number of OTHER Palin victims who might just follow his lead."

1270 days ago

And thats the truth    

Hello Douchebag 6 hours ago @And thats the truth

"Democratic targets on maps: Take 5 seconds and go to Google images and enter Democratic target map. You will see MANY images."

As you wish. Here's a map where they used the peace symbol
and another where what they used is a bullseye as in the game of darts -

Show me where just once a Democratic candidate has ever used crosshairs.


Not only are you an id*iot, you can not read as well. I said Democratic TARGETS which is basically the same as crosshairs. Here are three of them. Bullseye in a game of darts my a*ss. Get a life lo*ser.

1270 days ago

And thats the truth    

Hello Douchebag 7 hours ago @And thats the truth

"If there is anyone that needs to do some research is is YOU."


Wrong! Of course! I'd have expected no less from the likes of you. Mr. Palin got busted for vandalising school buses just prior to military service. Thanks for playing! Now, back to the s.hit heap with you. ( :


Each story that accused him of doing this was reported as a RUMOR. Put your money where your mouth is and pony up a link that PROVES he did it. But I am sure you will just come up with some other b*ull sh*it that no else believes.

1270 days ago

who cares    

Sarah is very vindictive woman, ask her ex brother in-law

1270 days ago


I wish she would just die already and take Sean Hannity to hell with her.

1270 days ago


What was actually on Sarah's site, was a map with district markers (surveyor symbols were used). There was no "gun imagery" at all. These surveyor symbols were used on the map to indicate the districts of Democrats .

Dem leadership used map with (real) targets long before long before Palin!

1270 days ago



Loughner political thinking is hardly coherent, and his obsession with Giffords predated the tea party and Sarah Palin’s emergence in national politics. One of his few close friends told Mother Jones that he became fixated on the congresswoman when he asked her a question at a 2007 town hall about "the government having no meaning" and felt she didn’t answer. His killing spree wasn’t motivated by disagreement with her positions on health care or immigration.

Based on the available evidence (FBI), Loughner sounds like someone with untreated mental illness, whose grasp of reality grew ever more tenuous with time. He fits the profile of someone whose horrific shooting spree didn't have to be triggered by any provocative political rhetoric in the news.

But even with those facts out there, it didn’t stop numerous media outlets from connecting his beliefs to politics -- and isn’t stopping the continued rush to politicize this tragic event. The fervor to fit such craziness into a political matrix is regrettable, and, sadly, contributes to the overheated political environment that many in the media are condemning in the first place.

Anyway , friends of Loughner said he is a left winger.

Yes , Dem leadership used map with targets long before long before Palin

Loughner was Fixated on Giffords since 2007

The terrible shooting of 20 people in Tucson became the surreal backdrop for a modern witch-hunt, the perfect opportunity to frame and smear a pesky opponent. The media's speedy and drone-like convergence of attention on Sarah Palin was too smooth to be an accident and too incessant to be real.

Learning the truth about the shooter was apparently a low priority. Sarah Palin, and everyone like her, had to be framed.

1270 days ago


Theodore has a history of lawsuits

Theodore P. THOMA, Appellant, v. Walter J. HICKEL, Appellee. No. S-6273. -- August 15, 1997

Mr. Thoma, who proclaims himself to be an environmental activist, is a convicted felon

Theodore P. (Chip) Thoma sued Governor Walter J. Hickel, alleging that Hickel in concert with others had engaged in a smear campaign against Thoma, that the campaign improperly used criminal justice system records, and that the campaign was conducted in retaliation for Thoma's protected political activity seeking the removal of Governor Hickel.   The superior court ruled that Hickel was protected by the doctrine of public executive immunity and granted him summary judgment.   Subsequently, the court awarded Hickel $77,865.50 in attorney's fees.

Thoma's convictions are a matter of public record.   The court records in Juneau show two DWI convictions in 1979 and a 1985 cocaine conviction.   Thoma was convicted of two additional DWIs in Oregon.   While the out-of-state convictions are public, they are not reflected in the Alaska court records.   The convictions are, however, in Thoma's APSIN file.   Certain members of Governor Hickel's staff had access to the APSIN file.   Thus, there is inferential evidence that the APSIN file was the source of the information contained in Rehmann's letter concerning Thoma's four DWI convictions.

1270 days ago


@who cares

Sarah Palin's political opponents are very hateful and vindictive; they will almost do everything the destroy her , including BS lawsuits, lies and the spreading of misinformation and see how much of it sticks.

The brother in law was threatening to kill Palin's father, drinking in his squad car and tasering his 10-year-old stepson .

That is the reason Troopergate is also called Tasergate.

The Personnel Board's Report makes absolutely clear that Walt Monegan was an insubordinate screw up who would not adhere to the governor's budget priorities
The personnel board, which is the final authority, ruled that she did not commit any ethics violation or abuse of power her rights to remove the incompetent wife-beater.( he was also tasering his 10-year-old stepson)
Sarah Palin has also been cleared of every other ethic complaint (The personnel board said there was no wrongdoing)

1270 days ago


I support Sarah Palin for president. Obama has got to go.

1270 days ago


Just another blood sucking parasite trying to get something for nothing. Betcha he falls within the old (highly reliable) 2 incher theory.

1269 days ago


This suit is from a professional rabble rouser. He has filed a frivolous law suit before . He had to pay the defendants court costs then, maybe it will cost him again.

1269 days ago
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